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What was your Embarrassment Moment , While CC?

This is a discussion on What was your Embarrassment Moment , While CC? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Using the bathroom in my own house and it feel out of the holster and bounced off the bathtub and hit the tile floor and ...

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Thread: What was your Embarrassment Moment , While CC?

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    Using the bathroom in my own house and it feel out of the holster and bounced off the bathtub and hit the tile floor and I heard my wife say "Droped you gun didn't you" Ah.......Yes I said as I swallowed my pride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PackerBackerToo View Post
    Before I purchased a quality leather holster I carried using a nylon Uncle Mikes.

    Completing my business, I dumped my Glock 22 onto the porcelain throne. It hit so hard I thought I had cracked the thing. Of course it fell on the floor in the stall nearest the next, which was occupied. Whomever it was, jerked their feet away quite quickly. I grabbed it and left without saying a word.

    I took my name off the waiting list and left the resturant fearing someone would recognize my shoes. The whole time my wife was fussing at me because she really wanted to eat there.
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    Not embarrassed, but ... that shock feeling ...

    When I was walking across the parking lot toward the store, and elbow tapped to make sure things were fine (gun check).... and NO GUN !!!

    Hurriedly retracted my steps..... opened car door and there is the gun in the car seat. It had fallen out of the holster.

    Threw that holster away and got one that worked better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PackerBackerToo View Post
    it fell on the floor in the stall nearest the next, which was occupied. Whomever it was, jerked their feet away quite quickly. I grabbed it and left without saying a word.
    I bet it either freed him up, or made it impossible to finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandma4 View Post
    One thing of interest though. He ran the serial number of the gun and it did not show stolen LOL of that i'm so thankful, but on a serious note, the gun did not come back registered to me. So now i'm wondering just why it didn't since I bought it from a gun dealer. Since it was pretty new I figured the paper work had not caught up yet.
    Different levels of checking and different databases. Unless your home state requires actually registering the firearm, the Federal 4473 is just a record of sale which stays at the point of sale unless the BATFE requires it. Doing a complete trace of a firearm is time consuming and expensive, and usually starts with the manufacturer and progresses to the FFL who last sold the gun. Absent a reason to suspect the gun was used criminally, there was no reason to do a full trace on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty1 View Post
    These stories are awesome AND informative. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of accidents happened when people were in a rush and not taking the time to properly conceal. The other 30% looks like it was caused from bad holsters. I will remember that next time I am in a rush or getting a new holster!
    Or trying to make your own holster: I was using a back brace as an improvised belly band, and was depending on the compression to hold the pistol in place.

    Yup. That restroom "Ka-LAACK!" is pretty loud. Glad I wasn't in line at the bank.

    One more episode: at a NC event which charged admission I was unable to carry so I had my weapon in the trunk. Reholstering afterwards was, um, awkward for the homebrew smartcarry I had, so I just tucked the revolver under my leg as I drove the family and daughter's pal home from the movies. We stopped to get gas, and the wife and I went to pay and get snacks. Halfway to the building I realized that the revolver was in full view on the driver's seat, with two teenage girls in the back seat, laughing at me. I am not sure that the pal knew I was carrying before that, but she played along nicely... though somewhat at my expense.
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    I wasn't using a holster i had my pistol tucked in my belt. (I was in a hurry) Went to the store and had to bend down to get something from bottom shelf. Out drops my pistol onto the floor. OOPS
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    My most embarrassing moment was wrecking a motorcycle while carrying my Colt Commander in a Milt Sparks VM2. I woke up in the ditch, a couple people stopped to see if I was OK. I had rung my bell pretty well and didn't know where I was or how I got there (beyond my motorcycle lying on the ground and my clothing in shreds). My glasses had fallen off (the shield of my helmet had popped off upon impact and my glasses must've flown out) and I couldn't find them. The people that had stopped to help were looking for my glasses and found my spare mag, "Hey does this belong to you?" I patted my right side--empty holster. I just about had a heartattack, I responded, "Yes, and there's a pistol along with it, too." Found it about 10 yards back in the ditch. It was a bit scuffed up, but not too bad. They were very, very apprehensive upon finding that I had a pistol. Very embarrassing situation.

    I trashed the holster, smashed the steel reinforced lip in, couldn't reholster. Shoved it SOB in the meantime. Another guy stopped, said he was a paramedic and offered to have a look at me before my ride to the hospital showed up. I said, "yea, sure, go ahead." I had completely forgot about the pistol SOB (I was still pretty messed up from whacking my head on the ground) and the moment he lifted my shirt I thought he crapped his pants. "Whoa...you got a permit for that?" Yea sure, I do. "Well, you've got some nasty scuffs, but you'll be fine...BYE." And he hurried off. Again, very embarrassing.

    And then my whole family found out that I carried. Embarrassing.

    Long story short--don't crash motorcycles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    My little guy telling the clerk at walmart that I had a gun.
    lmao, dude I usually don't laugh at posts on here about guns. But I literally laughed when I read this one. I'm still laughing as I write this. That is just too funny
    A man with a briefcase can steal millions more than any man with a gun.

    No law ever prevented a crime.

