All the other stuff for CCW

All the other stuff for CCW

This is a discussion on All the other stuff for CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm wondering what some other CCW people are doing in regards to "all the other stuff" that we may carry when we are carrying concealed. ...

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Thread: All the other stuff for CCW

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    All the other stuff for CCW

    I'm wondering what some other CCW people are doing in regards to "all the other stuff" that we may carry when we are carrying concealed.

    By "all the other stuff" I mean, pepper/OC spray, extra mag(s), illumination tool (flash light), tactical knife.

    To this point, I carry IWB at about 1:00 and an extra mag in either back pocket or left leg saddle pocket. My phone usually in the right hip pocket and the wallet in the left hip. The tactical knife in the right hip using the clip to keep it secure and accessible. I also have a Leatherman in a belt pouch on my right side.

    I want to also carry pepper/OC but where to put it? I guess my concern is, if I put a spare mag, light and a spray on belt clips, I'm going to start looking like batman with a utility belt on. I normally wear just a T-shirt untucked and when I put more stuff on my belt than a leatherman, the waistline looks very suspicious.

    Are there any IWB holsters for lights and OC and mags? What do you guys do?
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    For me it is just gun and phone plus knife/leatherman on occasion.

    I suggest moving your phone to weak side so you can access it while keeping your strong hand free to access your firearm in a crisis. Just one opinion but, if I need to produce my firearm the next thing I want is my phone or my phone may be my last resort before producing my firearm.

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    for me, i just tend to carry my weapon, an extra mag and a good small flashlight on my person. My wife carries the OC spray, I really dont like alot of stuff on my hips. my weight alone is enough. lol

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    I carry gun IWB right side about 3:30-4:00, speed loader in pouch about 2:00 or so, or a speed strip in right front pocket. My knife is either clipped in front right pocket or right back pocket. Cell phone goes in my front left pocket, wallet in back left pocket. I keep a surefire G2 next to the bed and a E2D LED in my truck, if I carry a light, I use the clip on the E2D to clip on my belt. On days that I carry an auto, everything is same except I carry a spare mag on left side belt about 8:00-9:00.

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    Concerning Leatherman tools, a bit of hard-earned advice:

    Never carry your Leatherman on the same side as your mag pouches!


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    I carry G30 IWB 3:00
    2 spare 13rnd mags and OC in left cargo pocket
    wallet and cuffs in right cargo pocket (we do have off-duty encounters)
    knife clipped in back pocket
    Surefire G2 in small pocket in the front

    just find out what you want to carry, what is comfortable, and what makes it all easily accessible for you

    there are some IWB holsters for mags, I haven't seen one for OC but they may be out there
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    It is a trade off. We either carry less than we are comfortable with, or we change the way we dress so we can carry more. If you want to carry all of that gear, shorts and a t-shirt may not be enough. I carry a lot of gear for work as well as my EDC. I have very little space left over for non-essentials.

    spare mag
    pocket knife

    That is it. And before you guys jump on me, yes I have a small light on my key ring - not tactical, but it beats lighting matches.

    To carry more equipment I would have to go to cargo pants and some sort of vest with lots of pockets - which I do on occasion. I'm not going to win any fashion contests but that is what is necessary sometimes. Think about what you actually need with you and then dress accordingly.

    Good luck.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Leatherman crunch in leather pouch on left side (9 oclock), Cold Steel Voyager folder on right side with pocket clip, Spyderco credit card folder in wallet. P9 flashlight in pocket on occasion. No handgun (CCW nearly impossible to get in California).

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    I carry my EDC at 4:00 and my phone at 9:00. That's it. No spare mags/speed loaders, no flashlight, no knife, no spray. Just my EDC.

    And I never feel like I need to carry more than that. However, depending on how the future lies, that may change.

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    I don't carry a lot of extras either. Gun IWB @ 3:30, or right front pocket. Spare mag in Gerber Multi-tool sheath @ 8:30. Phone in case on belt @ 9:00. Wallet in left front pocket. I usually only carry a light if I am out after dark.

    Never carried OC spray as an LEO, don't see a need for it now...
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    My pepper spray canister is the size of a roll of pennies, so it carries just fine down in my right front pocket next to my car keys. My pen light is the size of a Sharpie pen, so that clips to my left front pocket and doesn't get in the way when I reach in for something. Smartcarry has BUG and extra mag. A small leatherman slips into the change pocket in my pants. Nothing rides on my belt other than my Glock 19, usually IWB but I'm testing the waters with OWB.

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    Gun right side holster, Kershaw right side front pocket, mag left side belt, phone left side front pocket, OC spray left front pocket, SureFire back pocket left side.
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    The only extra stuff I carry is 2 spare mags.
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    I typically carry a semi auto IWB on my strong (left) side. Some kinfd of pocket knife in my left front pants pocket. I carry a spare magazine in an OWB carrier weak-side. I carry my wallet in my left back pocket, a BUG in my right back pocket. I hate my cell phone, if I need it I carry it in my front pocket. If I carry a light I use the little watch pocket on the right side of my jeans. I try to carry one, but don't always do it. With the kid still being in diapers, I use a Maxpedition Jumbo as a diaper bag. The tactical man bag is awesome and carries a good mega-lumen tactical strobe flashlight and some other gear in addition to the baby stuff.

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    Extra mag, flashlight, full size folder and OC spray
    And the old man said, "We'll see..."

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