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Simple Airline Travel Question

This is a discussion on Simple Airline Travel Question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Also be very careful where you drive in NOVA. You can end up making a wrong turn and end up in a li ne to ...

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Thread: Simple Airline Travel Question

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    Also be very careful where you drive in NOVA. You can end up making a wrong turn and end up in a li ne to get into a secure federal restricted area by accident. Like the truck entrance to the Pentagon, or others. That would suck if armed!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeFontenot View Post
    I've checked my gun only on Alaska Air flights, and I haven't flown for several years, so things may have changed (and may differ from one airline to the next).

    At the check-in counter, they always made me open my suitcase, open my gun case, sometimes demo unloaded (but usually not), close gun case, (sometimes) show them I'm locking it, place disclosure form inside suitcase, close suitcase (I don't lock it), wait for escort to take me and my suitcase to TSA, wait outside TSA area for them to come get my gun-case key, they bring back my key, and everything after that is normal.

    There seemed to be a lot of variability, on different flights, in how things were handled...I think the kinks were still being worked out...may be more consistent now.

    Once, they put a big sticker on the OUTSIDE of my suitcase, indicating some kind of special status. I was unhappy that my suitcase was being marked as "special" in such an obvious way. That's never happened again (maybe a very small sticker, but not obvious to most people).

    They don't require that I lock my suitcase, and I don't. I don't want to call any special attention to my suitcase.

    I usually put my gun case in the middle of the suitcase, for cushioning by clothes on all sides, with a note taped to the top of the gun case asking that they leave it in that position.

    Several times, they never came out and asked for my key. Other times, they did.

    All-in-all, it seemed pretty chaotic and haphazard to me.
    TSA or the Airline are not supposed to open your gun case unless you are present. If they asked for the key and you could not observe what they were doing, I'd ask for a supervisor.

    My .02

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    I flew from Burlington, VT to Richmond, VA via JFK last week with no issues. The JetBlue agent, a young lady, seemed a little annoyed that she was faced with dealing with me and my Glock. She had to ask what she had to do in order to check it in but the TSA guys were great.

    I used the Gunvault that I usually keep cabled to the seat in my car and checked enough ammo for two magazines in a separate box. The TSA guys took my keys and opened the case while I was present and had me attach the unloaded declaration within the case, though I think in the future I will attach it to the outside if possible. They searched the rest of my bag, sent it through the scanner and it went on to the baggage area. Took maybe ten extra minutes. We'll see how it goes from RIC back to BTV. Wicked easy and I will def continue to travel with a firearm when I can possess at my destination.

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