Wife & Wally World Walk

Wife & Wally World Walk

This is a discussion on Wife & Wally World Walk within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wife got a Ruger LCP and we found it a new IWB leather holster. Got some snap caps for practice & found me a better ...

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Thread: Wife & Wally World Walk

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    Thumbs up Wife & Wally World Walk

    Wife got a Ruger LCP and we found it a new IWB leather holster. Got some snap caps for practice & found me a better price on 50 rounds of .30 Carbine. Life is good.

    On to Wally World with her LCP tucked in her waist band. She said it felt kind of weird to have it there, but I acted like it was just normal. We did our shopping, found no .380 ammo...grrrrr. No nachos, this one has a McDonalds. She bought a nice little top to go with her work dress clothes. No bad guys or girls encountered. Paid for the stuff, then got out of Dodge. We did find an additional box of ammo at another location.

    A successful walk if I do say so.
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    Congrats on the wifes Wally Walk. It must be a load off of your mind to know that she has protection when you aren't around and you have back-up now as well .

    May I ask what you paid for the 30 carbine ? I'm looking for some for my M1. PM me if you don't want to post it here.

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    That's awesome.
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    To the both of you actually. So...you missed the nachos huh? Got your order to go.............dig in!

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    Congrats to your wife
    I know i was proud when my wife got her permit
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    Congrats to The Mrs.
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    Congrats to Mrs. JoJoGun...be sure to get her applications in early to get her WW Trek Walk certificate.
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    Congrats - I went on the wally walk but I never picked up nachos...didn't get my money's worth :-(
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    Many congrats to you both!!!!

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    Congrats on the WWW! I'm the only one I know that can find 380 ammo.

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    Congrats to you both. Wait till you hear "Honey, are you carrying or should I?"
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    Sounds like a pretty uneventful trip, and as it should be.

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    No nachos? Sorry, but her permit isn't quite official.

    Just kidding.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gunthorp View Post
    Congrats to you both. Wait till you hear "Honey, are you carrying or should I?"
    or "Honey does this 9mm make my butt look fat?"

    all kidding aside.....congrats to you and the wife on a successful WM walk and for both of you taking responsibility for your protection
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    Congradulations, I'm hoping to be in the same situation with my wife some day.
    Carrying a gun means I am prepared for one more eventuality than those who do not.

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