Something to tell the Sheeple who ask...

Something to tell the Sheeple who ask...

This is a discussion on Something to tell the Sheeple who ask... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; (The following was posted originally on a blog that is no longer being written. However, I feel that as many of us are actively trying ...

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Thread: Something to tell the Sheeple who ask...

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    Something to tell the Sheeple who ask...

    (The following was posted originally on a blog that is no longer being written. However, I feel that as many of us are actively trying to persuade the to understand why we carry, we also have a responsibility to dispel fears about the World's Most Demonized Tool.
    I tried to condense my thoughts into this post. Enjoy!)

    In my mind, there are three arguments for responsible gun ownership that are firmly based on well grounded logic:

    1. Human responsibility should be placed on the human responsible.
    2. Do not assign moral values to an inanimate object.
    3. Removal of one outlet of human nature will ensure a replacement of said outlet.

    When speaking of responsibility, it is easy in today's American society to "consider the circumstances", and begin to "understand" a criminal's background, childhood, motivations, etc. As such, it has also been popular to hoist the anti-gun flag every time a high profile incident comes along that involves some human acting in an inhumane fashion and utilizing a gun to do so. I will not belabor the point by describing how many people have come to be successful in spite of their less than stellar backgrounds, childhoods, or motivations, I will simply say that if you act in a criminal fashion, expect to be treated as one.

    Guns are inanimate objects. They do not feel, think, consider, plot, devise, move, load themselves, walk, stretch, yawn, play rugby (or wii), scratch themselves inappropriately, speak, yell, scream, or otherwise act independently of outside influence or manipulation. They are not autonomous entities of malignant hatred. An electroencephalograph (EEG) would demonstrate my point admirably by doing nothing, thus confirming the absolutely brain-dead existence of a collection of fitted metal, plastic, and/or wooden parts that have constituted every firearm since their inception. The idea that they infuse your being with a malevolent desire to do harm to others is fairly ludicrous when you consider the fact that they just plain can't do such a thing. It's scientifically impossible. Ask any scientist. Whatever you feel about doing to another human being was inherently there prior to the presence of the weapon in question. Now put down the gun and go see a shrink.

    Take away guns from law-abiding citizens, and you will have defenseless law-abiding citizens. The criminals will not surrender their guns in the spirit of fair play. Furthermore, if you succeed in removing the vast majority of guns from the American public (law-abiding or otherwise...), you will witness a facet of human nature:

    We don't need guns to kill each other.

    After a widespread ban on guns in the UK, knife-related homicides have increased dramatically. Legislators are considering a ban on edged weapons now, and cricket bat manufacturers are salivating in anticipation...

    Please realize that while you may criminalize wrongful acts of human nature, you cannot proactively legislate human nature itself. Even if someone threatens to take a life, you must still wait for that threatening act to occur before you take action against it. The sad fact of life is that we all get the chance to do either the right thing or the wrong thing, and some of us don't do decisions real well.

    Lumping everyone together and assuming that the removal of a gun from the equation is going to heal the aspects of our emotional and mental makeups that permit us to act in so evil a fashion towards others is intellectually sophomoric at best. I for one, am insulted every time a blanket law is passed that punishes everyone for the actions of a few individuals who represent the genetic equivalent of canine excrement.

    But then some people highly cherish the tenet of evil thinking that fuels racism, sexism, and other assorted social maladies:

    "The actions of the few dictate the treatment of the many."

    -Evil Monk
    That which does not kill us leaves us broken and bleeding...

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    This post is spot on. Its a shame that the have the beliefs that they do. If they could just see the world as we do it would make things so much easier...

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    It's sad people are so afraid of the thought of even owning a gun... even sadder is that the fear of the gun is greater then the fear of a criminal harming them and they won't prepare themselves.

    Thanks for posting this, great read!
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    The problem is it's easier to legislate against an object than a Human. Prisons are full (even their psych wings). We, as a society can't seem to predict whom, why, or where it's happening next (no change there since prehistory). It's convenient for the lesser intelligent lawmakers to be able to say we have the problem we do because we have guns and to advocate their removal from society. So long as a single criminal has access to a weapon and is willing to use it they can use the old "it's not my fault I tried to save you from this by banning all guns" Vaudville Act. Secondly most antis are fully aware that so long as there are people like you and I out there gun control will never be absolute in this country so they're safe in railing against guns to help get reelected for the rest of their political lives. I'm convinced the most anti gun politicians are the dumbest and pray every night before they go to bed that they will be able to use the gun issue to help them get reelected one more time. The only other option most of them have is to develop an "honest to God" platform to run on and they're not capable.

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    Hear Hear!!! Wonderful. Though guns may not scratch themselves inappropriately, I use mine to get that inconvenient itch from time to time. This saying is equal to "guns dont kill people, evil people do."

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    Outstanding post!
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Very well said.

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    God Bless our troops,Pass the ammo
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    my avater is part of the reason i feel the way i do.

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    I agree with all your comments. However, I'm not actively trying to persuade the sheep why we/I carry. If given the opportunity to help convince others to carry I'll give my 2 cents and encourage them to do so. I have no illusions of trying to convince others (sheep) in understanding. Many will never be convinced and I spend my effort protecting myself and family. Good post!

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    I agree with lws380. In fact, I try to present myself as a sheep and live my life way below the radar. People who know about my interest in firearms are usually other gun people. However, when asked about concealed carry I refer them to the issuing authority (county sheriff) or someone who is licensed to teach them for certification. I RARELY engage in conversation about firearms with people who are against private ownership. I don't have the time or patience and I would rather be target shooting instead.

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    jhh3rd right on. Below the radar. The other maxim I try to live by is "you can lead a horse to water...." So, I rarely ever initiate conversation regarding firearms. But, if asked I may put out information slowly to test the waters (the interest level) and shut off if their ears close and/or eyes roll back into their head.
    As I age, I find myself being more careful where I expend energy as it makes no sense to me to talk to people who do not listen.

    I won't stop racing when I get old, I will get old when I stop racing

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    Great Post....

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    "The actions of the few dictate the treatment of the many."

    I agree...good post.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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