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Who has the most permits?

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Thread: Who has the most permits?

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    New Hampshire
    I believe the best social program is a JOB

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    North Georgia
    I have Ga. With concealed carry permit reciprocity, Im covered in the following states.

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming
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    upstate new york
    FL, NH, NY and PA. These get me to most of the places I want to be.


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    I have my state of residence permit which is Florida and I also have a non-resident permit from Pennsylvania. I'm debating adding Utah although I don't think it will gain me anything? I'm also considering adding Maine and Connecticut to Non-resident permits as well.
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    S. W. Virginia
    New Hampshire
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911luver View Post
    I have my state of residence permit which is Florida and I also have a non-resident permit from Pennsylvania. I'm debating adding Utah although I don't think it will gain me anything? I'm also considering adding Maine and Connecticut to Non-resident permits as well.
    A UT permit will gain you WA and MN, 1911luver. The FL non-res is not recognized in those two.

    I have a PA LTCF (Resident), which is recognized in PA and 25 other states, plus a UT CFP, which gains me recognition in 8 additional states (2 of which I go to quite regularly).
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    West Virginia
    West Virginia (State of residence)
    New Hampshire
    Pennsylvania ( I don't need it but spend lots of time there and it is only $27. I believe it is best to have a permit from the state you spend a lot of time in if possible
    Massachusetts (I gave this one up last year as it is to expensive and to much trouble to obtain.)
    Arizona I had a non resident permit from here before they started honoring all other states permits. Only way you could get legal there.

    I was also making plans to get a Nevada non resident permit before they started honoring other states permits. My Utah and Florida permits covered it so I dropped my plans. Then they dropped Utah and Florida but got lucky and they added West Virginia so I was still legal there.

    I also missed out on getting a Washington permit by mail. They use to do it but stopped and they sent my application back saying they no longer accepted applications by mail. I think I would have had to drop it at renewal time any ways as they started making you show up to fill out the application and by then they started honoring other states.

    The most states I have been legal in at one time is 39 which is today. I dropped MA before NE was added to my list of states I was legal in. The Max # of states I can be legal in is 40.

    The max states anyone can get legal in is 43. If you lived in California and had a business in Rhode Island you could pick up California Oregon and Rhode Island. As Oregon will issue non resident permits to residents of state that boarder them. If you have a business in RI you can get a non resident permit there.

    If anyone would have told me just ten years ago (1999) I would be legal to carry in 40 states years in 2009 I would have laughed at them. I would have told them they were dreaming.
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    off the coast
    Quote Originally Posted by GunnyBunny View Post
    See my signature line!!

    Pretty good for a foreigner??
    Ditto for me...4

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    Dallas, TX
    One (1) does it for me.

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    3 new york ---- pa. ---- utah

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    Quote Originally Posted by DropTop View Post
    i currently have one(utah) but plan on getting the texas and florida ones soon.
    i don't know about the PA non-resident, but the UTAH non-resident is good if you live in texas and don't have a texas permit. the PA permit should work the same way as the UTAH one does, but i have not checked into the PA one. i got the utah permit first because it only took 2 months to get and was WAY cheaper (along with some other reasons) as opposed to the 6+ months it's taking for the texas permits.
    That's very interesting as most states don't seem to allow that.
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    CT, USA
    CT-Res. Non-Res. ME, NH, PA, UT, FL.(6 in all). I would like MA. MA is $100 a year Non-Res + a pain to get. I wish I could get a NY Non-Res as I live about 10 miles from the State line and always pass thru NY State. O'Well it could be a lot worse.

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    Yep, 1 does it for me. TX
    Glock, Colt, S&W,Beretta,ParaOrdnance
    Springfields, Browning, Keltec... to name a few.

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    Certified CHL Instructor in Texas and Lousisiana

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    I have a Utah, PA, Florida, and GA.
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    West Virginia
    West Virginia resident permit.

    New Hampshire non-resident permit.

    That about covers most of the states where I need to go. The NH permit allows me to CC in Georgia and Alabama. They do not have reciprocity with us yet.
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