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No Weapons policy after company merger. (Network Engineer in TX looking for new job.)

This is a discussion on No Weapons policy after company merger. (Network Engineer in TX looking for new job.) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I feel ya man...I work in the school system and our system forbids any kind of weapon. However, I never leave home without my knife. ...

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Thread: No Weapons policy after company merger. (Network Engineer in TX looking for new job.)

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    I feel ya man...I work in the school system and our system forbids any kind of weapon. However, I never leave home without my knife. If I were you I would get me a good knife and some spray. Then when its time to leave work go straight home arm up, and then make any other trips as usual. Jobs are tough man hang in there.
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    nitrogen, Be advised--- I,m your new boss and ............. your fired. Seriously, keep quiet(too late),change to a smaller weapon or different clothing if needed. What you do is your buisness. What you decide is your buisness. Would suggest that when you have made your decission.......don't tell us.

    Carring a weapon(with permit) is a very private matter. With respect,keep it private.----------

    I don't feel like I should be part of YOUR decission making process. Weight what you will lose,to what you will gain and go from there.

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    It's a tough call. I have to deal with this daily, as I teach in a private school. It is strictly illegal to carry in the school. Fortunately, I can keep my weapon in my vehicle, because the parking lot is not school property. So far, no trouble. Having been out of work a time or two, I know it can be tough to go without a paycheck. I learned long ago that it is important to maintain your economic base. I'd suggest you think hard before walking away from your job. A better approach might be to hold on while looking elsewhere. Keep in mind, though, that the grass often looks greener elsewhere than it really is. Hope this helps.

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    Kinda sticky huh. Regardless of 30.06 posting or not, company policy has got to be considered. My company also has such a policy. I know there are some States pushing for laws to allow carrying on company property by its employees (mostly addressing leaving in your vehicle), but until such changes occur your stuck with a big decision. One other post was from an unemployed networker, so don't make a rash decision to quit just yet. I don't like having to break rules, but obviously some just plain don't make sense and in this case, it deals with personal safety.

    I assume that you work in a safe environment, with even the parking lot being a relatively safe place to walk to and from your building. If so, then really it is a matter of that transit from your place of work to your home or somewhere else. This is the point of venturing into unfriencly territory and I place highest priority on personal safety and my right to carry.

    Statistically, you are more likely to get hit by lightning than ever have to use your weapon. I will not say to break company policy, but if you decide to carry, then leave it locked in your vehicle, and for goodness sakes, keep your mouth shut with co-workers even if you know of others with CCW permits. If that unlikely event ever occurs where you are forced to use the weapon on company property, the worst that they can do is fire which point, a very good CCW holding attorney might be a real big help !
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    I do NOT know the law in your state. That's YOUR job.

    Some have told you that company policy isn't Law. While that is certainly true in some states, it isn't true in all states. In Florida, a posted "no guns" sign simply means you must leave the premises if you are detected and told to do so. Only if you don't, can you be charged.

    In other states, you can be charged if found out, because it is illegal to carry where the "no guns" sign is posted.

    Find out what the law actually says in your state.

    That said, if I read this where I work, and I pretty much did,
    Employees are forbidden from possessing any weapon while working, operating, or in <companyname> vehicles, present on <companyname> premises,
    I would simply leave the gun locked in my car. (That's what I do.)

    Unless there's more to it than you posted, it say you cannot possess a gun in a company vehicle. If it goes on to include YOUR car, then you do have a problem.

    In my state, I can and do leave the gun in my car, even though it's parked on company property. I would do this, even if the company wrote a policy against it. First, they'd have to discover the fact and second, it would NOT be a violation of State Law, in Florida. I would likely loose my job, but I would have no problem finding another.

    It's your state, learn your state law. Then decide what is more important to you and go with it. In any event, I'd NOT advise doing anything that is contrary to the law.

    Political Correctness has now "evolved" into Political Cowardice.

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    My old company had that rule No one armed not even the rent a cop Guess the shooter did want to follow the rules that morning when 2 of my friends died 2 more wounded and a couple of total mental break downs that never returned to work after that day. I was off on sick leave that day.
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