I can speak with some small authority on this topic... I have a friend who has been battling MS for more than 10 years. After more than a decade of seeing specialists and trying every drug in the book for her symptoms, including taking part in some experimental trials, she has found that the only thing that truly helps her is marijuana. She also has asthma and can't smoke, so she bakes it into cookies.

DenverBear, when some painfully uninformed nitwit tells you that marijuana has no medical value, that's a sure-fire sign that they simply don't know what they are talking about, and you should dismiss their opinion with prejudice. For my friend Kathy, an MJ oatmeal cookie in the morning is the difference between having a functioning, somewhat normal life and lying in a recliner all day twitching with her legs on fire.

If it were your Mother, and you had seen the effect first-hand, you'd be scoring for Mom, too... illegal or not.

Yes, it is illegal from a Fed standpoint. But if OP's acquaintance has the proper papers and prescriptions, they will (probably) not have problems with local and State LE... personally, I've never even met a Fed.

Look at it this way... let's say your Doctor gave you a prescription for Vicodin for pain. A cop stops you on the street, and discovers your pills and your pistol. Legal 'scrip means you walk. I'd caution my friend to consult an attorney, and if the attorney gives him the green light, I would definitely suggest he carry his prescription card right next to his CC permit. But then again, DenverBear's friend won't be walking around the Piggly Wiggly with a bag of pot, either...

The OP mentioned that his friend only uses it at night... if that is the case, should he dispose of his personal protection in his home...? Should he sell his pistol because he just might go on a "reefer madness" rampage and shoot up his apartment complex...?

Jeeez... what are YOU GUYS smokin'...?