SC CWP question

SC CWP question

This is a discussion on SC CWP question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think it's different from state to state, but I know in some states I have read here that your CC shows up at a ...

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Thread: SC CWP question

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    SC CWP question

    I think it's different from state to state, but I know in some states I have read here that your CC shows up at a traffic stop. Does any one here know if it does in SC?
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    I'm not sure if it shows up on his computer but when he asks for your ID you better go ahead and show him you CC if you are packing. If you don't and it comes up on his computer he gonna be more than a little upset.
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    I think you have to assume that it will show up somewhere if he runs you, so it's prolly best to be up front about it when he asks for your ID and registration or whatever. In MN the list of permit holders is in a separate, private database instantly accessible only by the dispatch when an officer requests a check. Technically, the LEO must ask if you are a permit holder, before you must disclose in MN. I believe that states which have signed reciprocity with us will give the dispatch a quick verification, too. I imagine that soon any dispatch will have access to verification. Some states tag your DL and/or vehicle registration, so the LEO sees it as soon as he runs your DL or plates on his in-car computer. This doesn't give you as much privacy, and some newspapers go so far as to publish names and addresses, just to stick it to us. Check with your DMV to see if SC tags you or respects your privacy.
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    Not sure but regardless, you are required to inform.

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    It varies by state. In my state, the MDT or dispatch computer will come up and flash red of you have a CHL, just as it does for those with a felony warrant or other officer safety situations.
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    Im not sure if we do
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    I've heard from LEO's that it does not show up. We do, however, have an obligation to inform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumper2501 View Post
    I've heard from LEO's that it does not show up. We do, however, have an obligation to inform.
    That is also my understanding from LEO's.

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    I am an LEO in SC and it does not show up when we run your DL or anything else. But, you had better notify us if you have a SC CWP and ARE carrying.

    I am pretty sure at some point in the future it will.
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