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Who should issue Carry Permits

This is a discussion on Who should issue Carry Permits within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My pick was number 1. I think the Second Amendment is our carry permit. If you can legally posses and own a gun, you should ...

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  • Anyone who can buy/possess a firearm should be able to carry concealed

    92 63.01%
  • Permits should be issued by the local elected Sheriff

    5 3.42%
  • Permits should be issued by the local Court

    5 3.42%
  • Permits should be issued by a State Public Safety Agency

    7 4.79%
  • Permits should be issued by a State Licensing Agency

    25 17.12%
  • Immaterial

    2 1.37%
  • Other (Please explain)

    10 6.85%
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Thread: Who should issue Carry Permits

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    My pick was number 1. I think the Second Amendment is our carry permit. If you can legally posses and own a gun, you should be able to carry it. Openly or concealed. I don't think the Federal government nor the state governments have any business regulating a RIGHT that is specifically spelled out in the Constitution.

    In Tennessee, the state issues the Handgun Carry Permit (open or concealed is 100% legal in Tennessee). No local LEO involvement at all. And somehow, they still take forever to issue it. My wife and I submitted everything the same day. Hers came in 45 days, mine in 53. No one could explain to me why that would be. The whole process costs about $200 per person.

    When we lived in Alabama, the local Sheriffs office did everything. Every county issues their own permit. Some are a piece of paper, some, like Mobile County where we lived is a lot like your drivers license.

    The process in Mobile went like this:
    Go to the Sheriffs Pistol Permit office and fill out a sheet with your info. They run a background check while you wait. When it comes back with no wants or warrants, no felony record, they send you upstairs for prints, you come back down, they take your picture, and about 10 minutes later you walk out with your new permit. The whole thing took about 30 to 45 minutes. And you can renew by mail.

    Oh yeah, and it cost a whopping $20, total.
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    The poll is a little flawed as it basically asks "Who should be issuing the permits?"
    The answer getting the most positive hits is "Everyone that is not prohibited from owning a gun should be allowed to carry".
    I voted "The State" as I've lived where the local sheriff issues them and it was a joke. If you live in the wrong county you're not getting a permit. I've also lived where the state issues them and it seemed to work fairly well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divebum47 View Post
    Actually, no government entity should issue or deny a Constitutional right to bear, keep and carry arms. However, until the government realizes that they work for us, rather than the converse, I would think that the local County Sheriff's Office should be the right agency. The Sheriff's Department is the lowest common denominator covering an entire county, irrespective of municipalities, but still having jurisdiction over a relatively large area. Small enough to know the local populace, and large enough so that there are not a whole bunch of small bureaucracies telling us what to do and when to do it.
    Except that in Virginia and one or two other commonwealth states, the Cities are completely separate entities from the counties. Most cities do have a sheriff, but he is in charge of the jails.

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    I voted for "Other" and here's my explanation.

    Preferably, I would choose the Alaska method, with modifications, that anyone that can legally own the weapon can legally carry the weapon any way they choose, anywhere they want with the only legal restrictions being private property restrictions on open carry. And that restriction only in place because I believe in the right of the property owner. However if the property owner doesn't see it, they can't restrict it.

    Barring this unlikely change in carry policy across the nation, I believe that carry permits should be issued from a STATE agency, similar to the DMV. In fact, that would be a great place to utilize. I believe that if we are going to restrict carrying, then I really like the way Utah does it, but would make a few minor changes.

    Utah requires a CCW course be taken that covers the basics of the laws of SD and CCW for the state. I would change this from a required course to an optional course, but would then implement a written test that would verify that the important information has been learned, similar to the written test for the DL at the DMV. No range test required. I am not a fan of REQUIRED range tests for permits. (I am a HUGE fan of actually practicing though!!!)

    In Utah, the applicant sends in their application, notarized, (which would become a non-issue if you turn your application in personally, such as at a DMV, with ID check at that time) with 2 properly done fingerprint cards, which could all be done at the local DMV if the state wanted to set it up.

    These fingerprint cards are used for the criminal background check. When that check is completed in a satisfactory manor, the CCW permit is issued through the mail.

    I believe that one reason only about 2% of citizens have their permits is a lack of information on how to get the permit. If this service were offered at all DMV locations across the state, I believe you would see a HUGE increase in the number of permit applications, which would automatically increase the number of permits issued.

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    Noone should issue them, there should be no need for them. Why Adopt a Vermont-style CCW Law?

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    I also voted state issued as that is the way it's done here.

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    If you are walking around upright and free you should have no need of Carry Permits.

    If you are going to issue them, leave it to the states on a "Shall issue" basis. Everything else is illegal.
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    Based on the question asked. The states should be the ones to issue licenses. That way there is no local politics involved when it comes to the license. You have folks processing applications, doing background checks who are well removed from the individuals that are submitting the application for the license.

    All licenses will look the same, have the same information in the same place, and nothing is left to chance. If the state makes the laws regarding who qualifies, they should be the ones to issue the license. You don't go to the local pd, or the sheriffs office to get your drivers license, you go to the state police, or department of transportation, well at least you do in Texas, same should hold true for a CHL.
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    If licensing must be done, then IMO it should be the role of a licensing agency at the state level that does nothing other than this. They should merely rubber-stamp the documents and push it through the basic approval process.

    However, I also believe that licensing is lunacy, that it's a simple and basic hurdle to the carry of life-saving equipment by upstanding citizens, and that it doesn't affect the vast majority of criminals in any major way. I believe that the best way, and generally the only way (in the long run), to stop criminals cold is on the instant of their crimes. The most-effective tool for helping achieve this is: a firearm, which someone can reasonably master without huge hurdles of time or physical demands.

    Aside from violent felons never being released to the general population, again, I believe everyone should be carrying whatever they're comfortable with carrying, license-free. All in all, considering the various pros/cons of different solutions, I feel the best solution to the problem is a non-system approach where bureaucrats and elected autocrats simply stay the heck out of it. The average person can generally decide quite well when a violent attack needs stopping, and denying the citizen the ability to do so simply helps raise the likelihood the criminal will successfully overpower the citizen ... and THAT is in nobody's best interest.
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    I don't think there should be permits at all - the second amendment says what it means. One should be able to carry by any means they want - either open or concealed - doesn't matter.
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    I vote for the state to handle the permits. I think it should be handled by an unbiased agency that dose not have ties to the sheriff or mayor

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    I'm trying to remember the last time any governmental agency decided anything was none of their business. Frankly, I trust the motivation & wisdom of the individual citizen a LOT more than I support legislative discretion over any of my "Rights".
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    Frankly, I trust the motivation & wisdom of the individual citizen a LOT more than I support legislative discretion over any of my "Rights".

    Exactly so. Across an entire population, I suspect there will inherently be far fewer problems going about it in exactly this way. Free citizens going freely about their lives, free to defend life if and when it becomes necessary to the extent necessary, instead of only to the extent a bureaucrat 2500mi away dictates is the limits of one's allowable response before he himself is branded "criminal."
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    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
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    56 men signed a piece of paper in 1776 which is good enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenman View Post
    Nugent should run the whole show " Nugent For President "
    No he should not. He is trash. He is a hypocrite and should not be carrying a firearm. Not to mention he is a draft dodger.

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