Concealed carry in campus newspaper, local news

Concealed carry in campus newspaper, local news

This is a discussion on Concealed carry in campus newspaper, local news within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My campus newspaper had a story today on concealed carry on and around campus. The local Fox news station also picked up on it as ...

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Thread: Concealed carry in campus newspaper, local news

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    Concealed carry in campus newspaper, local news

    My campus newspaper had a story today on concealed carry on and around campus. The local Fox news station also picked up on it as well.

    Students carry concealed weapons in response to U-District crime - The Daily of the University of Washington

    UW, Students, Handguns, Assaults, Police - KCPQ

    The newspaper was full of pictures of him posing with his Kel-Tec. Notice in the video that one guy loads his gun and then points it right at the guy next to him. It also shows them just tucking their pistols into their waistbands, not using holsters.

    While both stories themselves were relatively neutral and unbiased, the guy getting interviewed sure dug a hole.

    He formed a Facebook group called "University of Washington Campus Vigilantes,” with the intent to patrol the Ave with other students who had also obtained concealed-pistol permits.

    Here are some of his quotes:

    "I was just kind of sick of it and I watched a lot of movies like Taxi Driver and vigilante movies and I decided why not make a Facebook (group promoting vigilantism)."

    "It’s all about taking the law into your own hands."

    "I don't know if it's illegal to walk around and be bait. I'm kind of fishing for robbers."

    I couldn't help but cringe when I heard this guy talking. His words and actions surely do not speak for me or I'm sure most of you, but this is the guy representing concealed carriers in the newpapers and on the local news. With stories like this, I doubt we're going to be seeing concealed carry on campus anytime soon.

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    I didn't even bother to look at your links.

    If the quotes you posted are even half accurate, this is a problem. Unfortunately, these kinds of problems are rarely solved by reasonable discussion, and the morons/students in question are only going to damage any work done by many to lighten laws on College Carry.

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    While I support carry by any law abiding citizen even college students. These gents really need to get a grip 'Looking for trouble" is a bad move. They have established premeditated intent. In the People Republic of Seattle if they are ever involved in a shoot no matter how justified they will get a rope put around their neck
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    When I read the dailyUW, the author made them sound completely reasonable: simply arming themselves for defense.
    But then that Q13 video has them showing off their pistols & talking about "being bait." Concealed carry on campus isn't going to get any points with publicized support of any vigilante acts.

    Purely self defense on campus? Alright.
    Loaded up and walking around waiting/looking for trouble (when you're not paid to do it) is simply unwise.

    At least it stirred up arguments on the dailyUW about CC on campus.

    Thanks for sharing the link.

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    The frustration level that led them to this point is understandable. The cops seem to be working harder at keeping the local donut shop open than chasing BG's.
    These are just two ignorant college kids who got tired of being helpless victims.
    I think LongRider is right though that this news clip will go along way to aiding their prosecution if they do get involved in a shooting.
    The views expressed above are the opinion of the poster and may or may not be total bunk.
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    Their immaturity shows in their statements to the press and thier naivety about the law. Purposely putting yourself in harm's way, making statements that you are "baiting" criminals, and carrying a deadly weapon all add up to probable jail time if they should use their gun. Do they realize that thier 15 seconds of fame will follow them the rest of their gun-carrying lives? Idiots!

    These two are the poster children for Mayor Nickles gun ban in city parks. After watching them pull their pistols out of the waistband of their jeans, any sheep that were on the fence about guns in parks are probably now solidly for the ban.

    C P Lincoln

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    Not very smart at all. What do they not understand about the term CONCEALED?

    I can sympathize with their motivation for arming-up and being prepared but playing bait is another story altogether
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    I have a feeling somthing bad is going to happen to this group..
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    The anti gun groups are going to eat this up... stupid stupid kids

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    Did you all see how choppy the video was. I wish we could see and hear the whole thing. I know that the media have the ability to take a good person and turn them in to a BG in the editing room. Well I don't think talking to the press is a good idea with out a lawyer. I do have to agree that these guys are screwed if they do have to draw and or fire.
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    I agree that this kind of publicity isn't helpful. On the other hand ... if the NRA and other supporters jump on it quick enough and take a public stand that this is NOT what gun advocates support, it could potentially be a positive thing.

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    These guys just made all CCers look terrible.

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    The moment I read that I saw the word "vigilantes" in their groups name I became concerned. That word will have very negative reactions no matter how you say it. There are so many better group names they could have chosen. Couldn't they have thought of a group name that might not be taken out of context? Add to the fact that they carry their handguns in their waistband without a holster.

    This group should have done things somewhat differently.
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    also running here:

    Mods, might be worth combining the two...

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    I am from MO and we are trying to get CC on campus. i am 23 with ccw and i am still in school. i was looking forward to being able to exercise this right as there were many violent crimes committed on campus lately. but things like this are what makes it frowned upon. there may be 1000 ppl who may carry and be lawful but it only takes this one retard to ruin it for everyone.
    "with great power comes great responsibility"

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