Wifes First Day of CC (including WWW)

Wifes First Day of CC (including WWW)

This is a discussion on Wifes First Day of CC (including WWW) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife received her CHP today (about 2 1/2 week wait), after months of her wanting to get it, but procrastinating on the paperwork. We ...

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Thread: Wifes First Day of CC (including WWW)

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    Talking Wifes First Day of CC (including WWW)

    My wife received her CHP today (about 2 1/2 week wait), after months of her wanting to get it, but procrastinating on the paperwork.

    We were going out for the afternoon, and after some cajoling she agreed to carry (a little hesitant, as her only 'carry' experience is wondering anxiously if there are any leftover guns in my truck that a LEO might find when she borrows it (there rarely are any, but whatever)). Nonetheless, she did quite willingly agree to try carrying, and it turned out to be quite a positive and uneventful experience.

    I tried to get her to wear the CZ40P that she prefers greatly to my Glocks (thinner grip and no awkwardly spaced 'finger grooves'), but it proved a bit too large for her current wardrobe (needs looser shirts or a jacket). Instead she took my KT P3AT and pocketed it in her rain jacket with my DeSantis Nemesis (since she had a jacket on, she could have worn the CZ, I think she just felt it was too big and would be obvious on her small self).

    We drove a ways up the road to a well known gun shop (I was meeting a friend to trade some ammo and look for reloading gear) so we walked around in there a few minutes. No one looked at her twice and she seemed very relaxed.

    We then stopped by the new Wally World on the way back to town, where we bought some .40 and .44 ammo (BTW the sporting goods people are reporting large, frequent, regular shipments of all ammo, but selling out within hours, PM me if you're in N.VA and want to know where I'm talking about). After ammo buying, she went and looked at sheets and curtains for the new house, but decided to leave because she didn't want me to carry the 'big' bag of ammo around too long (or that's what she said). We finished the day off with a trip to the 'Irish shop' to look at wool coats (where the proprietor was far too helpful, but didn't notice anything unusual, despite her constant proximity) and the local Ice Cream mecca (it was cold and rainy, but they are just too good).

    Overall, a great day, no frightened women and children, no ERT responses, and a very relaxed and calm new carrier. Now I just need to get her to attend some more in-depth training and put together a wardrobe/carry system that she will use regularly.

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    Congrats on the WWW.
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    Congratulations to your wife.

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    She did good. Congrats!
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    Good deal and the Irish shop. I like that.

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    I love it! i already told my wife that when i get my CWP im goin to wal mart! she asked me why? and i told her because it seems like EVERYBODY is doin it! seems like the wally world is the place for every new CWP holder goes to get the jitters out!.. But anyhow Congrats on the Successful Carry!!

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    Congrats...Here's hoping many days of carrying until far into the future

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    Good going, its a start. I've tried for years with my wife, but it's just no good. She's just not into CC.

    Congrats to your wife on the permit. If she's at least carrying the KT, that's better than nothin at all. Take her and let her pick out her own pistol and she'll most likely carry more often.

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    Congrats on the WW Trek, now tell your wife to get her Wally World Trek application in the mail today so she can get her certificate.
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    Congrats to the Mrs.
    Take her shopping for some new carry clothes, pronto
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    CONGRATS to you both, good job
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    To the Mrs!

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    Great work. Nice to have some backup out there.
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