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Problem: College Carry

This is a discussion on Problem: College Carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I can't believe no one has thought of this option, why don't you take some time before college and become a police officer! Then you ...

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Thread: Problem: College Carry

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    I can't believe no one has thought of this option, why don't you take some time before college and become a police officer! Then you could carry legally! There you go, no need for applause, your welcome.

    But seriously, I agree with barkin', gun in the bag in college is a really bad idea, even if carry were legal. You get tired, you set it down, or a buddy grabs it, or it's out and a roomate comes in with friends, etc. I like the idea of concentrating on what you can do there, not what you can't. Get a good blade and a can of spray and bite the bullet (ha!). If you really MUST have a gun on you, then you need to invest in a smaller gun and better holster. Those laws around schools are very stiff and things can get blown out of proportion (ha!) way too quick. The severity of the penalty demands extreme delacacy, not just shoving a huge gun on your hip and hoping not to get caught. You're just setting yourself up for disaster that way. All the best.

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    Go to college in Utah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT Jensen View Post
    Go to college in Utah.
    Great advice...

    If you stay in WA, I'd carry...since it is legal...what is worse...loosing your life or a semester's worth of credits and tuition?
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    I think most of the discussion has been covered on both sides of the issue.

    Think about this:

    Assuming you are going to do a 4 year Bachelor degree, can you stay 100% concealed the whole time? How many of us go 4 consecutive years without being made?

    A shirt riding up when you get out of the car, old .22lr in the bottom of your bag, a magazine, a few poorly chosen words about firearms overheard by the wrong person, or the ubiquitous budge in the wrong place that prompts a question from a LEO. The person next to you when you use the restroom. If you loose your backpack, and it has a firearm in it, you better report the firearm missing. If a sheep gives you a hug and gets scared by the cold steel. If you get stopped for running a stop sign, and a LEO asks you on campus "Do you have any weapons on you?" it is time to answer and show permit.

    Concealing for a few days is easy. 4 years without fail is a tall task.

    All of these things are legal so we don't normally worry about them. Any is enough to get the ball rolling toward expulsion. Is it likely one will happen?

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    your probably right nutz4utwo, I think I've come to the conclusion that backpack carry or most of the other ideas are not a good idea. Also, making it 2 years without someone catching on or questioning something they see just is not very likely.

    Not to say I have given up on being able to defend my self at school. I plan on carrying that subclaw I've been wanting, I dont think a 1 1/2 inch blade will be to hard to keep hidden.

    There is also Barkn's idea of that under arm holster thing. I have also been eyeing a nice bersa thunder .380 cc that would be great for that paticular holster. Originally the .380 was going to be for my wife but see can use the 9mm till I'm done with school (she like the 9mm anyways and can "almost" out shoot me with it anyways). Thats going to have to wait till my unemployment goes through and we have the money. Till then its Subclaw and OC spray.

    Thanks for everyones input so far.

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    Heh, yep, go to school in Utah where they recently opened their university campuses to concealed carry. I'm at the U of O and there have been legal proceedings in the past 5 years about CC on campus. Even a bulletin was released all over campus about the issue. It's a hot topic. I will be honest, I used to carry on campus regularly with the small LCP, but have not in the past year. I guess I'm just a little nervous about having my credits "revoked" although being made is nearly impossible in my mind. can never be sure. It's a risk.
    It is utterly illogical to believe that passing laws to reduce gun violence will be successful when those who are commiting the gun violence do not obey the law.

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    I also agonized about this decision when I was in college. I got my concealed carry permit my senior year, and I was well known on campus for pro-carry views (Founding member of the campus chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, op/ed columnist in the student paper with at least eight or nine articles regarding firearms, ran afoul of student senate when they deemed SCCC posters 'offensive'...)

    So I had the additional problem that anyone who knew me knew that I owned guns, had a carry permit, and carried on campus.

    So for a long time, I didn't. Reasoning being that it was more likely that I would get caught and expelled than it was that I would need my gun on campus.

    Then I realized that nobody would actually notice. It was during our Empty Holster Protest, when I wore a field 1911 flap leather holster openly and the only people who noticed that gigantic, unconcealed holster were the ones whom I told.

    So I started carrying on campus.

    It wasn't illegal, and it wasn't immoral, so I had absolutely zero issues in doing so. I carried when I walked across the stage in that ridiculous gown and shook the university president's hand as she handed me my degree.

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