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Texas 51% sign question

This is a discussion on Texas 51% sign question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by NJB As I understand the law for the 51% sign, it is for business that make 51% or more of their profit ...

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Thread: Texas 51% sign question

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJB View Post
    As I understand the law for the 51% sign, it is for business that make 51% or more of their profit from sale and onsite consumption of alcohol.

    There is a small gas station right by my house that has a 51% sign, and directly below it they have a sign saying it is illegal to consume alcohol on the property. I tried explaing the 51% sign and contradiction to them, and they didn't understand it.

    Any idea the legality of this particular 51% sign? As in do I not carry there, or ignore it because they clearly are not a 51% business, or am I completely wrong with the 51% law?
    Under TABC laws IF YOU file a complaint because they posted a .51 sign and don’t make 51 % of their money from alcohol sales you can have their license pulled and they can't sell booze for a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJB View Post
    Thanks I will make an inquiry with the TABC. Hate not being able to carry there since it is a short walk from the house.
    Like retsupt said, for those of us who are highly confident in how well we can conceal, just go ahead and cc there; their sign is incorrect anyway. But if you DID get made, they might still prevail in their desire that you leave (it is their place after all).
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    They are probably not intending to post a sign prohibiting legal carry. Places that serve alcohol , if not 51 percenters, are required by TABC to post a sign that states that illegal carry is a felony on those premises. It Is only a misdemeanor when alcohol is not present.

    They probably just got the wrong sign as they did not know better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmzjr View Post
    Wonder how they even got the 51% sign? If I am not mistaken, they must get them from the state?? Or get them from your local Honky Tonk.
    When a business applies for a TABC license for either sale or consumption, the state sends out a packet. That packet is the same for whatever business asks for one, so they get all the signage. Some business owners like the NASCAR look, so all the signage goes up.
    It's not a bar and on premises consumption is illegal, so the OP or any CHL holder is legal carrying there. If you are outed with an accidental exposure, the business can only ask you to leave as they are not displaying a valid 30.06 sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    Yep, as has been said, the 51% sign only applies to alcohol sold for consumption on the the premises. Obviously not the case for the gas station since it's not legal to consume any alcohol on the premises.

    I agree with retsupt99: Whenever you notice an illegal/non-compliant sign, say nothing. Why help them post a proper CCW prohibition notice?
    Because it is the right thing to do. Why would we spend money where our guns are not wanted?

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