Spare Mags???

Spare Mags???

This is a discussion on Spare Mags??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How much back up ammo do you carry? I have been told by a few uninformed people that I carry way too much ammo. But ...

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Thread: Spare Mags???

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    Spare Mags???

    How much back up ammo do you carry?

    I have been told by a few uninformed people that I carry way too much ammo. But I think and argue that most every LEO I have seen carry's 2 spare mag's, So why should I not carry as much as I feel comfortable.

    I carry 2 spare mag's = 26 rounds
    plus the mag charged = 13 rounds
    Plus the round chamberd = 1 round
    total = 40 rounds
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    6 in the bug, 7 in the main, no extra generally. Not going to say anything about someone who carries more though...

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    Spare Mags??

    15+1 in the Gun, plus two spare 15 mags, total of 46. All nice leather and under the jacket.
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    I don't go by round count . I've got in the habit of carrying two extra mags, whether it's my Colt officer or my BHP. That is the way my mag holders are all set up for my carry guns.
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    I don't currently carry a spare mag. The more I read these forums though the more I realise I need to start. I feel pretty comfortable with the 15+1 in the gun but if my mag malfunctions I'm boned.

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    I carry at least one extra mag.
    But what the heck, nobody ever wished they had less ammo during a fire fight. A whole lot have wished for more.
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    I carry one extra magazine

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    I almost always carry two guns. At least one reload for the BUG and usually two for the Primary.

    But there are times when I carry two reloads for each gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EBC View Post
    I have been told by a few uninformed people that I carry way too much ammo.
    "Uninformed" is correct. Ammo is like money in that it's impossible to have too much.

    I always carry either a 13-round spare mag for my G21 or a 15-round mag for my G27; chiefly for the possibility of a magazine-related malfunction.

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    Me too, Anubus. My extra mag for my G27 is a G22 mag with a slide on grip extension. The larger mag is easier to conceal separately than in the gun.
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    Geez, if you carry too much, then I must be a hoarder...

    On duty :
    mag in the gun loaded to capacity with one in the pipe

    2 spares in a double mag pouch.

    1 extra magazine on my offside

    BUG loaded to capacity 1 reload available

    In the trunk 4 extra pistol mags, 500rnds (duty) in a case

    6 extra rifle mags

    Of duty:
    mag in the gun to capacity, 1 in the pipe

    2 spare mags on me

    2 mags in each door for rifle and pistol (up front only due to kids)

    1 BUG w/reload

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    I'll mention one aspect of carrying a spare magazine I don't recall seeing so far. What if your primary magazine has feeding issues? Doesn't it make sense to carry a spare magazine for a bad magazine?

    That's why I always carry a spare magazine. Even though I've never had a badly feeding magazine, there is a first time for ANY handgun. EVEN my beloved G26!
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    Current carry
    3 spares for my Primary, 1 spare for my BUG.
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    I always carry at least 1 extra mag. Usually a G19 mag for my G26...Or a speedloader and a speed strip for my 642...
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    One or two spare magazines, no matter what I'm carrying. Always at least one.

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