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As a Kahr MK9 owner. The kahr action will not fire without the trigger being pulled. Even with the elite trigger which is slightly lighter the trigger would not engage by being dropped.

This is much more likely a "I just grabbed at the gun as it slipped down my pant leg" kind of discharge. We don't have all of the details.

But, I am fully confident in the safety of my Kahr.
I agree. Seems to me, Steve, that if I had questions about the risk of a Kahr going off by dropping, I would do the research on the formal tests (like those mentioned above), read the boards for informal tests (again, like those mentioned above), read threads and articles on the subject...and then make a decision. I would NOT make a decision based on a news article with unclear facts. Shame on you!

If you don't have confidence in your gun, don't carry it. But frankly, your post feels like a troll bashing Kahrs without any evidence. You owe it to yourself, and the gun you own, to do your due diligence and fact finding before making a decision.