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Who has the most permits?

This is a discussion on Who has the most permits? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just one for me - Texas. Seems to cover anywhere I would need / want to go....

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Thread: Who has the most permits?

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    Kaufman County Texas
    Just one for me - Texas. Seems to cover anywhere I would need / want to go.
    "Second place is first loser".

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    Lansing Mi
    Just 1 Michigan resident...covers 36 states.

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    Upstate, NY
    I have 3. NY, NH, and Pa.

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    Florida and mailed away or a Utah...

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    Provo, Utah
    Just 1, but will probably pick up Nevada now that they don't recognize Utah

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    For where I live/travel, Utah suffices. I plan to get Nevada soon though.
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    California, Nevada and Utah here.

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    I have two, VA and NH.

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    CT, USA
    Posted by ME CCMAN.
    CT-Res. Non-Res. ME, NH, PA, UT, FL.(6 in all). I would like MA. MA is $100 a year Non-Res + a pain to get. I wish I could get a NY Non-Res as I live about 10 miles from the State line and always pass thru NY State. O'Well it could be a lot worse.

    The way I look at it. You never know when you got to get up and go. We do not like to leave it behind. It is well to be prepaired. It is time money and hassel but it is what we got to do to be safe on our travels.

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    1, MN. My UT instructor ID doesn't qualify for carry. Besides, I can't go anywhere until the 4 mastiffs die and I shoot the cat.
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    Re: PA Resident LTCF

    Quote Originally Posted by rmarkob View Post
    I have a PA LTCF (Resident), which is recognized in PA and 25 other states, plus a UT CFP, which gains me recognition in 8 additional states (2 of which I go to quite regularly).
    Sorry for being off-topic...

    I was a PA resident and got my PA LTCF a couple of years ago. I have since moved my residency and DL to GA but have not sold my home in PA yet nor have I gone after a GA CWP. I stopped by the sheriff's office and state police barracks in PA and asked about the validity of the PA LTCF now. They said the PA LTCF is good through expiration but unsure of using in GA. Can anyone tell me what the laws are and how to proceed? The last thing I want to do in PA or any state in between is commit a felony or get my handguns confiscated!
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