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Last resort or first choice?

This is a discussion on Last resort or first choice? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't think anyone here has, or is suggesting force on force. Nor do I believe Use of force laws direct as such either. Many, ...

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Thread: Last resort or first choice?

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    I don't think anyone here has, or is suggesting force on force. Nor do I believe Use of force laws direct as such either. Many, if not all states have laws/guidelines that define use of force. A BG with a knife with an intent to use it on the GG is definitely indicating the desire to do severe bodily harm. If the GG has a firearm and does not use it, he is a fool. A knife is just as RSSZ has described - a tool to be implemented to allow utilization of a more effective/efficient defense tool, such as a firearm.

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    Being that I am 55 years old and like most folks my age am not in the kind of shape to go hand to hand with a younger BG, and the fact that I have knee and back problems, I would try to retreat if possible. That being said, I carry no other weapon than my Kimber Ultra CDP and 2 spare mags, my knife is a Swiss Army which would be of no use in a fight. If I perceive the threat of great bodily harm to my self or a family member, I'm going to present the weapon and be ready to shoot if need be. I think that given too many choices a person is going to wind up taking too much time to decide which to use, I won't have that problem.
    A gun is a useful tool for making holes at a distance

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    If I'm in fear for my or my families life, there is no room for 'less than lethal' in my play book. The gun is coming up firing until the threat is gone.

    Sorry if that seems callous, but that’s just the way it is.

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    I'm getting in here kind of late but thought I'd through in my two bits worth. I approach this as the protector of a handicapped wife and with a body that's not what it was twenty years ago. I have a martial arts background but those days are well behind. I don't have the option of running or fast movement while protecting a wheelchair bound spouse. One thing I've seen is if it is a predator or professional street criminal the situation is going to escalate fast as the perp tries to stay ahead of me so if there's time I'll do the usual verbal tactics. After that though if things are still headed downhill it's time to draw and present and be prepared. Most often the presense of the unexpected weapon will terminate the situation according to stats. That dosn't mean I'd count on it but I can't afford to get behind the curve or I might have failed in my role as protector. I'd rather explain to the police why I felt threatened enough to draw than explain to our family why I missed the threat and worse things happened. Luckily I live in a non retreat state and I have talked over my situation with a lawyer. I have a pretty good handle on what's legal and acceptable. Retreat is still the best legal and moral option but only if it's a valid open option. For me that's a very limited option and according to the lawyer, my role when with my wife does indeed change the way my actions might well be interpreted in court or even by a prosecutor.

    Know your states laws!!!


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    hmmmm how to say this, I stopped running when I got outta the Army in '87

    By the time it get that far I ussually have a gat in hand or a hand on my gat.....

    If I havta go to a blade someone is gonna get cut really bad, whereas the gat I can always put back after they come to their senses and retreat.....

    (this is based on history and experience....)

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    I;m somewhat in the same boat as ELCruisr. I'm not in good enough condition to run. 72 years and a bad back old and my wife also has mobility problems. Do I want to shoot some one? Not if I can help it, But at my age I know that I'm in the easy prey group. Thanks to good laws here in Florida I don't have to try running away.
    Years ago my CCW instructor said at the start of the class " If you don't think you can shoot some one then don't carry a gun." Well I did take the class and I do carry all the time, and if some one threatens me or mine I will draw, if the aggressor wants to turn and run, then I've done my job. If they keep coming I'll do what I have to do with out any hesitation. I'vebeen carrying for over 12 years now and never had to draw but it's early yet.

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    Great Post

    Great post. I provokes a good bit of carefull thought and I fully agree. I feel it is necessary to use the best, most effective method possible to neutralize the threat at the time. I do disagree slightly with one point, a defensive stance. I never take a defensive stance for the sole reason that in a defensive stance you are basically asking permission to take your turn in the fight. You're basically saying to your attacker "Ok I'm ready now, go ahead and strike and I'll try to defend". Take charge at the onset and never let up. I am trained in knife use as well which is why I carry a knife and a gun. I was taught to always greater my opponents weapons or at a minimum equal them.

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