Ammo concerns

Ammo concerns

This is a discussion on Ammo concerns within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, First off I am a NEWB to the site. Lets the hazing begin. I have a concern that has me really puzzled. I carry ...

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Thread: Ammo concerns

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    Ammo concerns

    Ok, First off I am a NEWB to the site. Lets the hazing begin. I have a concern that has me really puzzled.

    I carry one of 3 weapons. S&W mod 910, 9mm (15+1) 4" barrell, a Sig mod 239, .40 cal, (7+1), or my STI Spartan .45 Cal, 8+1 5" barrell.

    Up until reciently I was carrying RBCD ammunitions because of the Velocity and over all stopping power. I purchased this specific ammunitions because, at the time they were the RAVE of defence ammunitions, of their design and test results. Now I have reciently been warned by several law enforcement friends of mine that I could be subject to several law suits because of carrying such a radical round in my carry weapons.

    This brings me to my questions.

    1. Do I just shoot up the several boxes of $45 per box of 20 and look for a different carry ammo?

    2. Is there anything similar out on the market that produces similar stopping power?

    3. Should I just carry a solid ball ammo because I shoot very often and im very comfortable with my shot placement in not only in a competitive but casual scene? 3.152" grouping at 8 meters with 50 rounds.

    My overall concern is that if I ever had to draw down and use my fire arm I am confident that I can rapidly place 1-3 rounds in a Kill area of a target, but if I am carrying an "Aggressive" defence ammunition would that play against me?
    Law enforcement says that if you carry what we carry then you should be fine.

    Also I took of my "Punisher" grips off my STI for the same reason, didnt want to be concidered an aggressive gun freak that was looking for someone to "Neturalize". Any comments on that action too??

    Thank you all,

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    Do a search on RBCD ammo, we have had a lengthy discussion about this ammo, I use to carry it also, no longer trust it with my life.

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    "defence" - "meters" - are you sure you're from Utah?

    No real comment on the ammo, other than I carry SD hollow points for SAFETY - for those in another room or in the vicinity.

    Here's where I stand on the other issues you raised.

    First rule - LEOs ain't lawyers. Never confuse the two. A LEO's opinion about what a judge and jury would/may do is worth everything you pay for it. If you want an informed opinion, seek out an experienced lawyer, and pay him/her for their services.

    To make sure I am in the best possible stance in the aftermath of a rare, but entirely possible SD shooting, I want to:

    1. make sure I understand the local/state laws about SD cold,
    2. ALWAYS say I was in fear of my life, then zip up my pie-hole until my lawyer shows up, and most importantly,
    3. do everything possible to come across to potential jurors as a sane, responsible citizen who was genuinely in fear for his or his family's lives.

    I purchase good quality handguns that I don't need to modify in order for them to work for me. I avoid all the bad-azz, tough guy, vigilante, gun-nut affectations. No skulls and crossbones, no tough-guy t-shirts, and absolutely no camo unless I am in the woods hunting. In any case, it's a real fashion faux pas.

    I don't wear any gun logo wear, don't brag about my stance on the Second Amendment, nor do I share with others any such sentiments.

    Your "Punisher" grips are perfectly legal, and you have every right to have them on your gun. However, I think you are smart to adopt a more low-key persona in the event of that sad day that one day may come.

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    MadMac said it well. Why give the impression of gangsta high school sophmore? Perception IS important.

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    I had never heard of the stuff until you posted it here. Check out the 'Box O Truth' to see what they said about it.

    Box O' Truth - RCBD Ammo

    It looks like just another exotic ammo, that makes great claims but doesn't really have anything to back it up.

    I'll stick to tried and true brands of SD ammo... Hornady, Federal, Remington... that are known stoppers.
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    First, we don't haze around here. That's just not our style.

    Second, carry what you shoot well. In addition to practicing with FMJ rounds, practice with your carry rounds. If questioned why you carry XYZ rounds, you truthfully answer it's what I've practiced with and am the most accurate.
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    You don't need to know
    The general rule of thumb is that a good shoot is a good shoot.

    Having said that it is also a pretty good idea to mimic what LE carries as it's vetted by extensive testing and documentation.

    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammunition.
    "There is a secret pride in every human heart that revolts at tyranny. You may order and drive an individual, but you cannot make him respect you." William Hazlitt (1778 - 1830)

    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammunition

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    Thank you all for your fast replies. I agree with you MAD MAC about the Lawyer issue. My attourney/close friend, is the one who suggested to remove my novality looking grips because he said tha tmost likely that the weapon would be secured by LEO's and thats one less fire to explain and defend if you do not have to.

    TX-JB, I no longer carry the RBCD ammo because of friends who have reciently purchased a box and had 4-5 misfires in a box of 20. Their earlier batches were porven tried and true, the more recient batches are not worth the risk IMHO.
    I have a few boxes of Remington 230gr Jacketed-Hollow Points in my .45, and I am using Gold Dot 115 gr Jacketed Hollow Points in my 9mm. The .40 is empty at the moment.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Every one has their tried and true SD ammo. Mine is Hydro Shocks, they've been around forever, and there is nothing exotic about them. They're in my .40 and .45'a. JMO
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    I think you will like the gold dots. They should function fine in all your guns. I think you LEO friends told you not to carry the others rounds was because it shows intent, thats the reason most people do not carry there reloads as defense rounds. I personally keep it simple and low key. Stay safe. BTW welcome to the forums.

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    Federal HSTs in 40S&W are working well in my G27. they're +P and cause my right hand to hurt if I shoot too much at one time. I've got an old right hand injury from 30 some years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randy7601 View Post
    First, we don't haze around here. That's just not our style.
    Well said Randy.... There is one very large gunnie site which seems to get more immature with each passing year..... Being silly IS their style .. I don't think I have to name it.......

    Be Alert and Stay Safe


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    Bigdave, welcome!

    You may be interested by our ballistics testing (see my sig.) Or not. While there is enough difference from brand to brand to encourage discussion about favorites, I'm of the opinion that most of the premium SD ammo by trusted manufacturers is all pretty good, and shot placement is a much more critical factor.

    Me, I like Speer Gold Dots and the different CorBon ammos. But that's just personal preference. Find one your gun likes, and stick with it.


    Jim D.

    Ballistics by the inch: "Four guys, two chronographs, and 8,500 rounds of ammo."

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    Welcome to DC, good folks and good info.

    I've never heard of the rounds you mentioned. I think the #s are impressive, but JMO, for me bullet weight is just as important for penetration. Looks like it would be fun to shoot though, it's gotta make a nasty wound cavity. I use the Gold Dot +p in my 9mm and GD JHP's in my .40's. Cheers.

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    Welcome aboard.

    The exotics get a rather bad rap. Could hijack the thread.

    Like said previously carry what works best for you, research laws, and question with boldness.

    Remember, it is better to be judged by twelve versus being carried by six.

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