Good guy "badge", helped me again...

Good guy "badge", helped me again...

This is a discussion on Good guy "badge", helped me again... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those of you new to carrying. I share because I remember what it was like years ago, when I was first carrying and was ...

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    Good guy "badge", helped me again...

    For those of you new to carrying. I share because I remember what it was like years ago, when I was first carrying and was pulled over for the first time...not a big deal...but it feels like it when the strobes are sitting behind you and you have a gun strapped on!

    Well a few weeks ago I got pulled over (the guy did a U turn in heavy traffic to do it and then got on my tail...made me nervous).

    He flipped on the overheads and then waited a few minutes...meanwhile I hear 2 other sirens comming our way and this really made me wonder.

    Well, he got out and thankfully the other 2 patrols kept moving on by.

    I handed over my CPL, Lic and other ID (as I many times before). Turns out this *edit* "lovely man doing his job wonderfully" pulled me over because my bumpers looked to high! He whipped out the tape measure and told me they were 4" to high and my frame was 2' to high! Well, I was now kinda getting upset because I have multiple interactions a week with various law enforcement agencies and NEVER have I ever been pushed over something so stupid! I am in my 30's, NOT speeding or driving wrecklessly...apparently I needed repromanding.

    Well, in the end he told me to fix my bumper height (which I have) and that he was not going to give me an R&R because I was "obviously a good guy".

    I am just glad that he did not ask anything about catalytic converters (none behind the 440), tail light fluid levels, muffler bearings (which sound bad due to high compression a and well over 400 HP), or even the dead jogger whose wallet I had stollen earlier in the day...

    Here is a pic of my latest project...which now has removable "bumpers" below the ones in the picture.
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    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    Sweet older truck, even if it is the wrong brand
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    atleast you didn't get a ticket. sharp truck. :)
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    What state did all this take place in?

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    That truck reminds me of a bumper sticker that an engineer at work put on his earth mover: I heart my small penis
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    That right there is why I leave my 4x4 stock... He can measure all he wants, and break a sweat at it to boot.
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    No bad for no fender flares? Sweet truck. Super Truck Deluxe!
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    Nice truck & congrats on the LEO letting you know that you are a "good guy".
    I usually get pulled out of the car long before...
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    Why did you feel compelled to call him a terd (turd?)
    Man has a job, had a gut check on you, and you came out fine.
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    And PS..why again is HE the turd if YOUR vehicle is illegal?

    And don't take that the wrong way. Just offering another perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njr View Post
    That truck reminds me of a bumper sticker that an engineer at work put on his earth mover: I heart my small penis
    bwaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa
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    Just another reason to love Texas, we don't have any of those silly laws down here.


    Laws concern lighting but not bumper height or even lift blocks. The headlamps must be mounted between 24 and 54 inches from the ground, the taillamps between 15 and 72, and the foglamps between 12 and 30.
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    Obviously the officer in question was expirienced at spotting illegal modifications to vehicles in accordance with local law.

    Many people say that, "The cops should go bother a real criminal." Guess what, the officer is bothering a real criminal, otherwise you wouldn't be the one stopped and have the funny lights flashing behind you. Many of the best "catches" happen from a simple traffic stop.

    As for calling the officer a "terd" or "turd", while you may have passed the "attitude test" on the side of the road, by not receiving a summons, you are failing it here with your obvious lack of respect for the LEO that was kind enough to let you go about your day without a summons. If you don't like the law, change it through the legislative process, but do not blame the cop for doing his or her job and enforcing the laws that the people wanted. You may not want the law, but obviously the overall population did, or you wouldn't have that law.


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    I get lucky. Since I'm military, I leave my truck registered in another state, that way I never have to get it inspected, cops don't know the laws for that state, and I can run straight pipes, no fender flares, too high bumpers, no mud flaps, no mirrors, etc. all I want, and almost always get away with it. Nice truck, but it's no chevy :)

    I've been called on the mudflaps a few times, so I have some that camlock on to get the fix it ticket "fixed" temporarily.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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    I don't understand why you're calling the guy names. You broke the law and he cut you a lot of slack, even though it would have been open and shut.

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