Got "made" today... (that I WASNT carrying)

Got "made" today... (that I WASNT carrying)

This is a discussion on Got "made" today... (that I WASNT carrying) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A friend of mine who does not carry (but knows that I do) asked me why I wasnt carrying today. This came out of nowhere. ...

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Thread: Got "made" today... (that I WASNT carrying)

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    Got "made" today... (that I WASNT carrying)

    A friend of mine who does not carry (but knows that I do) asked me why I wasnt carrying today. This came out of nowhere. We were just hanging out when he asked me. He said "You always carry and I just noticed that you werent today...thought it was weird." No one has ever made me! I take concealment very seriously and have been proud that I could almost always somehow pull it off regardless of what I was wearing. I guess I can throw that accomplishment out the window. Im posting this only because it seems so weird. None of my friends that do carry have ever pointed out that I print, and they have never noticed when I dont carry (which is hardly ever). I need a drink.
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    Was he just guessing and got lucky ?

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    Apparently your friend is more observant than you give him credit for,and knowing you carry and where you carry it can be pretty easy to spot the subtle bulge or lack of
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    Yeah, sounds like you've been made a lot prior to this occasion!
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    If you got made because you weren't carrying you have already been made when carrying. If someone has enough time and is looking they can figure it out (sometimes). Most folks aren't looking.
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    The more time you spend around someone also makes a difference...
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    I bet if your friend didn't know you carried originally, you never would have been made.

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    Sounds like a cry for help....get him his CHL quick
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    Your response to him should have been along the lines of asking please explain to me, in detail, how you knew that I was today _not_ carrying and by what way is it any other day noticeable/obvious that you do.

    Turn it into a lesson to learn and thus make yourself smarter, wiser and all that much more adept if not craftier.

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    I bet that since he knows your normally carry he knows what to look for. I've made some people who were concealed nicely but didn't say anything. And it's really just because I know what to look for. Have you explained to him how you conceal? That might be why he knew you weren't.
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    Depends on the holster. For instance, if you carried IWB he might have been used to seeing the clips on your belt. Or maybe you carry with an ankle holster but were wearing shorts today. (I know, that's lame, but it's an example) how do you normally carry?
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    You probably did something you normally don't do while you carry. I do that sometimes without thinking, but knowing I am not caring. When you are not caring you are not thinking about printing or exposing, so you may do things you don't do while you do carry. Like adjust your pants or something.

    I hope that made sense, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Apparently your friend is more observant than you give him credit for,and knowing you carry and where you carry it can be pretty easy to spot the subtle bulge or lack of
    That, or...... he's showing it in different ways.... manner he sits, adjusting pants / belt or checking gun unconsciously, not using the gun hand when normally does and/ or other mannerisms, etc. Some people walk differently, not moving their arm on the gun side as much...

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    Carry long enough and everyone gets made... its not a big deal.
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    He's your friend, your buddy.....and he knows you carry. Sense he dosn't carry it's something he'd probley look at/for every time ya'll are around each other. Him noticing you wern't carrying (and voicing it) was just part of ya'lls dynamic...wether you knew it or not.

    Our friends and family that KNOW we carry watch us.....ALL the time. Be them for, aginst, or completly neutral, they will notice. We (as gun 'carriers') will always be watched by those that know we do. It's Nothing bad (most of the time), we're just 'diffrent' to those who see carrying guns as 'forgien' to them.

    Very few of my family and friends know I carry, but those that do watch for me packing....or not carrying. My wife and (older) children see my carrying as a comfort to thier well-being more often than not. My mom, however, knows I'm competent and 'trained' but still has that 'cringe' that her 'baby' packs a gun......the whole "live by the gun, die by the gun" fear. That's not the case, but that's just her. Most of my buddies that know I carry pack themselves and we all look for each other carrying, just a natural observation between friends. Many acquaintances of mine have NO knowledge of my carry habits and thus don't even know to look OR what even to look for.

    And as for confidence in your 'concealment', ANYONE who knows will also know what to look at/for to see that your carrying or not. Although most people you come into contact with neither know nor care, and won't spend the energy checking to see if the strangers around them are packing, NEVER believe that your sidearm is ALWAYS 'invisible'.

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