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What's more Important to you

This is a discussion on What's more Important to you within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by phantom1984 What's more Important to you comfort? Or Your protection. Meaning, will I accept failure and inability to protect so long as ...

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Thread: What's more Important to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1984 View Post
    What's more Important to you comfort? Or Your protection.
    Meaning, will I accept failure and inability to protect so long as I'm comfortable?

    That's like allowing my home to merely have the semblance of four walls and a roof, despite being untrue, though it looks stylish from curb-side.

    Absolutely not. That's insane and defeats the primary goal.

    Actually, like some others I don't feel it's an either-or proposition. It need not be. I won't ever be unprotected, or be incapable of defending. But that takes knowing one's goals, criteria, and then proper equipment selection. It takes time and diligence to find the "right" combination.

    History has it that B. Franklin had some salient thoughts on the matter, more or less.

    I ensure the two goals coexist. I select my equipment carefully. I choose clothing that accommodates my equipment selection and mode of carry. I acquire quality holster gear that allows for comfortable, reliable carry with my specific clothing and style. So far, at least, I have been able to accommodate most of the goals I set out to achieve, while carrying. Perhaps that's somewhat lucky. Well, good for me.

    Unknown if everyone can end up making the decisions that result in achieving both these goals, and more. YMMV.

    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1984 View Post
    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
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    I carry the largest caliber handgun that is comfortable for me.

    That would be my G23.

    But recently, I've been carrying my Sig P239. It's more comfortable and my shot placement is better.

    I love my Sig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I beleive that one can have both.

    I have purchased many different guns and holsters, and over time; I have been able to find that combination which provides me with the protections of a dependable firearm...worn without much more notice than that a wallet or watch.

    One has to find the right gun, a quality holster, and that 'SPOT' where the right rig can just become another part of the body.
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    Even though I have a couple around for BUG duty, small guns are not very comforting to me. As retsupt99 said, it's the combination of pistol and carry gear that makes it doable. Taking the time and money to find the right combo pays off in the long run. You can have a reasonable amount of comfort and still carry a substantial pistol.
    I've come to prefer medium size pistols like the G19, G30 or 4-4 1/4" 1911s because of the way they conceal on my frame and because they handle very similar to the full size versions. The only "subs" that come close would be the Glock, XD and M&P versions and similar chopped fullsize guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nosights View Post
    This is where frame of mind and you personal comfort with concealing really comes into play. After many carry for a while, they realize that sheep notice VERY little and you can carry much larger than you first realized.
    Exactly. I recently carried my Glock G30 in a C-TAC to an outdoor event which attracted a couple hundred thousand people. Walking around, sitting, dancing, talking to people for 6-8 hours a day for a weekend, nobody noticed, and in that crowd, if someone had noticed they probably would have freaked out. This was while wearing a t-shirt and jeans most of the time, adding a sweatshirt when it cooled down in the evening.

    A good holster and a good belt do help to keep the gun tight and out of sight though.
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    I carry my Glock 27 witha spare Glock 22 mag. If I am being lazy and don't want to carry a spare mag then I will carry my Glock 23.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I beleive that one can have both.
    I agree. I'm fortunate enough that my CZ P-06 is big enough to get the job done for me, and comfortable to carry also. It's my primary EDC year around.

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    It's not an either/or problem for me.

    I carry the full size PX4 Storm in 9mm or the Stoeger Cougar in .40. Even in the summer time with just a t-shirt on, I can carry either gun with a Blade-Tech OWB paddle holster with very little printing and as stated earlier, people who don't carry don't notice the slight bulge.

    I also have a High Noon IWB tuckable holster and when I use that I can tuck a t-shirt in and the gun completely disappears!

