what do you do

what do you do

This is a discussion on what do you do within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was just wanting to see who carries where they shouldn't. I live in NC our laws say we cant carry in places that serve ...

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Thread: what do you do

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    what do you do

    I was just wanting to see who carries where they shouldn't.
    I live in NC our laws say we cant carry in places that serve alcohol, schools, government buildings, places that charge admission and so on.
    Now I wouldn't think about carrying in a court house or police department but an applebees or other restaurant (as long as your not drinking) I don't see why not or a movie theater what is the problem there. And how about places that put no gun signs up.

    I would like your opinions and if you know what would happen if caught carrying concealed in these places.

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    hmmmm Concealed means never telling when you are carrying :). I just hope from year to year that we get more rights with each vote.
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    Whether I like it or not I do not carry into places that prohibit concealed carry and generally do not do business there unless unavoidable.
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    Nobody on this forum is going to condone any form of illegal carry. In fact I'm sure most will discourage it.

    If you are caught, expect to get arrested, be charged with a crime and have your gun confiscated never to be seen again.

    Also be careful what you post in a public forum, you question is fine and valid, just be aware anyone can see what you post.
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    I never carry where it's illegal to do so. I'd advise that you do the same.

    If you do choose to violate the law, I'd strongly advise against advertising that fact on a public forum, especially on DefensiveCarry.com, where it's verboten.
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    As rodc13 said , discussion of illegal activities is against forum rules.
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