So night number 2 carrying and I get pulled over.

This is a discussion on So night number 2 carrying and I get pulled over. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; An inoperative turn signal is probable cause to pull over a driver; I have no problem with that. I, too would have announced my carry ...

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Thread: So night number 2 carrying and I get pulled over.

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    An inoperative turn signal is probable cause to pull over a driver; I have no problem with that. I, too would have announced my carry status and allowed the officer to take control of the weapon if he desired. But, I would have retrieved it from the trunk immediately, and right in front of them if need be, once I was cleared to be on my way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jofrdo View Post
    An inoperative turn signal is probable cause to pull over a driver; I have no problem with that. I, too would have announced my carry status and allowed the officer to take control of the weapon if he desired. But, I would have retrieved it from the trunk immediately, and right in front of them if need be, once I was cleared to be on my way.
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    I was in no hurry and I think that most LEO around here appreciate you saying something as a sign of respect. Also my CC instructor told us to always disclose (former LEO) to prevent anything happening and usually get out of a ticket
    I guess I'm just too used to living out here in the sticks. I know nearly all the local LEO within 100 miles of where I live and can tell you that not one of them much cares if you have a gun or not. It's just normal here for nearly every vehicle to have some form of firearm in it at any given time.
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    Utah Gets It

    Good encounter I'd say. Our LEOs here in Colo may take your gun during a contact but they must return it at the conclusion of the stop; I have no problem w/that.

    Isn't it good to live in a state that gets it like Utah?

    If Colo gets messed up, & it's getting to that point, I might just move there or Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I'd say that you did very well, but it is absolutely that he had to put your firearm in the trunk...why?

    This kind of crap stirs my feelings of LEO common sense. There is absolutely no need put the gun in the trunk AFTER clearing you and deciding that you would not get a ticket nor were you any kind of threat. The one cop is in your church and nieghborhood? I hope he doesn't need your immediate assistance when your gun is locked in your trunk.

    OK, I'm done...

    I agree with you a 100% ...Cant understand why will they do that but...No comments...
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    "The first officer placed my firearm in the trunk just to be safe". The state issued you a permit to CARRY a gun, I would presume they believed you would do it safely. I can't see why the officer wouldn't make the same presumption. Obviously you posed no threat to him. I agree with Bark'n, he may have had the right but there certainly was no need.
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    I think the main purpose of these type of traffic stops is to find criminals. The guy just wanted to run your license and check for warrants or dope or drunk driving or whatever. This is one way in which LEOs "Protect and Serve."

    The officer seems to be forgetting the other side of the coin -- while his job exists to help ensure your safety, he has made his own safety his only priority -- and left you without your chosen means of self defense. It is even more ironic, because they "had a lot of problems during the fair last year." Not to mention, they, personally, are called to your neighborhood often.

    What does he expect you to do, drive all the way home with your gun in the trunk, just so he can feel safe? Or just wait until he has pulled away and then retrieve your gun? That seems frivolous. Honestly, I don't even know if I can think of a reason that he should disarm you in the first place.

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    You did very well. Too bad they felt it necessary to take your weapon instead of just leaving it on you but oh well!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I realize that taking my firearm and putting it in the trunk is upsetting some of you and i totally understand why. It was a bit of a hassle for me and a little inconvienent but all in all I was just happy that it went well being new to carrying AND getting stopped I was freaking out a bit starting to carry is nerve racking enough let alone with that in the mix. So I guess what I'm saying is that it could have been worse and I made it home ok, they were obviously out doing their jobs and I thank them for that. I'm glad for a nonincident.

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    Well i wouldnt have said anything about the gun in trunk if all he gave you was a warning. Now if he gave you a ticket, id ask him to return the gun where he found it.

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    My hands are placed on the top of the steering wheel palms open.
    The drivers window has already been rolled down before coming to stop.

    When the LEO approaches. I inform him/her that I am armed and where the gun is and I have a CCW permit.

    The rest! What he /she requests within reason.

    As an Former LEO I always watched the hands during the traffic stops.

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    I don't get the trunk thing at all. I would've ask the officer, if it's okay that I rearm after you leave right? Just to see what he said. If he said no, I think a call to his station would've been in order. Unless that's the law in your state for some crazy reason.
    "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." Thomas Jefferson

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    I think taking control of the firearm was just a little too much. A bad guy wouldn't have disclosed that he was carrying. I've only ever had one contact with an Officer, a Dep. Sheriff, while I was carrying due to an accident, and when I informed him according to state law, he said something like, "yea, okay." That's how it's suppossed to be.
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    Sounds like the first cop went a little overboard. I live in Provo, UT so I'm familiar with the state regs. You are required to inform.

    Having said that, Utah allows concealed carry in your vehicle without a permit. The officer shouldn't have asked you to step out of your vehicle just because you told him you have a gun, shouldn't have asked you for your gun as the more any firearm is handled, the more likely a ND happens, and shouldn't have put your gun in your trunk. You were following the law.

    I would talk to the cop in your ward and find out if that was normal proceedure. I doubt that it was. If it is not, then I would file a complaint with the PD.

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    well i think all went well, you did fine. I would have retrieved my firearm as soon as the officer left.

    I know there safety is a big issue and they are just looking out for themselves. I dont have a problem with that either. If we make a stop over here and the person is an Iraqi Official and he is wearing civilian clother, We do and have removed his weapon from him.

    Its all about the officers safety. Just try putting yourself in their shoes.
    If you have never stopped or questioned a COMPLETE STRANGER that was armed, well it can be quite nerve racking at times.

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