Lawyer on call

Lawyer on call

This is a discussion on Lawyer on call within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I haven't given it much thought yet (my permit doesn't come in until mid December) but I was curious how many people here have a ...

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Thread: Lawyer on call

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    Lawyer on call

    I haven't given it much thought yet (my permit doesn't come in until mid December) but I was curious how many people here have a lawyer ready to call at their disposal? I've never needed a lawyer before so I don't have a relationship with any lawyers. How does one go about finding a lawyer for those "just in case" situations? Have you all contacted someone in advance to discuss CC situations? Do you guys pay something monthly, yearly, etc... to keep the guy... like a retainer fee? Have you never really spoken with a lawyer but just have a number ready in case you do need one? How do you go about finding a lawyer that is sensitive to the needs of someone who CC's to be on call for you?

    It doesn't sound like a bad idea... I was just curious what most people here do and what costs are involved BEFORE you actually *need* one.

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    There is a list on DefensiveCarry:
    Defensive Carry - 2A Attornies

    I did some gunsmithing for a local lawyer in exchange for his personal cell phone number. I keep it in my phone and my wife also has it just in case.

    Also, my employer has a program that gives employees a free 1 hour consult with a lawyer once a year. If your employer has a deal like that it might be better than nothing and at least it would be free to get you started.

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    Massad Ayoob has written some articles on this topic.

    You might check out Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

    I read about them in America's First Freedom, the NRA publication.

    Also, the NRA has a database of Lawyers that have registered with them regarding firearms involved legal situations. You might try the NRA website for that.

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    I asked my CCW instructor for a recommendation and he had one ready. It's a lady who comes into the range often to shoot. I've never sat down with her, but I did save her number in my phone and probably more importantly in my wife's phone. If I ever do need her services I may not be able to make the call myself.

    I'm thinking about getting recommendations for a second lawyer to keep in my phone as well. I see no reason not to since it's free. Besides, if the first person isn't around for some reason I don't want to be flipping through the phone book and just settling on whoever I can find.

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    My instructor in the CC class I took last week told me about CHLPP, which is sort of a PrePaid Legal-type thing for concealed handgun permit holders. It costs $129/year, and they'll retain a local 2A-friendly attorney to represent you up through the grand jury no-bill/indictment and the return of your gun. I'm looking into it, and am curious if anyone else has an experience they can share about them.
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    I didn't incur any costs.

    Lots of interesting posts in the rest of that thread.

    I could be dead wrong, but I wonder if it isn't common to not charge for a cell phone number that could in bring many thousands of dollars of business someday.

    And I could be even more wrong, but I kind of got the impression that the guy didn't half mind the idea of just maybe defending someone who wasn't a career criminal someday! I'll bet you rub elbows with some real scum in that job.

    Would any lawyers on the board care to comment?

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    In general I do business with those who do business with me. That works for me because I have a business practice.

    That said... the FFL holder who does my transfers is a lawyer.

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    I have postponed making contact with the 'right' lawyer. I have tried, but not successfully, so far.
    It's not just having a lawyer's number, but knowing you have the right he/she familiar with self-defense cases involving a 'legal shoot'?
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    Lawyer On Call

    I use Pre-Paid Legal for all of my legal stuff and love it. I know that if I need the services of an attorney, I have a full legal team standing behind me.

    If you would like more info, DM me and I will send you some more info.

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    CHLPP is a legal services membership organization for concealed handgun licence/permit holders gives you access to an attorney 24/7 365. They actually pay costs up through the Grand Jury process. They are based in Texas but operate in all 50 states. When you call there 800 number you actually talk to the CEO of the company not some taped recording, this is why I joined back in April when I received my CCW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    There is a list on DefensiveCarry:
    Defensive Carry - 2A Attornies/
    Still no Nevada listing! Thanks Cencal, for the tip. I'll check out the NRA site.

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    Lots of good tips and resources. I'll definitely look into each one of 'em. Thanks guys/gals.

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