Question about CC and Night Sights

Question about CC and Night Sights

This is a discussion on Question about CC and Night Sights within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, this may be the stupidest question ever posted on this board but I honestly don't know the answer. I am new to carrying and ...

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Thread: Question about CC and Night Sights

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    Question about CC and Night Sights

    OK, this may be the stupidest question ever posted on this board but I honestly don't know the answer.

    I am new to carrying and have an M&P 9c which I am looking to get night sights added (when the money fairy shows herself again). I am also looking to get a backup gun for times when the 9c is too big or heavy, currently looking at either Kahr PM9 (and adding night sights) or Sig P238 (comes with night sights).

    Here is the question. Are they bright enough to be seen through some clothing? I carry my 9c IWB, would I have to worry about the sights glowing through the shirt? How about the P238 in a pair of Dockers? I have never seen the night sights in action (in a darker setting), so I really have no idea.
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    cant speak to either of those guns, but I have had no issues with glowing through my shirt with my factory added glock night sights... Thery are not there to shine crazy bright.. just enough to aim at a target.

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    I dont have night sights, but I would think if they were bright enough to show through clothing they would be too bright to look through and still see the target

    i'd say they're probably closer to the glowing hands or hour markers on your watch
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    I've had no problems with night sights being seen through clothing. And I have TFO's, which IMHO are some of the brightest sights out there.
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    Walrus. Night sights are for low light conditions & should be shot at low light
    to see how they work, they are no substitute for a good flashlight ; ) H/D
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    My tritium night sights are too dim to be seen through clothing

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    nope never had that issue. They glow they don't project light.
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    I got made by a couple Pilots from my flight school while working on an airplane that broke at 10 at night because of my night sights.
    We were already discussing weapons of all kinds (military mostly) since I was in the US Army and they are from Norway and have to serve.
    It was pitch black out and my work shirt is a summer style (not too thick of material) when one asked what was glowing on my belt. The others chimed in with must be a gun, and then they started placing bets on what kind it was... kind of embarrassing... but funny when none of them could guess.
    I don't usually hang out in total darkness with people, so I guess it won't happen again.

    --- My mepro's aren't bright enough to just glow through...unless in total darkness...don't worry about it
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    No, they're not that bright... no worries!

    On a side note, especially on a gun with a short sight radius, I've found the green front sight with yellow rear makes aligning those sights in the dark MUCH easier! The front sight stands right out. Just my take.
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    Athos, I was about to mention your story...

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    I had a guy tell me once that he only bought the front night sights and not the rears because of the rears sticking above the holster. I thought that was sort of a silly notion, but to each his own I guess. I don't worry about my night sights glowing through my shirts.............I always wear black.

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    I guess, that if you really focused on the sights under a white shirts in a dark might barely see a glow, but I doubt it. Certainly nothing to worry about.
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    The sights won't show through unless you're wearing a very sheer, white T-shirt
    with the sights pressed up against it. For your BUG why not get a Kahr K9 Elite, it comes with night sights?
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    I have factory night sights on my P45 and I have only ever seen them shine through my fishnet shirts
    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    Your story rang with me. I have them on both my Glocks, and I suddenly was filled with a religious fervor to check the darn things in a dark room before blithely going out and printing like a firefly!

    Although with Halloween coming up, I could just say that it is just a spare glowstick!
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