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How often do you make other CCWers?

This is a discussion on How often do you make other CCWers? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We have a bailiff who ushers at Mass. He bent over once to help a little girl and the outline of a round revolver grip ...

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    56 24.03%
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Thread: How often do you make other CCWers?

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    We have a bailiff who ushers at Mass. He bent over once to help a little girl and the outline of a round revolver grip showed clearly through his light dress jacket at 6 o'clock. I knew he carried, just didn't know where until then.

    Saw one long barrel outlined by sweatpants that got wet in the rain and hugged a guy's hip (about 3 o'clock) at Hardees. Coulda been a knife, but I regularly see men (seldom a woman) who openly carry fixed blade knives on belt to boot when shopping; my (faulty) assumption is they aren't licensed for concealed carry if they open carry a blade.

    I too assume any fanny pack absent the Florida tourist shirt is carrying legally; no criminal would go to such pains to look that way.

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    I usually see 2 or 3 p/mo. A couple of them were printing so bad, a blind man could tell.
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    I sometimes catch myself looking at other people to see if there is any bulge or outline of a possible concealed handgun under their shirt. More often I see people wearing those photographer style vests and fanny packs and I think they must be concealing a handgun. For most of the year people are wearing jackets and coats so its very hard to tell what they're carrying.
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    Phoenix, AZ
    Probably once a month. A "shoot me first" vest is a dead giveaway, especially in Phoenix where it is hot!
    "...whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one." (Luke 22:36)
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    Can I count my wife?
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    Every now and again I see some one in a 5.11 vest or similar, other than that never.

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    Picking up someone carrying can be hard if they use a quality leather holster, and cover it with a shirt or jacket.

    Most of the time, when I do notice it’s because they are trying to carry a full size pistol, instead of a compact.

    When I went through training, I was taught to look for people who were situation aware.

    Example: When you walk into a crowded restaurant, notice those who look up at you, or notice that a new person has walked into the room. While they may not be armed, those citizens are the ones who are more likely to be.

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    To date: have never "made" a person carrying concealed, but since I have obtained my permit, I do find myself occasionally looking casually to see if I can spot any. Not because I wish to, but to see how others might be veiwing me when I do and make better effort to hide it.
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    I can normally catch or ID some one who is armed at least once a week. Normally the stiff walk and terrified look. But then we also have the regulars with fanny packs and vest that don't really worry about being made.

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    The only persons I've noticed CCing are the ones that I absolutely know CC - because I know them. My friends usually come to me for help in hiding printing without looking like a fashion victim. :)

    I have yet to spot a person with a "fanny pack" since I heard that was a common-ish way to CC - so about a year. I've been looking, because those are so out of fashion it's ridiculous... Also have yet to spot a person wearing a photog's vest, aside from the handful of people I happen to know are actually photographers. I happen to think they look slightly ridiculous (at least, on me, I'm kind of tiny) so I don't wear one... even though they'd be handy. (I'm a photographer)

    However our summer here was dismally chilly, so I've spotted people wearing long sleeves and large shirts all summer long. Brrrr. It was an easy summer to CC in these parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP45Man View Post
    I'm beginning to think I'm the only one in my state who carries.
    Don't worry, you're not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keltyke View Post
    Properly carried, you'll NEVER make a CWP holder.
    I have to disagree here a little. Define "properly carried".
    My "Preferred" method of carry is my High Noon Split Decision holster with my shirt tucked.

    This has ALWAYS as far as I know worked on sheeple.
    My mother knows I carry and one time I told her I had been carrying at a class we were taking together. She was surprised. Later that day when we stopped at a Mc Donalds she said, "OK now I can see the bulge in at your waist." If I had not told her, she would never have made me.
    Moral- Conceal as good as you need to and NEVER tell.

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    Great thread. You have me laughing I guess.
    My poor brain cant help but ask questions when out and about, like-
    Gosh, what are those extra spiffy looking clips on that guys belt?
    Speaking of belts, bet that guys wife didnt buy him that belt! Its much to functional and is GI brown/black, and doesnt match his clothes.
    Why the jacket (that doesnt match) on a summer day in Phoenix?
    Why do they call it a Fanny Pack when he wears it on his crotch?
    Why is that crotch pack so big and square with a large fob at strong hand side top?
    Look at the size of that guys wizzer! It's so big he has it stored in a loop under his belt at 4 oclock! WHat a bulge! Hope my wife doesnt spot it!
    Gosh! Look at the crook in that guys arm! Poor guy is so deformed he has to hold his elbow out and away from his body. Wonder why it seem those problem elbows are always on the strong side or predominant hand?
    and so forth, and so forth. and so forth.

    On the other hand it never ceases to amze me how many sheeple are in condition white, and wouldnt spot a weapon if it hit them across the forehead.

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    I don't really look. Don't see the need.
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    I was at a car wash waiting for my truck when I noticed I gentlemen buying a pop from the vending machine,when he went to get it from the bottom opening he bent from the waist and the butt of his handgun printed through his shirt.

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