have you cooked your gun yet ?

have you cooked your gun yet ?

This is a discussion on have you cooked your gun yet ? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I bought my j frame the other day, I was talking to the guy about a galco side scabard holster they had. I mentioned ...

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Thread: have you cooked your gun yet ?

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    have you cooked your gun yet ?

    When I bought my j frame the other day, I was talking to the guy about a galco side scabard holster they had. I mentioned the stiff leather, and he said he likes to stick the holster ( gun inside ) in the oven at about 140degrees for an hour to get it softer and molded to the gun.
    He even said it's ok to leave the rounds in, as long as the temp doesn't get above about 140.
    I don't care what he said, I would never purposely heat my rounds like that, but was just wondering if anyone has actually initiated their gun/holster combo by fire like that.

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    I don't play with fire.. it smells like trouble to me. Measure your pros and cons before you do something. Him telling you to leave the rounds in there as well says a lot to me. Don't take advice from someone who gives bad advice.
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    Soak the leather in warm water then put your piece in a thin plastic bag (Bread bag?) and put it into the holster. Let it dry overnight.

    Worked for me.

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    I can't comment on the leather but it will not hurt the gun at all. Leaving the ammo in although they will not go off at 140 degrees is not a good practice.

    I have baked all my handguns with Militec1, it is a recommended procedure.
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    Which barbeque sauce do you bast it with?
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    While I know that ammo wont just spontaneously go off in that temperature range, still doesn't seem like the best idea. I'd go with whatever Galco's reccomendation on getting the holster to fit is.
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    Tell your friend to purchase a good quality holster, they are molded to your exact model handgun.


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    Was he smoking his crack pipe when he told you this ?.

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    Myth Busters did a special on people hiding there gun in the oven and forgeting about and cooking supper. When they worked thier way up to the 44 mag things got nasty. But at 140 f you would not be much hotter than a car with the windows rolled up in Mississippi in the summer. I still would not do it with ammo in it.
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    Personally, it sounds like bullhockey to me, as well as wetting a holster. Buy quality leather and neither is needed. Sounds like a great way to ruin leather.

    Break in holsters using the makers recommendations.
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    I'd pretend that you never heard that helpful advice.
    That makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

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    Good holsters are usually moulded properly, but when they are extremely tight I soak mine with rubbing alcohol, properly seat the gun in the holster and bone or knead it with a smooth deer antler or my hands. The alcohol will dry quickly and not harm the weapon or the leather. Leave the weapon holstered for a day or two and it should fit your gun properly.

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    A frying pan is quicker...be sure to use some Pam...

    Every Fist holster I have purchased came a little tight, 200+ draws and the holsters are perfect...no 'extra' cooking for me.
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    You'll hear all kinds of stupid things in a gun shop!

    Working in a gun shop doesn't make you a gun expert any more than going to Mc Donald's makes you a Big Mac!
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