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    One gun

    My carry weapon has changed several times over the years. For a time, I struggled to conceal a full frame 1911. I soon switched to a compact Kimber 1911 with a double stack mag. That was before I started playing with calibers smaller than my favorite .45 ACP round.

    When looking for a more concealable pistol, I opted for a beautiful Sig P229 SAS, the dehorned job a welcomed solution to the harsh edges normally found on most handguns. I carried that (HEAVY) for two years.

    Last spring, I switched to the XD - M in .40. I know Sixto only has faith in the gun failing, but to date, I've got about 5,000 rounds through it with few snags. I'm confident in the XD-M, and shoot it VERY well.

    So yesterday, in toddling about a backcountry gun shop here in Kentucky, I happened upon the XD (not the 'M' distinction) in a compact, and it got me thinking...

    The compact had all the feel and response of my full size XD, with a similarity that was hard to describe. Technically and aesthetically, they're almost identical. This little compact is the same caliber as my full size XD-M, and everything else is EXACTLY the same...same mag release, etc.

    Countless instructors have beat it in to me that I should practice with my carry weapon, and use THAT weapon exclusively. So, to my question...

    Is it silly to wear the XD-M in Open Carry situations and switch to the compact for CC? Am I simply inviting stumbling?
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    I wouldn't worry about that at all. The feel and manual of arms are the same, right? And you can use the larger cap mags from the full sized as your spare(s), so there shouldn't even be a noticable difference when doing reloads... Sounds like a non-issue, and a nice pair of pistols.
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    ditto what opfor said. As long as the compact proves to be reliable.

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    Tritto on Opfor. And I might add that instructors teach what makes them comfortable when it comes to type, caliber, carry options etc. Personally, depending upon the situation and my choice of clothing, I have three main weapons - Randall Raider in .45, Taurus 24/7 in 9mil, and a SCCY CPX1 (yeah, I know, I know. However, I have well over 2000 rounds down range out of the CPX1 and the only misfire I've had is due to reloaded ammo. Never a FTE and no cracked frame. And it eats anything I feed it). I am comfortable with all three guns, shoot them more often than any of my other weapons, and have complete faith that if called upon, they will perform and I will have no problems regardless of which gun I happen to be carrying at the moment.
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    My main carry gun is the XD45 Service but when it is really hot or I need to lighten the load I carry my XD 9 Sub Compact. VERY easy to conceal and I still carry 14 rounds in the gun (same as the .45 only a smaller round).


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    I don't think you would be stumbling, sounds like you've got a good idea.
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    I have both a XD 4" service and XD sub-compact, both .40sw, I bought the sub-compact first as an EDC, replacing my Beretta Cougar. The I traded the cougar for the XD inorder to have a system approach, share mags (full size ofcourse).

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    I believe what you instructor may have failed to tell you is this:

    When training and carrying, use the same TYPE of weapon. In other words, don't train with a Glock all the time and then carry a 1911 . There is no real difference between the XDM and XD compact that would make you stumble.


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    If the guns operate the same, you're good to go. If not, IMO, you're inviting trouble remembering which gun you have on that day.

    Personally, I'd carry the XD40SC (I assume that's what you mean when you say "XD Compact") all the time. Thew round count is sufficient, especially with a spare mag, and it's a damned accurate gun at fighting distances. I'm not slighting the "m" at all, it's an especially nice weapon, too.

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    Since when have the mags from an XD(M) been compatible with any of the XD models? I've always been told they're not, which I why I went with the XD(M) over the regular XD, more rounds available.
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    I agree with OPFOR. On the carry issue, I believe you should carry what you can instintivly use without thought. I carry a STI Spartan (1911) full size, and its "muscle-re-memory" to thumb down the safety upon removing the weapon. When I carry my S&W mod 910 (9mm), its the same thing when I thumb up the safety by pushing the lever forward lifting it to the fire position. My Sig 239 has neither, but it does have a de-cocker and thats how its carried. Locked and loaded, just decocked so the first pull is double action. When you practice enough with any of your carry weapons of choice you will start to subconciously start bringing the weapon to a "Ready" status. As long as you dont sit there and Hesitate while your trying to think, " What weapon is this??" and then look at it, you should be fine.
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    Your carry mags will not interchange, but the op manual for the guns (especially in a SD scenario) are identical. I interchange my XD40c and XD9sc all the time, and they shoot identically.
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