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How Long Before You CC With a Bullet In the Chamber?

This is a discussion on How Long Before You CC With a Bullet In the Chamber? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; never carry w/o one in the barrel. You should feel safe w/ the XDs trigger, and grip safety. now if i had a gun with ...

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Thread: How Long Before You CC With a Bullet In the Chamber?

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    never carry w/o one in the barrel. You should feel safe w/ the XDs trigger, and grip safety. now if i had a gun with a hammer that didnt have a decocker than i wouldnt.
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    From day 1. The double safeties on the XD make them very safe to carry with a round in the chamber. It's an issue of comfort, but for your safety I would work diligently to get comfortable with a round chambered. You cannot guarantee you will have your off hand available to chamber a round when the need arises.
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    I think if you have a modern firearm like your Sig
    and keep it in a good holster and practice all the gun
    safety basics their is no reason for you not keeping a
    round in the chamber. I carry a gun in my front pocket
    with a round in the chamber but if I sit down at a table
    or something across from someone I discretely point the
    gun down in a safe direction just to be more safe

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    Since the first time. I've never had a pistol that I wasn't comfortable doing this with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    Very uncomfortable at first, my XD was the first gun I owned with-out a safety, kinda un-nerving. The Kel-tecs I own have a much longer and heavier trigger pull, and are easier to become accustomed to "no safety" with them.
    XD's actually have two safeties---a grip safety and a trigger safety.
    "I've run across shooting after shooting where the defender shot a violent aggressor with a .380 and did little to immediately stop his depredations. A good hollow point load in 9mm or .38 Special will, historically, end lethal assaults more quickly."

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    I've been carrying my CC handgun with a round in the chamber from day one. I feel comfortable with the safeties of my G26.
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    Since the first time i put it in the holster.

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    My S&W safety is the best. Decocks the hammer and disengages the trigger. I can pull the hammer and pull the trigger all I want and no "bang". Switch off the safety however and she's good to go.
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    The day I first laid my hands on a pistol, and every subsequent day there after.

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    The second I started carrying. When facing a threat, you don't know that you'll have time or remember to rack the slide. (or remember the decocker, safety, etc.) With an adrenaline dump? Who knows. Just being able to point and click seems like the simplest, best thing for SD.
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    First of all welcome to the forum.

    All weapons should always be carried in a holster. And they should never b e carried without a round in the chamber.

    If you don’t feel comfortable doing that you need to spend more time at the range.

    Fine motor skills take time to develop, and the only way to do that is with practice.

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    I carried my 1911 a few times (around the house only) unchambered, cocked and locked to ensure my rig would not release the safety and ensure my gun and myself were functioning correctly. Once I felt comfortable with it I commenced carrying cocked and locked. My other guns are DAO and not safety or none engaged. You can add a manual safety to Glocks and possibly Xd's (I know some models have a manual safety from SA).

    I concur with the group who state too much to rack a slide, may not be able to one handed, etc...

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    Day one.
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    Thank for all the Replies , The 2 Safetys on the XD's is one of the reason i bought it.
    The advice i will definitely Implement and use and it makes sense too.

    I also will be reholster NOW by pushing the slide and staying off the Grip Safety. I have been reholster by the grip. but this is going to change today.
    I'm going to be looking for classes for handgun level I,II & III .well thats how it is around here in michigan.justs as soon as i can afford to do so.

    For the record, the 4 cardinal rules are:

    1) All guns are always loaded! (Until you personally check to ensure otherwise)

    2) Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy!

    3) Never put you finger on the trigger or inside the trigger guard until your gun is on a confirmed target and you are prepared to shoot!

    4) Always be certain of your target and what is beyond it before you shoot! (Keep this in mind... Every bullet we let loose out the gun has a lawyer attached to it! As a good guy, we are responsible for where our bullets end up. Bad guys don't care where their bullets go, but you will be held accountable for any stray rounds.)

    Abide by these 4 cardinal rules and you should not ever find your self the cause of a tragic death or injury.

    I've Always followed these Rules and it doesn't hurt to see them again. thx for that.

    I want to educate myself more and do more handling and shoot to build my confindence up and be secure in knowing i can protect myself and family/friends etc.

    Justs bought some more ammo this morning.trying to build up a quanilty for some of these classes too. work in progress

    Thx again
    Be Safe Carry Often!
    Springfield XD 40
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    It took me as long as it took to load the mag and chamber the round.
    "Don't hit a man if you can possibly avoid it; but if you do hit him, put him to sleep." - Theodore Roosevelt


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