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Smart ways to sell guns?

This is a discussion on Smart ways to sell guns? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by rico68 The easiest way is to trade it or just sell it outright to a reputable dealer. Gander Mountain was mentioned previously. ...

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Thread: Smart ways to sell guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rico68 View Post
    The easiest way is to trade it or just sell it outright to a reputable dealer. Gander Mountain was mentioned previously. I have sold directly to them on a couple occasions. They calculated what they could sell it for, then gave me 70% of that figure.
    The Gander by me say's, depending on the firearm, they will give 70%-85% of what they can sell it for. While personally I doubt they will go as high as 85%, I did get 75% on the one and only I sold to them and if you want/need a quick sale it isn't a bad way to go.

    By the way, (not surprisingly) what they offered was by far higher then any of the mom n pop operations around me would have paid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve201 View Post
    I just sold my Kahr 40 to a local city cop...I made up 2 bill of sales ...put my name/address/phone/date

    then I put his name/address/phone/date...

    we both signed it and then he got a copy...I got a copy....done...

    I sold a firearm about 2yrs. ago and did the exact same thing. You had better cover yourself because if the person you sell your gun to goes out and commits a crime you had better be able to prove that the gun was not under your control, but thats just me.

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    When I sell guns or vehicles, I make copies of both DL's, the buyers CCW (if he has one for a gun purchase), both sign it...file!
    Avoid selling to dirtbags (having a CCW permit for guns helps).
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    I have purchased quite a few guns from my local store so he has always been fair with me. If I have a popular gun to sell I will use the consignment system where I set the price and the dealer gets 18%. That is not a bad deal since you then create a "credit" with the dealer similar to a car trade in and save the sale tax on that amount for your next gun.

    I have always managed to sell in a reasonable amount of time. I usually only sell when I decide I need a new gun and am not 100% happy with that one. Just make sure that the store has serious foot traffic and the owner will push your products since he knows his next sale is moments after he sells yours.
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    The FL laws permit private sales. But it is illegal to sell a handgun in a private sale to someone from another state.

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    I've sold a few long guns on consignment at my local gun shop.

    I sold 2 handguns via Gunbroker.

    Personally, I would not sell a firearm without going through an FFL. I want to ensure the buyer can pass a NICS check. Yes, it eats into the profit, but I just feel better that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by impactwrench View Post
    I like that option, but how much do you "eat it" on trade in value? It seems that in person to person transactions you get most of your money back on the sale. At least by thats what I see when I look at classifieds, if they really do sell at those prices.
    Yeah selling privately would likely get you more money. In my case, I was trading up, Gander had the new gun I wanted, plus the FNP 40 I traded for the PX4 Storm was the one I bought from them only a month prior. That's why I said I wasn't sure if my case was helping you or not - it was kinda special instance. They were eager to sell a gun too.
    Even so, I still took a good hit - in my case I put value in the ease of it al - walked in, they treated me fairly enough, got the new gun, they made some dough, everybody's happy.
    But if getting the best price for your gun is important (and these days it counts to most folks) then private sale is better.
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    I sold 2 guns to people I knew from work. ( To buy another, better one at a store which did not do trades)
    I copied their drivers license onto a form I made up:
    Serial number
    their name address and phone
    The date, time, and location of transfer.

    Always use a D/L which can be traced to them later. THe gun was "registered" to you when purchased at a dealer (GCA 1968 form). So if the gun later is used in a crime, the above info proves you did legally transfer it to someone else, pervious to the crime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by impactwrench View Post
    I'm new to the gun world and only have one right now. But before I have a small arsenal, I want to know what are the best ways to sell them to other good guys, if I needed to. A bill of sale, copy of drivers license, check for CCP, etc, what are the steps that need to be followed besides just collecting a wad of cash?
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