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Will you carry while Trick 'R Treating?

This is a discussion on Will you carry while Trick 'R Treating? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I dont trick or treat nor do I have kids that do. I will be carrying though inside my home for sure. What a great ...

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Thread: Will you carry while Trick 'R Treating?

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    I dont trick or treat nor do I have kids that do. I will be carrying though inside my home for sure. What a great introduction to a home invasion ... BG's will take advantage of unsuspecting home owners handing out candy. Not me.
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    Absolutely. I have my own two kids to watch out for plus a couple more inlaws' kids that we'll be making the rounds with.
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    Abso-freakin-lutely! Plus BUG with extra mags for both.

    We'll all have a great time, and nobody will have a clue that I'm carrying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamakennedy View Post
    I just open carry as part of the costume, and it doesn't scare the sheep.

    Go as a soldier, LEO, etc. and they all assume its fake (ntil they give me a reason to let them know otherwise...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xader View Post

    Go as a soldier, LEO, etc. and they all assume its fake (ntil they give me a reason to let them know otherwise...)
    Exactly what I was thinking!
    Protection is a responsibility not just a right.

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    We get hundreds of Trick or Treaters so I sit outside in a chair with my three friends Diogi(my dog) and Smith & Wesson.

    I live in the first house in my community and people drive their kids and let them out right next to my house and wait for them in the park behind my house. I don't mind the little kids but the teenage hoodlums piss me off!

    My daughter only goes to a few houses in the neighborhood then I handout whatever candy she gets to other kids.

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    I have a costume this year that will allow me to. I won't be trick or treating so much as sitting out front trying to scare the bejeezus out of the little kids coming to my door...

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    Go dressed as a Sheepdog

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    Haunted House

    Quote Originally Posted by Bfunk View Post
    I could understand the reasoning someone might have for not carrying... look at the Baltimore Cop who pulled on a guy working in a haunted house (ok, he was drunk, a little different situation). but trick or treat is usually early enough to still have daylight, so I dont think anyone with good SA would have trouble distiguising a real threat from a guy w/o a chain on his chainsaw
    I own and operate two haunted houses. We don't have a lot of security trouble from people but when we do, they are almost always drunks. I'm all about having a good time and most of the drunks are not a problem. But when they get belligerent or violent we toss em out.

    Ive got to say though, with as many people as I've met in the industry and all the conventions we attend, this is the first time I've heard of a gun issue at a Haunted House. Hopefully it will be the last one.

    Glad to see a number of people carrying and even more glad to see a number of people who are taking the kids trick or treating!


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    Will I carry while taking my kids up to peoples houses who I do not know extensively?

    In a word, YES.
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    When Halloween in our area became dominated by high school age kids trick or treating, we started turning out all of the lights, turning on all of the sprinklers in the front yard and watching a movie in bed...
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    my house
    well in GA im sure it would be considered a Public Gathering :P but who really knows what it is since its so vague....

    but yeah i will be carrying while handing out candy probably OC
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    Don't trick or treat! I was jumped by some future Obama supporters while trick or treating over 40 years ago on a military base! Luckily all they did was spread my candy on the street as they jerked the bag from my hand.

    Have a private halloween party or attend one!

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    No. My wife is still uncomfortable with the idea of carrying around the kids (bassackwards if you ask me), but my Father is going and he will be carrying.

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