Corporate came to work today

Corporate came to work today

This is a discussion on Corporate came to work today within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There were three men that came from division HQ in Northern New Jersey today. Now mind you we are in the middle of PA... you ...

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Thread: Corporate came to work today

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    Corporate came to work today

    There were three men that came from division HQ in Northern New Jersey today. Now mind you we are in the middle of PA... you can't get much more hick then us. My boss has a hunting camo fleece on, I'm wearing my PAFOA hoodie and my hunting camo hat. Another co-worker had a pickup truck with hunting stickers all over it... you get the point. We are in the sticks, and we work in a warehouse.

    A spotless black Mercedes with NJ plates pulls up between two dirty pickup trucks in the parking lot and three guys get out. All of whom I've never met. I knew they were coming and was told just to show them how I do things on the receiving end of the warehouse process. I guess they were doing a quality assurance audit to make sure we were doing things by the book.

    After the pleasantries one guy sits down with me. He was all purdied up in slacks and a tie. I turn down my radio and we talk a bit. I guess he see's my PAFOA hoodie logo and asks me if I own a gun.

    I said yes, not trying to be a smart alec, but not obviously lying. He then said "With you"?

    I said 'no' just to deflate him as I knew where he was going with this. Then he went on a rant about corporate firearms policy just to make sure I knew that guns were dangerous and were not needed in the workplace I just smiled, nodded and agreed. The whole time my 1911 was in my laptop bag just next to my desk

    You could tell he was from Jersey. Have any of you had similar encounters with your company? Do you just go with the flow smile and nod or do you set them strait?


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    You can't "set them straight" because they have a few things between them and reality.

    One is that they are "your boss" because they come from "corporate" and know better than you do about your job. (Superiority complex)

    Another is that they are from "the city" and do not understand the realities of life outside the city. (Ignorance)

    Finally, they are from NJ and likely believe that ALL guns are evil. (Brainwashed)

    Given that, why waste your time on these kooks.

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    Yeh, I had an administrator hanging around once to observe an exercise. I tweaked her a bit just for fun, but I kept clear of bringing any suspicion on me.

    No way could I ever change any aspect of her mind. She's a die-hard anti, believing the police would be on scene "just like that" (snapping her fingers) if there was ever a situation where someone needed assistance due to a deranged gunman or bomber. I suggested perhaps our security officers should be armed, and she almost barfed.

    I didn't give her any indication she was 3 feet from numerous rounds and a couple guns.

    The exercise ended, she left, I haven't seen her since, I'm still employed (that's my second job), and I continue to take personal responsibility for my own security while I'm there.

    I'll let her remain in her little ivory castle, thinking all is safe with the police a few minutes away. If I hear shots coming from the administration building, well, no need for me to go because the police will be there "just like that" (snap). Then when the smoke clears, I'll go home to my family at the end of my shift.

    I'm good with that.

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    Funny how people think they have a right to tell you what you need and don't need. You only need X # of rounds in your mag. You only need 1 square of toilet paper. You only need a little putt-putt car with a lawnmower engine.

    I say these busybodies need to mind their own business. Corporate policy... yeah yeah

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    Several years ago some we got a transplanted Yankee for a plant manager. He was from New Joisey and he marveled at how he could go down town and see guns in the back of pickup trucks everywhere. The fact that deer season had just started was lost on him and he displayed the usual anti-gun comments and ignorance that Yankees that come from big cities are famous for.

    Out of the blue, he decided that NO weapons were allowed in the parking lot.Up to that point, it had always been allowed with the only stipulation that the vehicle be locked.

    Naturally much grumbling went on, and because this plant is located in a rural area, there were alot of guns in the parking lot. Since we had to pass through a checkpoint with guards randomly checking vehicles, it seemed like a pretty cut and dried deal, but it wasn't.

    One of workers, who happened to be the President of one of the largest gun-clubs in the state and also a concealed weapons instructor, walked into his office and confronted him about some of the issues concerning the CHL's.

    To make a long story worked. He retracted the policy and eventually ended up getting his own CHL.

    So, with good communication skills and a little bit of tact, sometimes a simple discussion can go a long way...if the person up high isn't a controlling type that can do no wrong.
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    I think the only reason my company doesn't have a policy against bringing guns in is because our corporate offices are in NY City and they just assume that no one can carry a gun anyway. Works for me.

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    I am so happy I don't have to deal with that anymore. I work from home most of the time. I've only been in to the office 4 times all year.
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    Gotta' watch out for them 'suits'...
    What stupid games we have to play.

    Of course I work in a school, so weapons in the building or in the lot are a BIG no-no by state law.
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    Up until a year ago, I was employed in a mfg. plant ( production worker) in a liberal area of my state. A large # of the employees were ex cons with some "heavy baggage". Because I am an ex LEO & Fire arm Inst., I decided to keep a low profile.

    But soon after my hiring, I was called into the "big boss' office. Here is the story.

    A female employee had been violently confronted by a punk as she came to work early in the AM.( scared but not injured ) Not only was the Co. concerned but so were the employees. ( several of the men had volunteered, including a couple of the " Hard" ex cons, to provide the ladies with escorts to & from their vehicles.

    So where am I ?? It seems that Corp. upon hearing of the problem, suggested that my boss confer with me ( got my job through a Corp. Mgr. who knew me )
    The results =
    1. I ( with some others ) recommended some "parking" changes & other changes concerning "blind spots"
    2. I & some other Inst. ran a NRA RTBAV class for all office employees.( + any others, including wives etc., that wanted to attend.)

    As a side note,
    1. The Co. bought a gun safe for anyone who had CPPs to store their guns in while @ work so they would not be in the vehicles
    2. I was allowed to post any NRA training courses my training team was offering, on the BBB.
    3. The biggest surprise was the reaction by the "ex cons" = ( many of their wives & teenagers took the RTBAV course )

    Note- the above is NOT to wave my "flag" but to show that there are those out there who "UNDERSTAND" the REAL WORLD.


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    Our company has a policy of no weapons on property. They have the gunbuster sign, in an odd place, its about 50 yards inside the building, behind a corner by an ATM machine, meaning, any contractor or visitor has no way of knowing the policy. Everyone in my dept. knows I am a gun nut, I dont care what they know.

    The company has the mindset that the police can be there in a matter of minutes, and that before they arrive, our unarmed security can deal with anything that comes up. Funny that the CEO has an armed guard with him always.
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    404 Page Not Found

    Angry Too Bad..........NJ is so Crimefree

    A spotless black Mercedes with NJ plates pulls up
    When that happens, ya'll just know nuthin' good is gonna happen......
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    In our corp buildings we can even have a knife of ant size. Not even a butter knife. Cafe has plastic knives. But last year one guy had a sword to cut the birthday cake on 10 November.

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    Things are a lot different where I work.
    Carrying a gun on the job is mandatory.
    I set my own days and hours.
    I can take time to go to the range any day I like.
    A day off to go fishing, no problem, anytime.
    Oh yeah, I run my own business and work from home
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugergirl View Post
    Things are a lot different where I work.
    Carrying a gun on the job is mandatory.
    I set my own days and hours.
    I can take time to go to the range any day I like.
    A day off to go fishing, no problem, anytime.
    Oh yeah, I run my own business and work from home
    Are you hiring?

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    Don't think every Executive believes in a gun policy, it's more of a CYA for the company if someone went crazy at work with a gun. If you want to blame someone for work place gun rules, thank attorneys...
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