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Keeping controll in public restroom.

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Thread: Keeping controll in public restroom.

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    I loop my boxers back over the top of the grip... Im sure if someone looked hard enough they could tell.

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    A ND happened at a business where I worked in high school that involved hanging a gun on the hat hook. It was a 1911 and fired two rounds into the ceiling. No injuries, concrete block garage building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbrenke View Post
    as a general rule, I avoid the mass bathrooms except to take a leak.
    my home or the single stall work bathroom are the only options I use.
    Geez, I was taught a good union man never takes a dump at home.

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    My gun never leaves my body. I may unholster, put the gun in 'dropped' drawers...then reholster and get on my way. There have been too many threads of guns left behind...and you cannot forget your gun if the gun is never separated from you.OMO
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    For the ultimate solution, put on a pair of "Depends" before leaving home.


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    I usually just place it on the toilet paper case. It's big enough to hold the holster and gun.

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    From a previous entry....

    I think I can sum up the bathroom thing in 4 steps.

    *For Right Handed Males*

    *Keeping the gun holstered*

    1. If using a urinal, keep the belt buckled, use the holes in your jeans and drawers for their intended purpose, keep your strong hand near your gun to prevent a grab. The buckled belt will keep your pants from falling, trust me, it works.

    2. Know your restrooms, if you can hold it till you get to one with good locks on the stalls and has full walls, do so and don't worry about any thing. *The Long John Silvers in Bedford, VA is such a stall.

    3. If you must use a stall, try and get one with a sold wall on your gun side and cover your weak side accessories with your cover garment in applicable.

    4. If you can't get a stall near a wall, and you have an no BS emergency, just GO and cover your gear with by folding your drawers over the the top of your pants obscuring your gun, you'll be making enough noise during "evacuation" that no one will want to mess with you anyway.

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    This topic brought a big GRIN to my face.
    Over the 40++ years I have carried,I sadly have had my a "few" embarrassing moments involving my gun in the "stall" ( when carrying on the hip.)

    If this was a HUMOR SECTION,I would relate them

    I have only ONE thing to add to the suggestions already posted.


    Carrying for me is so "natural", that I often do not realize I have it on. A while back I was @ a business luncheon ( note the group was there to finalize plans for an upcoming "fire arms Safety course") I had to use the "stall" When I got there, I carefully removed my gun,& since the only place I could put it was on the floor, laid it on some paper towels & also covered it. I finished my "task" & went back to my table. A short time later, the manager appeared @ our table. He had a wicked smile on his face as he politely said, that we might want to "check" our "hips"because he had something in his office that customer had "turned in".
    You guessed it, It was MINE.


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    During my CC class, my instructor said a good way to do it would be to take it out of the holster, pull your pants down, and sit it in your pant leg along one of your legs. It will sit there very nicely, and is in a very good spot should you need to grab it.
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    I usually give it to the attendant to hold. Be sure to give him a nice tip.
    Semper Fi

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    I never see a reason to every unholster you weapon. If your holster does not have good retention. you need a good holster.


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    I pocket carry J-Frames. Drop drawers, do business, raise drawers. Gun never leaves holster. I buy trousers with deep pockets amd have seamstress reinforce right front pocket. Good pocket holster will stay in place and hold gun in place. I know many oppose pocket carry, but it does allow you to lead a normal life without having to come up with all kinds of "neat techniques" to keep from showing or dropping gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    My gun never leaves my body. I may unholster, put the gun in 'dropped' drawers...then reholster and get on my way. There have been too many threads of guns left behind...and you cannot forget your gun if the gun is never separated from you.OMO
    That's what I was going to post. It works better than any method.
    "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government".
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    Quote Originally Posted by KimBobTex View Post
    Simple ... hang it up. Any stall I've used (at office or airport) has a coat/hat hook somewhere within the stall, usually on the inside of the door. Once behind closed doors, I unholster first thing & hang the gun on the hook using the trigger guard. Once all paperwork is properly completed & filed , then re-holster as last step before exiting stall.
    That is the single worst idea I have ever heard about what to do with your gun in a public restroom stall. NEVER, and I mean NEVER put anything through the trigger guard of your gun. I have read accounts of police officers doing this and the having an AD when they go to take the gun off the hook.

    And, I have read and have a friend who hung her purse on the hook on the inside of the door in a public stall. Someone simply reached over the door and grabbed the purse strap and took off. Same thing can happen with your gun.

    Use the hammock method, lay the gun in your shorts as they are stretched between your knees. I would advise against even putting the gun on the back of the toilet or on the TP holder. You can forget it (use the search function, there are threads about folks who have forgotten their guns in public restrooms) or it can be knocked off the TP holder if someone closes a door too hard and jars the stall walls.
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