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What's more Important to you

This is a discussion on What's more Important to you within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Like Pax and others have said, You have to find YOUR balance point. Mine lies more toward the protection side than the comfort side. But ...

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Thread: What's more Important to you

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    Like Pax and others have said, You have to find YOUR balance point. Mine lies more toward the protection side than the comfort side. But what I did was change my definition of comfortable. Now it includes all the nuances of my concealed carry lifestyle. So now in my head...I do have the best of both worlds and don't have to stress over not being really comfortable.

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    For me it has to be comfortable or I'll have reason to leave it behind and I think we all know it doesn't do any good if you don't have it when you need it!
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    Comfort is a secondary consideration for me... let's face it, carrying at all is at best inconvenient. But with the great holsters available today, there's little reason that you can't carry darn near anything you want in reasonable comfort!
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    An effective firearm which I can effectively deploy is more important to me than a certain amount of comfort.

    Carrying a .25acp or .32acp auto would be "comfortable" for me... until I needed to USE it against somebody trying to kill me with a .38 Special revolver.

    I don't and won't carry anything smaller or lighter than an airweight S&W J frame. I routinely carry a 2" Model 36. If that's too big and heavy for you, I don't know what to tell you.

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    You may guess my opinion by looking at my signature.

    Early in my carry days, 2003, I sought out "comfy guns"...Glock 26, S&W 642, etc. They are viable for carry, so I'm not knocking those choices, but if I ever get into a gunfight I want the gun I shoot best.

    So, increasingly I'm carrying my SIG P229 SAS and now my Beretta 92G-SD. I shoot the Beretta in USPSA, so I'm most skilled with it, and thanks to a great new holster from TT Gunleather it has become a regular carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdglocker View Post
    Like Pax and others have said, You have to find YOUR balance point. Mine lies more toward the protection side than the comfort side.
    Balance is a very subjective and personal thing.

    The awful thing is: nobody can find it for you. That's why many of us end up with drawers full of old, extra holsters we've gone through, ones that weren't quite right; and why we often have a number of belts, some of which weren't quite firm enough, or curved to the body enough; and why we hunt around to find the right length/drape of shirt or jacket, "give" in the slacks, and so on.

    For me, much depends on the clothing, the "cut" of them, and placement of the rig. Done right, at the right spot with the right combination of clothing and gear, even a ~1.5" thick CZ P-01 is comfortable and almost disappears on the hip (in terms of my feeling its presence).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant48 View Post
    If your carry gun is uncomfortable, you're much more likely to not carry it at all. So... carry a gun that is comfortable. Any gun, even a small relatively weak caliber gun, is better than no gun at all.

    I've found a very happy medium between size and stopping power. My Kel-Tec PF-9... very small and light, yet reasonably powerful (chambered in 9mm).
    I agree with you. I carry a full sized beretta 92fs I only started this thread to see what everybody else felt about it. It can be 100 degrees and i will still wear my leather vest hot as all get out but I still have my pistol.
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    For me it's;

    1) Protection
    2) Concealability. If I can't conceal it effectively, I won't carry it.
    3) Comfort. For me comfort pretty much comes in last.

    Now for me, I can pretty much conceal with most my attire a G-23 primary and a XD9sc BUG so I pretty much have items 1 & 2 covered. As far as comfort goes, I have gotten some nice custom holsters which makes all the difference in the world regarding the comfort factor.
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    In my line of work, I need to carry very discreetly. Often, an OWB holster is out of the question, and I never liked IWB holsters, ankle holsters, and bellybands, and I don't think off-body carry is a good idea.

    So, I settled for pocket carry, which necessitates a relatively small and comfortable handgun. I have large, deep, and heavily reinforced pockets, which can accomodate any gun with a length of 7'' or less. The gun should also be without sharp edges that snag, and is preferably a slim, single-stack pistol (I prefer pistols to revolvers).

    I got used to pocket carry, and realized that it is incredibly comfortable. That means it is easy, and even second-nature, to carry anytime, anywhere. Actually, nothing is more comfortable or natural, in my opinion. And if I'm carrying everyday, everywhere, and I regularly maintain and practice with my weapon, then I certainly feel protected too.

    You might say I'm more toward the comfort side, but I believe I have a good balance of both that fits my needs perfectly. Every man must find his balance based on his needs and preferences.
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    I carry the biggest gun I can for what I'm wearing. Normally its a 40 with a 5"bbl. I dont find it too uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, when I can use my paddle holster, its as comfy as carrying a smaller gun. I carry my 642 when I have to and of course its more comfy. But I'm willing to settle for a little more discomfort to have a big gun on me.
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    Comfort has always taken a back seat as far as I'm concerned with CC. It has to be this way so long as one's willing to make things work. I'm not saying CC needs to be painful, just working with things should take some trials and tribulations, and if you go to whining too soon, you'll end up being one of those people I can spot in a restaurant as being part of the membership I'd never want to be stuck with in a back room in a hostage situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MK-nine View Post
    My CCW instructor remarked: "When you need to conceal it, no gun seems small enough; when you need to use it, no gun seems large enough."
    well stated
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    I'm willing to endure a little discomfort in order to carry a gun that I feel is up to the task. That's the reason I don't own an LCP. I REALLY mean no offense to those who own one, but a .380 is below my comfort level (please, no caliber war in this thread).

    For example, tonight when I took the kids for Trick-or-Treating, I carried a Taurus PT145 in an IWB holster. It was totally comfortable everywhere except sitting in my truck and driving. Still not intolerable, but not exactly lounging in the easy chair, either. I would love the comfort of just slipping an LCP in the right front pocket and forgetting about it, but I would feel underpowered, so the tradeoff is worth it to me.
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    The size of gun I carry (FNP 40) as well as my soon-to-be next gun, a Beretta PX4 Storm - seems to suit me best. At this point I don't want to go any smaller. I don't knock the subcompacts, I just don't feel comfortable holding and shooting them. So I live with some physical discompfort.
    As well, anything bigger like a 1911 or a 92F is too tough to conceal, for me anyway.
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    And I suppose it helps to keep me from forgetting I'm carrying, like that poor guy in Grahamsville NY. I carry forward of my right hip (is that "appendix carry"?) and believe me, when I'm in the car or seated in a diner, I KNOW it's there, jabbing me in the thigh!
    "I come in peace, I didn't bring artillery. But I am pleading with you with tears in my eyes: If you ---- with me, I'll kill you all."

    Marine Corps General James Mattis, to Iraqi tribal leaders

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