KY weapon storage

KY weapon storage

This is a discussion on KY weapon storage within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am going to the U of Louisville and want to leave my weapon in my vehicle. Is this allowed? the KY site states I ...

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Thread: KY weapon storage

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    KY weapon storage

    I am going to the U of Louisville and want to leave my weapon in my vehicle. Is this allowed? the KY site states I can have the weapon in my vehicle. Has anyone ran into any problems with this in KY?
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    Quote Originally Posted by charliej47 View Post
    I am going to the U of Louisville and want to leave my weapon in my vehicle. Is this allowed? the KY site states I can have the weapon in my vehicle. Has anyone ran into any problems with this in KY?
    In KY Colleges and Universities have the authority to control possession or carry of firearms just like any other private property owner. They can ban them but not make it illegal. So you would not be breaking the law by having a gun in your car but could be asked to leave. Knowing the U of L's anti-gun sentiment you would probably also be banned from campus. This is just my take on things. I am sure there is an office there that could give you a definitive answer.

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    I went of UofL over the summer, I carried on campus that wasn't allowed, it wasn't illegal but it would have netted my some disciplinary action. however leaving the firearm in the car is also against policy however there are ALOT of cars how do they know which to for thought. Carry concealed, never tell.

    BTW there is a nice shooting indoor shooting range like 10 mins from campus and knob creek is only 30 mins away. BTW KPDL is having a shoot there on the 12th of Sept. Feel free to join us.
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    If not illegal to do so,leave it in the car and Never tell anyone(except police). Not even people who are supposed to be your friends. Relationships, even good ones, unfortunately have the potential to go south. If they get it in for you, they could use that information to hurt you. Not being paranoid, just speaking from experience. Hope this helps.

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    My understanding is that it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon in the state of KY without a CCDW permit. The state police website specifically states in the faq section that a weapon stored in the glove compartment is not considered to be a concealed weapon.

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    Hillbilly1964 is right. You CANNOT conceal carry in KY without a CCDW.


    The glovebox is legal without a license, and a landmark case in the 50s asserted the right to carry openly. This of course opens you up to "Intent to Incite a Riot" charges which is, well, bovine excrement.

    I have a lockbox chained to my backseat that I use to store my gun when I pick up the kiddo from school, go into a church, or enter a bar.

    Don't tell anyone (but police, as said above by someone else...), and keep the key on an easily detachable seperate ring on your keychain. This is to allow you to "lock-up" without turning off the car/truck.

    Hope that helps!
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    KY weapon storage
    I wasn't aware that KY was a preservative or rust inhibitor.
    (sorry........I just had to)

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