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    When my dad came into the gunshop as I was looking/handling a Glock...I was so ashamed.
    It is pardonable to be defeated but never surprised.
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    I am from Indiana which issues at age 18 and I got my CCW at 19 (an older friend did the FFL paperwork) and had been carrying for about a year. A buddy was getting started in driving race cars and we traveled the state hitting the various tracks and I used a Safariland vertical shoulder holster for my 4" S&W stainless 357 which I had polished to a bright finish and had custom zebra wood grips on it. I hadn't told my folks I had the gun much less my carry permit.

    My mother's sister and husband were visiting and they decided to go the race that day, so as I was leaving the house they had a map spread out on the living room floor and asked me to show them the route we took. Now the shoulder holster was my car carry, no physical activity, so I had taken the retaining strap off and wore a team jacket with the zipper zipped a couple inches to keep concealed.

    As I leaned over the map with mom, dad, aunt & uncle gathered around the map I felt the gun come out of the holster, and slide down the jacket, but as I was leaned over resting on my hands I could't grab it. It fell right in the middle of the map, my mom gasped and said "What the hell is that". Let's just say I had a little 'splainin to do.

    An other time I had been having trouble with strep throat and had gone to the family doctor, once in the exam room I took off my jacket and Safariland upside down shoulder holster and rolled the rig inside my jacket. The doc sent me back to the lab for a blood draw, as I sat in the chair I put my "bundle" on the counter next to me. The lab tech (a VERY good looking blonde) came over and grabbed the bundle saying "I need to move this" and as she lifted it, it unrolled and dumped the rig out on the counter. She just said "Is that a Smith & Wesson? I have a Chief's Special I keep in my purse" and proceeded to hang the holster on a coat hook with the jacket over it like she did it every day.

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    Back when I carried a .380, I pulled out a lighter and started to thumb the button. I realized what was wrong about the time a .380 round went flipping across the table.

    Now I carry a .357 because speedloaders don't feel like lighters in a pocket.

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    Not once, not twice, but three times in the past month I have been the one to ask the hubby, where is your firearm? The first time he had come in from cutting the lawn, no cover shirt and there sits the empty holster. We go and check the garage, not there, walk the front and back grass, no Glock, check the bathroom, not there. I hear four soft beep tones and he comes walking into the living room with a sheepish look, he got dressed and never took it out of the safe, three hours earlier.
    About a week later, same thing, look and spot the empty holster, "uhm Honey, did you forget something?" sure enough still locked up in the safe, this time about 5 hours after he had got dressed.
    Third time was about a week ago, I look and empty holster again. I never said a word I just went to the safe, retrieved the Glock and handed it to him and said, "Ahem".
    I have taken to giving him a good groping around the waistline before he leaves the house.
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    I was flying commercially out of a small airport and declared to the ticket agent, that my checked luggage contained a firearm.

    He poked his head through the luggage tunnel that led to the back and said "FIREARM". A minute or so later two TSA's people came out, asked me to open my luggage (we were right in front of the ticket counter). I had my luggage on the floor and knelt down beside it to open it up, opened everything, and exposed my Sig 228. They asked me to show them that it was unloaded, which I did by racking the slide and letting them see the empty chamber. The TSA said okay. I locked my luggage back gave it to them and turned around and about 30 passengers who were in various lines had been watching the whole exposition. I grinned at all of them and nodded politely, and went about my business..........I wasn't embarrassed as much as I was amused..........and would have given more than a penny for their thoughts.

    BTW, IIRC TSA is not supposed to touch your gun, and they didn't on mine. Whenever I fly now and pack my guns, I lock the slide back, so when I open my case it's easier for the TSA person to glance in at the unloaded chamber. Last time I never picked up my gun out of the case at all.
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    Three stories:

    1. Went to the theater and late night food afterwards in the Peoples Republic of Cambridge (MA) back in the late 1970s. Had my firearm in a SOB holster. Sat down before taking my jacket off. When I went to get up, I stood up and proceeded to put my jacket back on. I had my back to the wall. I see a lot of "animation" at the bar and suddenly realize that there is a full wall mirror behind me. We left and nothing happened (no police following us). Whoops!

    2. I used to buy cheap leather clip-on holsters (1 size fits none style). As I sat down in a men's room, the gun falls out and clatters to the floor. Quickly retrieve and re-holster. Nobody else in the men's room, thankfully. Nowadays I carry in custom, expensive holsters and the guns won't fall out. Not an issue any more.

    3. We're at Town Meeting at the local high school auditorium. I get up to speak and hear some gasps from the rows behind me. Quickly realize that the jacket rode up over the butt of my Colt Det Spcl carried SOB. I straighten up jacket and smile to myself. If anyone reported me to any of the POs present, they would just tell them "he's one of us"! No harm, no foul. [I was a Reserve PO and required to "work" until Town Meeting began. Moderator had told me that he wouldn't call on me if I was wearing a police uniform (it would look like I was speaking for the PD, meanwhile I was the chairman of an appointed commission), so I had a special deal with the Chief to wear non-police pants, change shirt and jacket just before Town Meeting began and carry the Colt Det Spcl instead of my service revolver (4" Colt Trooper) and just bury the gun on me best I could.]

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