    Both holsters are very comfortable and great ways to carry a full size gun which I feel is a better option for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    I try to find a happy medium with my carry pistols. I used to carry my G23, but switched to the CW9 for the comfort factor. I not only dropped down in round count, but ballistically too. I don't feel under gunned by doing so because I do carry a BUG too. I do find that the old adage is true for the most part, and I tend to agree with it. IMO, folks should chose a weapon that is comfortable to carry in a reasonable defense caliber, or chances are higher that you'll opt to leave it at home from time to time, and then it's no good to ya if needed.
    These are pretty much my thoughts as well. I have many "service" size/caliber guns, but most of them are hard to conceal when your wardrobe can't always be oversized, untucked shirts and tac vests. In very warm weather, (I'm talking shorts/t shirt weather), I cannot conceal a duty gun. I am however ALWAYS armed. Most of the time, I'll have a Walther PPK .380 or occasionally, a Beretta Tomcat in .32. Recently, I've been thinking about a Walther PPS 9 mm. They are very thin and reasonably sized for everyday carry.

    I applaud those that can carry full siz, duty guns 24/7 concealed. I've tried and they are just not comfortable or feasible for me. especially when the weather gets to be 90 and humid.
    No one ever said it'd be easy.

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    I've been carrying a full size 1911 for 5 months. Through the Arizona summer, no less. I figure, with a good holster and belt combo, anybody can carry anything. The only thing I've changed to my wardrobe is that I've added an a-shirt, undershirt so the holster doesn't rub my bare skin. After the summer temps break 105° F, it's all the same. HOT. An undershirt under my t-shirt doesn't make any difference between 108° and 118°. So, why handicap oneself? If a person spends $500 to $1000 on a good pistol, spend $100 to $200 more on a good belt and holster and, viola! you can conceal anything without giving up any comfort.

    Disclaimer: there are exceptions to every rule. No substitutions exceptions or refunds. All applications are subject to credit approval OAC. Not available in all stores. Void where prohibited. Batteries not included.
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    I learned a good lesson this summer.

    Much of the time when I work around the farm I carry a Beretta 21A .22lr in a pocket holster.
    I had the occasion to use it on an 80+lb Boxer. It did the job, but my S&W 36 .38 special would have done better.
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    I seldom carry a larger handgun, regardless of whether I am just kicking around the farm open carry or going somewhere concealed. Comfort while carrying is part of it, but ease of draw is the main reason. It is a lot easier for me to draw a 2 1/4 in J frame than a 4 in GP to shoot a rat while cutting hay. I figure the same would hold true in a self defense situation. Just my prefrence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1984 View Post
    Ive been reading a lot about carrying your pistol in comfort.
    If your carry gun is uncomfortable, you're much more likely to not carry it at all. So... carry a gun that is comfortable. Any gun, even a small relatively weak caliber gun, is better than no gun at all.

    I've found a very happy medium between size and stopping power. My Kel-Tec PF-9... very small and light, yet reasonably powerful (chambered in 9mm).

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    I carry the biggest gun I can conceal, Sig 229 .40(12+1). It is very comforting. It is quite comftorable as well...though kinda heavy. You get used to it quick. Get a good belt.
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    Truthfully? It's a balance, and everyone finds their own balance point. Nobody actually believes that the protection aspect is 100% of the equation -- if we did, we'd all be wearing trenchcoats and carrying 12 gauge shotguns or full auto submachine guns or maybe we'd just commit ourselves to dragging around a trailer with a cannon mounted on it. And nobody who is serious about self defense thinks comfort is 100% of the equation. If we did, we wouldn't be carrying at all, because socially and physically, carrying a pistol is usually an uncomfortable proposition.

    So somewhere in between the two extremes is a balance point. For me, I don't mind the gun being as uncomfortable and restricting as wearing a good pair of shoes that fits comfortably. No matter how nice the shoes, you still feel more comfortable when you kick 'em off at the end of the day. At the same time, a bad pair of shoes hurts from the moment you put them on in the morning, and wearing them becomes intolerable long before the sun sets. So pick your firearm and your holster like you pick your shoes: before taking them home, make sure they really fit you!

    That's why it's worthwhile to invest the money in good gear such as a solid, non-floppy belt; a secure holster which fits; a firearm small enough and light enough not to demand constant attention; cover clothing which slides easily over the firearm and does not twist or bind. All of these things increase comfort and increase the chance that you'll wear the gun all day rather than leaving it behind for comfort's sake.

    Druther see someone comfortably and consistently carrying a smaller gun, rather than opting for a hand-cannon that ends up staying in the safe (or worse, getting pulled off the belt and left lying on the coffee table) half the time.

    Kathy Jackson
    My website: Cornered Cat

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