I think if it is your profession to deal with the epitomy of human effluence all day long every day then you will become callous and jaded at some point. I also think because of factors like that an us vs. them mentality can form in the mind. Officers see other officers as being "vetted" and can identify with them through experience and have a brotherhood. The open carry problem is the best example of this. You have people walking the streets who are not "vetted" in the eyes of the peace officers who encounter them. Peace officers are used to dealing with bad guys with guns and the only good guys with guns are other officers. They see mayhem all day long and many of them just cant accept that your average citizen is responsible enough to open carry

One of the things I find that is most interesting about the 2nd ammendment debates is that you have flaming liberals like Chris Mathews saying that having the citizenry start arming themselves is just crazy if you want to crime to go down. Indeed, it does on the surface seem like it would be lunacy to put a gun on every person and expect crime to go down because logic dictates that throwing fuel on a burning fire makes it worse but a reduction in crime is exactly what happens in practice Conversly when weapons are taken away from the citizenry crime goes through the roof. I think the founding fathers understood this paradox. People like Jefferson and Adams were radical men for their day. Their ideas for self government were paradoxical and had never been done in history. I think for the 2nd ammendment debates to go forward and for there to be a nationwide acceptance of open carry, the paradoxical nature of arming the people for peace needs to be brought to the forefront and discussed very openly.

The average citizen of this country must learn that
1)The cops are rarely going to get there in time to stop a deadly encounter so if you want to survive such an encounter you must be allowed to protect yourself with deadly force.
2)Private gun ownership is a deterrent to crime. Lets face it, criminals have some self preservation instinct and dont want to be greviously wounded or killed.

To borrow from gunfacts.info "When a woman was armed with a gun or knife, only 3% of rape attacks are completed, compared to 32% when the woman was unarmed" That is just an incredible statistic and proves both the cowardace of these criminals and the deterrance factor of being allow to carry a weapon.

I encourage everyone to read the debunked myths on Gun Facts - Your guide for debunking gun control myth I think if we could get all of our peace officers on board our 2nd ammendment rights wouldnt even be in question