What's more Important to you

This is a discussion on What's more Important to you within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What's more Important to you comfort? Or Your protection. Ive been reading a lot about carrying your pistol in comfort. What is more Important to ...

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Thread: What's more Important to you

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    What's more Important to you

    What's more Important to you comfort? Or Your protection. Ive been reading a lot about carrying your pistol in comfort. What is more Important to you. For me to carry a full size Auto (which is what I am better at hitting the target with ) sometimes i sacrifice comfort for protecting my self and family. What is more important to you? Think about it and post your opinions I would like to know.
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    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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    I try to find a happy medium with my carry pistols. I used to carry my G23, but switched to the CW9 for the comfort factor. I not only dropped down in round count, but ballistically too. I don't feel under gunned by doing so because I do carry a BUG too. I do find that the old adage is true for the most part, and I tend to agree with it. IMO, folks should chose a weapon that is comfortable to carry in a reasonable defense caliber, or chances are higher that you'll opt to leave it at home from time to time, and then it's no good to ya if needed.
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    I carry an XD 9mm with a 16 round clip and a 4 inch barrel. I'm skinny and sometimes think about carrying something a little smaller but my XD is pretty comfortable sitting in my Crossbreed and I really like knowing I have the capacity.

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    My CCW instructor remarked: "When you need to conceal it, no gun seems small enough; when you need to use it, no gun seems large enough."

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    My carry is either my G22 or Pt140 sub-compact. I prefer to carry my G22 but it is not always the best carry for me. As far as protecting my family i still feel comfortable with the pt140.

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    Good question, I carry for comforting not comfort.
    So I carry the largest frame pistol I can conceal, Glock 23.
    Sure I can carry and conceal a Desert Eagle, but in South Florida
    That's just not an option.
    But the most important thing is to get some training
    and be proficient with the firearm you choose to carry.

    Just my .02 worth of advice.
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    My SIG P226 is the pistol that I'm most accurate with. However, I carry my 2 J-Frames because I can conceal them when wearing just about anything.

    I tried wearing my SIG P226 in my house, once. It felt like I had a phone book attached to my side. I wouldn't be able to get into my car's driver seat. I wonder if the driver seats in police cars are different. They must be. They have many more things on their belts.

    Anyway, personal and family protection are most important. However, my 2 J-Frames are just fine for me. If I need my SIG P226, I'll have to use my Tommy's Gunpack.

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    This is where frame of mind and you personal comfort with concealing really comes into play. After many carry for a while, they realize that sheep notice VERY little and you can carry much larger than you first realized.

    One of the biggest things in good concealment is clothing...you MUST get clothing that fits properly for concealment...this leaves out skin tight jeans and the belly shirts!
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    I beleive that one can have both.

    I have purchased many different guns and holsters, and over time; I have been able to find that combination which provides me with the protections of a dependable firearm...worn without much more notice than that a wallet or watch.

    I sometimes find the cell phone in my pocket as that 'extra lump', but certainly not uncomfortable...my gun is the same way.

    Experimentation and time should, IMHO, provide the carrier with the added protection that a firearm can bring without much more discomfort than any other item that we all carry...a ring of keys, a wallet, a watch, pens, etc.

    One has to find the right gun, a quality holster, and that 'SPOT' where the right rig can just become another part of the body.
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    My usual carry is a G27 and extra mags. I sometimes carry a standard size Springfield XD in 45 caliber. The Glock is more comfortable most times. I do feel the G27 is sufficient protection. Obviously I would choose protection over comfort if I preceived a need for the XD.

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    That's why I like the small wheelguns. Small and easy to carry. I shoot them well, plus the 158gr. hydrashocks hit like a freight train. What's not to like?
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    My only compromise is switching to my G27 for summer carry since it conceals a little better under a light shirt. Even then, my spare mag is a G22 with a higher capacity. For winter carry (7-8 months in Idaho) I carry the G23 and occasionally the G22. I don't feel I am under gunned with the G27 but I do shoot my G23 and G22 a little better.
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    I plan to slowly accrue a collection of all different kinds of pistols, pocket autos, subcompacts, snubnose revolvers, compacts, and full sized firearms. That way I'll be able to choose based on what I feel like that particular day and what I'm wearing. The one I'll buy first though, will probably be a small 380 or 9mm, cause that'll be the easiest to carry.
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    I normally carry a 3”, 4” or full size 1911, no problems with concealment or comfort, it all depends on your holster/belt combo as to what offers the most comfort and concealment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FunkyColdMedina View Post
    I tried wearing my SIG P226 in my house, once. It felt like I had a phone book attached to my side. I wouldn't be able to get into my car's driver seat. I wonder if the driver seats in police cars are different. They must be. They have many more things on their belts.
    I can assure you that the seats in the Crown Vic that I drive is no different than the "civilian" version on the road. The seat do tend to have "impressions" from other officers so the seats do break in quickly since the cars are running constantly, 24/7/365.

    For me comfort is familiarity. Since we use the S&W MP40 as our duty guns I decided to move to the S&W MP40C as my off-duty and BUG while on duty, but carrying the compact is a little easier than the full size.

    Comfort in wearing a gun...I wear one all the time so its UNCOMFORTABLE if I don't have a gun. Its like I'm missing a body part!

    I'm sure a much smaller gun would be easier and more comfortable but for me it would be uncomfortable or un-natural.


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