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Question for the Single Guys....and Gals

This is a discussion on Question for the Single Guys....and Gals within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been married for a bit more than 30 years.... I've been carrying for a bit more than 38 years.... (Rent-a-cop, among other things.) The ...

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Thread: Question for the Single Guys....and Gals

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    I've been married for a bit more than 30 years....

    I've been carrying for a bit more than 38 years....

    (Rent-a-cop, among other things.)

    The wife knew about the LE connection almost as soon as we met each other (hard to miss the hi-band radio and the 5" window pillar spotlight) and the gun shortly thereafter. It just sort of came up....

    (She'd never dated a guy with a siren in his car either....)

    There was a minor downside - I'd switched the horn ring to the siren for some reason, and we pulled up in front of her parent's house one night early in our relationship. She reached over and pushed the horn ring to "beep".... Her mom dropped the muffins she was taking out of the oven....

    She's been to the range a couple times, but doesn't care for it. Not "anti" - no opposition to taking our daughter to the range either - but just not interested. (The kid loves to shoot. I've got two guns here that are nominally hers if she wants to take them. She's off at college now terrorizing her roomies.)


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    Admit it...

    Quote Originally Posted by rocky
    I didn't mention it till the second date. But then, my girlfriend worked at a sporting good/gun store, hunts too , carries knives and other weapons herself. only love her for her employee discount.

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    Seeing as I haven't been on a date in about 5 years and only started carrying about 2 years ago, maybe I shouldn't throw my 2 cents in but...

    Frankly, I don't make it a secret that I carry. I figure the more people who know that normal, well-adjusted folks carry firearms, the better they'll understand the RKBA movement.

    I also don't ask out women that I don't already know to some extent. I'm pretty picky when it comes to who I date (which might explain the 5 year drought...). So the few women that I've asked out have known that I carry a firearm. Although, come to think, I believe there's only been one young lady that I've asked. Oh well.

    Hopefully, if it turns out that I'm dating someone who for some reason is surprised that I carry on a date, I'll keep my head and say what I always figured I would. "I consider the safety of myself and others around me to be very important. I will do everything within my power to secure that safety."


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    Target practice would come up in the hobbies conversation, CCW would have came up depending on her reaction. Most of the time it wasnt a good reaction, so CCW wasnt brought up. I never brought it up, I just got made. If I didnt get made, and target practice didnt scare her off (which is what happened most of the time), I made it a point to bring it up within the first few dates so it would be easier for her or myself to walk away. Most of the time it was mutual, but for some odd reason I kept hooking up with antis.

    The girl I'm dating now never flipped out about it. As a matter of fact she knew I carried before we started dating. There are a few places that she doesnt like me carrying "out of respect," but I dont catch hell about doing so anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Betty
    I would ankle carry until I chose to bring up the subject, so I wouldn't be put on the spot if I was "made." It's easy for a guy to feel up my gun if he puts his arm around me.
    Works both ways. I never did ankle carry, so I got made a few times...

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    Quote Originally Posted by acparmed
    Let's say the conversation starts after a hug or kiss and they ask, "What's that? Is that a gun? Why are you carrying it?"
    I'm a secret agent, currently in deep cover.

    Like anything else, it will depend on the person and will have to be played by ear. And like others have mentioned, working your way up to it, or gradually but purposely steering the conversation in the direction you want so that chosen questions or responses can be asked/given, allowing you to judge the subsequent reactions.

    I think having this dilemma while being single would be much easier than after you have been married for a while. If your new prospective girl/guy has a real problem with it, you can always walk away. Kind of hard to justify choosing CCW over your wife of 10+ years.

    Along the 'hobbies' conversation, you could ask "have you ever been to a gun range? Oh, its SO much fun! A friend took me one time and we had a ball..."
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    Easy: be very clear about limits. One limit is that you carry. Period. If she doesn't like it, she can move along. I made that very clear to my girlfriend (now wife) and she's fine with it.

    This is about GFs, not someone you're just going on a date.

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