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This is a discussion on New to CCW > Gun Recommendations within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would suggest a Glock 19 myself. You are new to pistols and this is a great one. You can shoot your father's Glock 17 ...

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Thread: New to CCW > Gun Recommendations

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    I would suggest a Glock 19 myself. You are new to pistols and this is a great one. You can shoot your father's Glock 17 as well as use its mags. I would also suggest the 9mm as it is tamer than a .45 (not by much) but it is the round that Glock was designed for. Not to mention the ammo is cheaper and you can shoot it more when you are lucky enough to find some 9mm. .45 ACP is also hard to find.

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    The best thing you can do is go to a good range and rent a bunch of guns you think you might like. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive right?

    I had a Kahr PM9, but never much cared for it. Traded it for another S&W M&P compact with laser grips and LOVE it. I always try to buy American to support my countrymen. Plus S&W customer service (should you need it) is unbeatable.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JBaker View Post
    Thank you, I guess, I dont see myself getting in a gunfight where I would need many rounds, but you cant plan for when you will need to unholster your weapon. If it came down to it. 7 shots would be enough, that is if they all didnt miss. I dont go into "rough" areas often, but good or bad, you never know, so maybe carrying an extra mag wouldnt be a bad idea. but thats just more stuff hidden by a IWB, I would need to get a size or 2 bigger pants to fit it all :)
    Being a person that has been known to carry three guns, with two reloads per gun for when I'm off duty and on my own time, you may want to rethink this. When I carry a revolver as a "primary" gun I carry at least three of them. If a "bottomfeeder" is my "primary" then my minimum number of guns is two, but sometimes more.

    You cannot know how many rounds you will need beforehand and statistics lie. I'll give you an example. Let's say we have ten gunfights, and the total number of rounds fired in the fight, by both sides is in the right column:

    1) 3
    2) 1
    3) 2
    4) 9
    5) 6
    6) 2
    7) 3
    8) 1
    9) 12
    10) 3

    In ten gunfights that's 4.2 rounds per gunfight by both sides. Some were just a little slower on the trigger than others. You will notice however that in fights #4, #5 and #9 the number of rounds exceeded the "average" by at least 50% and in fight #9 by almost 300%.

    Momma and Daddy didn't raise me to be a statistic. The point I'm trying to make is, while concealed carry is a compromise, but I'm not comfortable with one gun and only one reload or no reload.

    Years ago I faced three on one odds with a little five shot J-Frame revolver. To say that I found the gun wanting would be an understatement.


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    Handling and trying guns that interest you is always the best way to make an informed decision, rather relying blindly on some else's recommendations. Glock and S&W are both quality firearms. A Springfield XD, Kahr, Sig, CZ and a myriad of 1911's are all potential good carry guns. Just depends on what suits you are far as fit, ability to shoot accurately under pressure ( not just calmly standing at the range facing a piece of card board ) and ability to conceal ( if you intend to carry it ). After trying several diffrent guns, my EDC choice is now my Glock 26, and for times when I can't wear a gun on my hip, I carry either a Ruger LCP or SW 642 in a pocket. As far as Glocks go, the G36 has the smallest grip dimensions, so it might suit your smaller hands better. It carries enough ammo for getting through most SD encounters. You can shoot your dad's 9mm Glock 17 for practicing the basics, then spend time with whatever gun you choose as your ownto hone your skills with that gun. 9mm, 40.SW, .45 ACP, .38, all are only effective, IF you hit your targets in a vital zone, so don't get too hung up on which caliber might reign supreme. Learn to shoot fast & accurately, that's the only way to really get the job done, if the need should ever arise. Good luck and enjoy your search. Can't ever have TOO many guns!!

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    I am 5' 11" and 190 lbs. I am happy carrying a Glock 27 with a Pierce mag extension for 10+1 rounds of .40. IWB holster, two extra mags. With the current ammo shortage I have better luck getting .40 ammo than .45. Also the Springfield XD is excellent if you don't like the Glock's trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    You'll not have problem with the's my EDC.
    It has the thinnest grip of all the Glocks, and the 6 + 1 is not much different than the 7 + 1 1911's. It's easy enough to carry extra mags. IMHO

    Stay armed...Go Glock...stay safe!
    + 1 same sentiments here.... Love my new G36 hand cannon.

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    God bless the USA!

    I would take a look at the Kahr P45 (at my side as I type this). I saw a few recomendations for the Kahr 9mm's but I would take a gander at the .45's as well. Quality and THE most comfortable carry .45 in my opinion...THIN, SMOOTH, LIGHT and PLENTY accurate.

    As for other options, the Glock 36 is a fine weapon and I carried one for about 3 years. The M&P line is also fantastic as well and more comfortable to shoot for the average person (largly due to it's grip adjustability).

    Keep in mind that for the vast majority of us that have been carrying for a long time you will hear a number of the same comments- Comfort...concealability...feel...quality...and that it is not the barrel length that is so difficult to hide, it is the grip and width.

