Mag rotating???

Mag rotating???

This is a discussion on Mag rotating??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The gun that you cc, do you rotate your mag every few days or so? The reason I ask is I have heard that you ...

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Thread: Mag rotating???

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    Mag rotating???

    The gun that you cc, do you rotate your mag every few days or so? The reason I ask is I have heard that you should take your ammo out of your mag every few days and rotate to another mag because the spring will get weak faster if you keep it loaded for long periods.
    Just wanted your thoughts on this....thanks!
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    No, your spring will get weaker by constantly loading / unloading it as that is what works the spring.

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    I rotate my mags for my glock 26 every Wednesday

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    I have heard that old wives tale too.
    In actuality I have fired WWII ammo, in the original mag.
    The spring isn't that sensitive. I seldom change (rotate) magazines, except when I am at the range. I don't shoot my defense rounds (Federal Hydra-Shoks) so I switch ammo at the range. And to answer a question ready to be asked, I do have multiple magazines.

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    No need to rotate mags. Your springs aren't going to wear out any faster just sitting compressed or relaxed. If you shoot your EDC gun regularly you wouldn't have a problem any way.

    BTW I have guns that I seldom shoot, and never carry. Their magazines sit loaded all the time. Never had a problem with them.

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    Yep, leave them alone.
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    What I've been told is that rotating and reloading wears the spring out faster than leaving it in its coiled position. Id just keep it locked and loaded

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    A modern spring will not degrade either relaxed or compressed, unless it's corroded, physically bent, heated quite hot, or mechanically banged. The work it endures while being loaded or emptied by hand should have no effect on it, either. However, when subjected to the shock of chambering or firing, it may only last 100 years.
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    Everyone is right. No rotating necessary. I found a paper by an engineer once online. Springs do not wear while compressed. They wear by using them (compression, relaxation compression.......). The cycling wears them. No rotation for me anymore.

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    That's good information to know. I was worried about this with my new Ruger LCP. I only have 1 mag atm, as I ordered 2 more but they are still on back-order.
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    Don't believe everything every self proclaimed expert has to say. Springs are designed to behave in a certain way. They are not weakened by being used as they were designed.
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    Yup, I just found this out today too. I would've and did think, they would be better off unloaded from time to time, and allow the springs to relax as well. Oh well, Learn something new all the time.

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    The 17 round mags in my Taurus PT-92 were loaded and stayed locked up for about 10 years. The springs in fact did fatigue.

    Long ago the PT-92 was my primary firearm, but took a back seat to other pistols as my stable of firearms began to grow. The Taurus eventually became a backup bedroom home defense gun.

    When a brother-in law of mine became interested in firearms, I brought out everything I have including the Taurus to the Range for him to try out.

    The magazine springs had fatigued and I experienced multiple failures over several trips to the range. I replaced the mag springs with new ones from Wolf and the weapon has worked flawlessly ever since.

    I was informed newer magazines use a better metal that is less prone to fatigue, but I still cycle the magazines for all my pistols every couple weeks.

    YMMV, but that is my experience.

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    i just occasionally rotate nothing to crazy no time schedule.
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    I have done this with my personal firearms - but rethinking it - I have three mags for on duty - always loaded up and stay that way; going to the range for qual's is the only time empty them out (from shooting them) and reload when done for duty carry again. All the other officers do the same - year after year same mags, springs - keep loaded up & only time changes is couple times a years for quals at the range and I've never heard of any problems due to it.
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