Really funny LEO encounter

Really funny LEO encounter

This is a discussion on Really funny LEO encounter within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I'm standing on my front porch drinking my coffee and having my morning smoke. (I'm down down to six a day by the way!) ...

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Thread: Really funny LEO encounter

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    Really funny LEO encounter

    So I'm standing on my front porch drinking my coffee and having my morning smoke. (I'm down down to six a day by the way!) A cop is driving down the street and I give him a wave. When he hits the corner he turns around and parks in front of my house. He gets out of his car and asks "Is everything ok?" I give him kind of a funny look and say "Umm yeah, was just saying hello!" He smiles and says "Oh, cool. We don't really get a lot of that... Hey, any chance I could bum a smoke off ya?"

    By this time he had walked onto my front porch. I say "Sure, want a cup of coffee?" and he says "Hell yeah, all I have had so far is crappy cop coffee!" I make a joke about how he sounds like a episode of law and order. So I go in the house and grab him a cup and were just standing on the front porch chatting abouht the neighborhood.

    About this time I remember that I'm armed so I just casually say "Oh, just so you know I'm liscened to carry and I am armed at the moment" I realize I don't have to tell him and that on my own property I don't have to be liscensed but figured it was a good idea anyway. Funny enough he says 'Good, does your wife carry as well?" I say "Yes sir" He says "Very good , we do everything we can but it's always nice to see people that take their saftey into their own hands" He asks me what I carry and tell him a Glock 19. We talk a bit about how we both love the glock 19 and that is his off duty CCW.

    He then asks me how I carry it and what I carry it in. I tell him I carry at about 3:30 in a Pure Kustoms Black Ops Pro that I had just got yesterday and will switch between OWB and IWB depending on what I'm wearing. I lift my shirt up so he can see it. He says "Thats pretty nice! I wouldn't have made you unless you told me. It comfortable?" I tell him that it is.

    About this time a second cop is driving past. He hits the corner, turns around, gets out and starts walking towards us. He asks the first cop if everythings ok and he says "Yeah, were just chillin. Hey, check out this holster!" So cop #2 walks up and starts eyeing the coffee me and cop #1 are drinking so I run inside and make him cup. When I come back out cop #2 asks if I would mind taking my holster off so that he could get a better look at it. For like 10 mins both these guys are DROOLING over it. "Man! Thats nice!!" "Yeah, looks like you can take the straps off and wear it OWB to!" "Check out the stiching!" "That leather is HARD!" Cop #2 asks me to put it back on, and then bend over and twist and move aorund so he can see how wellit conceals. He says "Man, thats great. I've got to have one!"

    Rocky sent some of his cards with my holster so I gave them both one. They both give me their card and suggest that we go shooting sometime. They thank me for the coffee shake my hand and and go on their way.

    Thats the first expierence I have ever had with police while armed and must say it went pretty darn well. I hope all the cops in my city are like that. I also have a feeling Rocky is going to be getting a few orders from my local PD haha.

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    Now that's a positive LEO encounter
    A couple of the guys on my local PD are friends and gun enthusiast outside of the job. We've had a few freindly chats about our favorites. Tom got rather excited when I told him about the Model 29 I picked up for my birthday, and wanted to know what is was like to "shoot one of those monsters". I told him to let me know when he wanted to get together at the range and give it a try. Hopefully we can get together soon
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    It is good to hear stories like that.
    Very interesting !!!
    Thanks for sharing.
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    I like those encounters! Now and then you'll find an LEO on a slow shift who likes citizen encounters, especially when that civilian shares the LEO's likes and beliefs. The aggressive cops are the ones who get all the press and attention.
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    Man, that was just a good wholesome experience. That's what life is all about!

    Standing on the front porch first thing in the morning smoking, drinking coffee, and shooting the breeze with a couple cops about guns, holsters and shooting.

    Sounds like a friggon TV commercial for Rocky's Pure Kustom Holsters! The only thing missing was the damn dog walking up carrying his own cup of coffee and smoke!

    (How much did Rocky pay you for that one Rollo? Come on... you can tell! )

    Great story!
    Semper Fi

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    That's a great story, and how it should be...and don't forget it all started with you making a friendly wave to the LEO. It's great that you initiated the contact that way.
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    I call that a great LEO encounter, and a good read. I have a great deal of respect for LEO's that are open-minded to their civilian counterparts. Respectfully, to DCs LEO members. It's a shame some LEO's out there carry the elitist attitudes that they do, as it gives the good ones a bad rap, and until you have a chance to speak to um you just never know.

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    I bet you got your neighbors talking.
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    I bet your house gets a second glance on the cruise thru the neighborhood to make sure you and the wife are OK and house is secure when you are away. Great news all the way around. Never know when that postive encounter may save your life.

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    Great encounter, Next time you get pulled hope it's one of THEM !!
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    Wow! Thanks for the story! I don't think it could have gone better.

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    that is an awesom story. there needs to be more friendly interacation with the LEO's from more of the people that live in our towns. their job is tough and they need to know that we are there to watch their backs(and our own) and help them out if need be just like they are there for us. it would be cool if some of the local PD's would put on range days for the cops and the general public to go to a shooting range together on the same day to interact with each and get to know the people in their community a little better.

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    I keep seeing in people's signature, "I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy." Sounds like you just negated that slogan.
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    Its not always the case...cops being that friendly. However, they are just people. If you take the time to talk to them they are usually pretty cool people.
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    That not what I would call a good's the best story of a LEO encounter that I've read shared on this forum...very cool!
    I'd say that you made two new friends.

    I wonder if the neighbors think you may be trouble...
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