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How Long Before You CC With a Bullet In the Chamber?

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Thread: How Long Before You CC With a Bullet In the Chamber?

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    The first day of carry, or leave it home.

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    My first carry gun was a small caliber revolver, but since switching to semi-autos, I've always carried with a round in the chamber. Guns don't fire unless the trigger is pulled. Make sure the holster covers the trigger. Practice drawing an unloaded gun so that your trigger fingers doesn't fall onto the trigger as the gun clears the holster.

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    I have never carried a firearm without one in the chamber, ever! Why would I?
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I have never carried a firearm without one in the chamber, ever! Why would I?
    We think a like...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattLarson View Post
    Since day one.

    A pistol without a round chambered is an expensive club at best.

    I'd like you to consider that you might not have both hands available if you ever needed to defend yourself with the pistol. You could be fending off an attack, pulling a loved one out of the line of attack, or even injured and unable to use one hand.

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    IMO a fighting gun should always be ready to fight.

    Bump up your training if need be.

    Hang in there, it will come to you sooner than you think.
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    Very uncomfortable at first, my XD was the first gun I owned with-out a safety, kinda un-nerving. The Kel-tecs I own have a much longer and heavier trigger pull, and are easier to become accustomed to "no safety" with them.

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    My EDC (Every Day Carry) is an XD9sc so we are onalmost identical platforms.

    +1 on Grady's post above.

    For me the grip safety adds a great deal of comfort when handling the XD loaded. When holstering I put my thumb on the back of the slide instead of a full grip..this keeps me clear of the grip safety and confident that I am safe...even if by some chance something interferes with the trigger (some shirt, for example) the XD will not fire if you're off the grip safety.

    You stated that you're new to CC, but I don't want to make assumptions about your general firearm experience. However, dry firing can also be a great way to experiment and gain comfort that the gun isn't going to go off by itself.
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    I've always carried with 1 in the chamber. Remember, a gun without one in the chamber is nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

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    I carry a xd sub 9. I followed the idea grady mentioned on pg 1 of the posts. I carried w/o a round chambered for about a month, getting used to the idea that I have a gun on my hip and getting comfortable with how safe my XD is.

    I broke down my XD and looked at how the grip safety works and looked at how the trigger safety works to build my confidence in my firearm.

    "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away." * "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight."

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    I have an XD sub .40. I have carried with a round chambered and the mag topped off since the first day.
    "But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him."-Jeremiah 17:7

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    As soon as I loaded it to carry It had one in the pipe and still does
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    Cocked Locked and ready to ROCK from DAY #1. I was just barely 22 years old and a senior at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa). I was an Army ROTC Cadet ready to be commissioned as an infantry lieutenant. I'd already been through my senior ROTC camp and I was already well trained on the 45 ACP we used in camp.

    For my senior year, I was working as an armed guard to pay my tuition and for my apt. Worked full time and went to school full time. Then I carried my personal weapon a Smith M19 357 as my duty weapon. I was about to get my degree in Criminal Justice and had often been to the local police range to shoot with the cops who were in my classes. A LOT of the army ROTC seniors had ccw permits and carried often to class and all over campus. No problems whatsoever. To get an Alabama state carry permit then (1979), you went to the local chief of police and he personally screened you. I went in my ROTC Uniform and he "locked my heels" at the position of attention and he walked 'round and 'round me. Finally he says in this deep southern drawl: "You'll DO. The permit is $5 and jes you be sure you don't kill nobody that don't NEED killin'!" LOL. Those were the good old days. Now I hear even Bama has gone liberal soft in the head when it comes to ccw.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Since day1.
    But Dad made sure I knew, really knew those "4 Rules" before I was ever allowed to touch any firearm, 36 years ago. When I decide to start carrying the only way for me was cocked and locked with a semi-auto or fully loaded with a revolver.
    I know of no state that requires a license to carry a brick.
    Disclaimer: The posts made by this member are only the members opinion, not a reflection on anyone else, nor the group, and should not be cause for anyone to get their undergarments wedged in an uncomfortable position.

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    From my first time carrying. I put one in the chamber and topped off the magazine.
    - Tom
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