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What do you check for CC?

This is a discussion on What do you check for CC? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've discovered that I am confidant with my IWB tucked carry by now, but every new means of carry I try means a fresh round ...

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Thread: What do you check for CC?

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    I've discovered that I am confidant with my IWB tucked carry by now, but every new means of carry I try means a fresh round of mirror checks/spousal interrogation (which she LOVES by the way /sarc off).

    You get used to methods as you use them. I don't think I'll ever become so arrogant as to throw on a new rig and walk out into the Great Unknown without a quick gander at myself for various "tell-tales".

    Try out some tests that I use to speed up the process without sacrificing efficiency:

    With a full length mirror, bend over at the waist, squat down, lift both legs (one at a time :), twist your torso, bend your waist in all four directions, raise your arms, extend your arms (sides and front), and do a quick spin-and-look.

    Now tuck your shirt back in and try to casually avoid the actions that print your gun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoebe View Post
    I had my holster at 5 for awhile today and while driving, wondered how the heck anyone wears a gun at 5 who ever has to SIT.
    With a wide flat pancake holster that keeps a thick smooth hunk of leather in between you and the gun. An MTAC Minotaur does that nicely. You still know it's there, but in a comforting way.
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    Actually tucked a shirt into the supertuck Sunday. My wife dressed up for church so I was stuck dressing up too. Usually go jeans and a polo untucked. I felt like it was primping for a first date or something with all the mirror time. Wife told me I looked nice, then I pulled on the shirt to print the G19. She goes, "wow, did not even notice." Still checked a few more times. Arms up, arms down. What a nerd. Church went fine. That's what I bought the Supertuck for. Still feel like more people notice I'm carrying if I CC than OC. Yeah I know, it's all in my head.

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    I still check in the mirror

    Only carrying about 6 months so it sometimes takes one or two tries at getting the holster in the "sweet spot".

    I seem to get a more comfortable carry in my high noon tuckable when I wear it tucked so I usually check in the mirror to make sure the shirt is bloused properly. If I shift the holster back or forward while cinching my belt I find that the holster will pinch the shirt and pull it forward or back with it. I always make sure to check that the shirt hasn't been pulled tight around the gun grip.

    Now that the weather here is getting cooler I may experiment more with untucked and a cover garment.

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    I have also stopped for the most part mirror checking (unless I get a new holster then I look and see what I might see). I have asked my wife if she sees anything different --- as in can you see it without naming the it! She would also tell me if I had a gun shaped lump. I have to agree with the words of some old carry folks on this and other forums. "You are more aware of your gun than the general public!!"

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    In MN open or concealed is OK, but I prefer to be concealed 100%. An open front with IWB is my favorite. I generally line up the rear sight with the outside seam. If you make your hand into a gun, with your index finger as the barrel, and move your hand to different positions, you'll see what cant is natural. What is comfortable may be slightly different, depending on your physique and bone structure. Height is another variable. Most gals like appendix carry (2 o'clock) with the grip a bit looser off the belly. Most guys like it just behind the hip. If it's too far back, it needs too much cant, and sitting on it isn't as comfy. Each situation calls for a different holster and/or garment with the mirror check, until you're satisfied you can carry concealed with IWB, shoulder rig, belly band, smart carry, bra holster, thigh holster, etc.
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