this is a dead man

this is a dead man

This is a discussion on this is a dead man within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; One of my students from CA returned for more advanced training. He is quite proficient, having been instructed by Jeff Cooper, and being retired CA ...

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Thread: this is a dead man

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    this is a dead man

    One of my students from CA returned for more advanced training. He is quite proficient, having been instructed by Jeff Cooper, and being retired CA Hwy Patrol. Currently he is an attorney and has an avocado farm in southern CA. Recently, he was jogging in an upscale neighborhood at 1:30am, when the temperature had cooled to 85 degrees. He heard footsteps behind him. A young African-American man passed him by two paces, turned around in front of him, pointed a gun in his face and said “give me your money.” Our friend said he had no money. “Give me your wallet!” the BG demanded. At that point our friend appeared to comply, reached into his pocket, pulled out his S&W 360sc, and shot the BG. Because the BG had changed his focus to anticipating a wallet from a submissive victim, the sight of the 357 so surprised him that he just instinctively twisted his body away from the gun as he was being shot. He was only in “intimidation” mode. Our student was in a determined “firing” mode. In fact, the first thing that went through our friend’s mind when a gun was pushed into his face was ‘this is a dead man.’
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    One less BG? Sounds like a successful day. No legal issues I hope...

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    I've mentioned that before. If the BG has their gun drawn, they are not expecting you to draw your own when you go to get your "wallet" Thus the element of surprise. Lemme see if I can find that thread.

    Edit: Here it is.

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    Good for him, I hope the BG is takin a dirt nap!
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    Great News.One less BG..
    Better to have and not need then to need and not have!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by minas View Post
    Great News.One less BG..
    I'd like to add "one less dumb BG" -
    Joggers always carry cash/jewelry/etc.
    Chaulk one up to inexperience.

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    This is a classic example, on the felonious felon's part, of an acute failure in the victim selection process.

    It also shows that mindset is probably the most important internal characteristic you can have. Without the proper mindset even the best guns in the world, and all the training, are useless to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    Good for him, I hope the BG is takin a dirt nap!
    +1 this said it best in my eyes.
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    Like the out come ; )
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    thats one bad guy who picked the wrong person to rob at gun point

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    GOOD WORK, BATMAN!!!! One less BG scum we don't have to worry about....
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    Does anyone else think that drawing your gun when facing a BG with his gun already drawn and pointed at you might be a bad idea. Sure in ths case it worked out but if the BG was a little sharper it could have ended differently. When he saw your gun all he had to do was pull the trigger and BG wins. If a BG got the drop on me I would comply and hand over the wallet unless I became convinced he was going to shoot anyway. Then you have no choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunthorp View Post
    At that point our friend appeared to comply, reached into his pocket, pulled out his S&W 360sc, and shot the BG.
    Great outcome!

    If he would have complied and not fought back... you may have lost a friend!

    Kind of reminds me of...

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    John Wayne: "Yes Sir, a little somethin’ extra…"

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    I love it when things go right. Joggers usually don't carry money or a wallet.

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    The way it should be
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