    The hardest part of concealment is in your own head and wardrobe.
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    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    If you like glocks, but don't want to limit yourself to glocks. I think a lot of people who like glocks like sig sauers as well. IMO sig sauer is probably the best of the gun worlds, its just about as reliable as a glock, made of aluminum frame and stainless steal, and they look like what I would imagine a gun should look like. I have a sig sauer p229 two/tone. It has never failed in any way whatsoever and I've shot over 400rounds out of it. Your looking at spending some money, but remember you get what you pay for. Or you can save yourself the trouble and go straight to 1911's :) Cause no matter how much you may not like them now... you will when you shoot your first. 1911's are iconic, and for a reason. Slim, Powerful, and Beautiful. :) And that concludes my .02
    A man with a briefcase can steal millions more than any man with a gun.

    No law ever prevented a crime.

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    Don't pass up looking at Bersa. Their 9mm line is a very underrated pistol, and for they're a good deal more affordable than a lot of others.

    :: Bersa Talk :: • Index page
    Freedom ... must be fought for, protected, and handed on ... or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. -- Ronald Reagan, 1967

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    I think that it would be worth your while to take that hour long drive and be sure to get a gun that fits your hand and feels right the first time. If you end up having to get something else or if you can't shoot or don't like your carry gun it'll cost you more than an hours worth of time and money .Do it right the first time and save yourself the grief. I'm the same size as you but I have big hands. I carry a G23 with room to spare in my hand, you might want to check out the slim frame Glocks and carry a couple of extra mags if you want. Happy Gun Hunting !

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    +1. Take the drive.

    But first, double check if you can't find a range closer by. I'm sort of on the edge of the suburbs but know of three ranges within a 25 minute drive, and at least two gun clubs with private ranges. Two of my three local ranges rents handguns, and I'm not sure about the third one. They have a range but I think it's private.

    Maybe before driving up there, ask your dad about using his Glock for a handgun safety class. Around here, I can take a basic course for $35 and "tactical" classes for up to $200 or so.

    I tend to carry smaller stuff. The smaller the handgun, the more likely I am to have it with me. I used to carry a Sig P230. It was a great gun but it was picky about ammo. More recently I carried a Kel-Tec P3AT .380, and now I have a North American Arms Guardian .32 ACP. My super ultra tiny backup is a North American Arms .22LR with the short barrel. I'm left handed and can operate each gun one handed.



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    I've been looking recently too. I think glocks are well made, and they shoot well enough, but SAXD fit me better and I like that they point better than the glocks I've shot. I also like having the grip safety; I have my reasons, and some may disagree, but I like having it. The SAXD9 sub-compact is a real good step up. Relatively small package, shoots well, has 13 round mag. Hard to beat. The The SAXD9 sub-compact is my next purchase. Like they've already said, find what fits/works best for you.

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    If you like Glocks, you may like Springfield's XD series... I have a XD9sc and i like it better than the glocks I fired... but they're very simliar so it's a close call...

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    Thanks everyone for your help. I do have gun stores nearby that I can check out guns, but as far as ranges go, they are slim, Im still relatively new to the area, and im a good distance from some stuff, 15 miles to closest mcdonalds, 30 from wallmart. I used to live in NoVA for you VA ppl, you know how it is up there, just about 1 of everything on each corner, so next time im up there im going to try and hit up some ranges with a buddy. so im still hunting for loval ranges. I used to be able to shoot on base where I work, but that has recently changed. I have shot some sigs, rugar, 1911, 44 mag :) loved that gun, and a few others I cant remember. But at the time, I wasn't too into the paying too much attention to the gun, just having some fun shooting, as you can see in this short video which if I remember was a .45

    YouTube - Killing logs.

    I do plan to carry, and I know many will have a comment about this.. .but I dont plan on carrying everyday. at least at first, I still need to figure out rules as to bringing pistols on base with me. This is going to be my Christmas present from my father, so i have plenty of time to shop around :)

    Thanks again for the help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBaker View Post
    Thank you, I guess, I dont see myself getting in a gunfight where I would need many rounds, but you cant plan for when you will need to unholster your weapon. If it came down to it. 7 shots would be enough, that is if they all didnt miss. I dont go into "rough" areas often, but good or bad, you never know, so maybe carrying an extra mag wouldnt be a bad idea. but thats just more stuff hidden by a IWB, I would need to get a size or 2 bigger pants to fit it all :)
    If youre like me and comfortable with fewer shots then I suggest taking a look at the Ruger GP100 or the SP101 357 in magnum. Get the 357 so you can use 38 spec and +P's too.

    If youre looking at an semiauto, the Beretta 92 is a wonderful gun...but the Taurus knockoff is preferable because of the ambidexterous safety thats on the frame where you can get to it rather than the slide like the Beretta. Ive owned both and they are equally great guns, but I do prefer the safety on the Taurus better.

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