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Couple hypothetical situations and questions about rights

This is a discussion on Couple hypothetical situations and questions about rights within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; But I know I have heard people talk about meeting force with equal force. It's a fine line. You can't escalate hard words and slurs ...

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Thread: Couple hypothetical situations and questions about rights

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    But I know I have heard people talk about meeting force with equal force.
    It's a fine line. You can't escalate hard words and slurs with your fists. You can't escalate a fist fight with a knife or gun, unless you're "in imminent danger of loss of life of grave bodily injury." Usually, legally, the CWP holder "can in no way be at fault" for the incident. If you call someone a "sun at the beach" and he punches you, you can't draw your weapon. Our CWP Instructor told us our CWP isn't magic to save us from a good ol' fashioned a$$-whuppin'.

    The mileage in your state may vary, and everyone should learn their own state's gun laws letter for letter. Also, everyone knows their own limits. Ya do what ya gotta do. As I say, "Do that you have to do and shed no tears."

    The only good gunfight is one that doesn't happen.
    Getting away is your first option.
    Drawing your weapon is your second option.
    Shooting is your last option.

    Coming out uninjured is the final goal. Nothing else matters.

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    Absolutey get to a class. In fact, most CCW classes are woefully pitiful in how it prepares you. More advanced training (like Front Sight's 4-day Defensive Handgun class) not only makes you much more proficient with you firearm but can include hours of thought provoking discussion to prepare your mindset for a situation. Even so, familiarization with your state laws and the state laws of any state you carry in is a must.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsMyRight2 View Post
    And as far a Virgina goes....Am I the only one who thinks its nuts to give out carry permits to people who have never attended any classes or shown any kind of proficiency with a firearm?? Sounds pretty scary to me.
    All you need is some type of firearm safety course, a hunters safety course is all you need. And since I could not use my training from work, I wasn't going to go out and spend money on a course right away, for the few times I may carry (going into rough part of town at night). I have plenty of ample training with a handgun, and M4 for that matter. Its just I don't know the laws when it comes to defending yourself in VA, everything I have learned had to do with overseas.

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    Deadly force

    My father taught me to walk away from a fight.
    Unless you are "cornered" and have to fight.
    Then, a fight is conmsidered fair if you win.

    In Florida, the law is that you can use your gun is someone breaks or forces their way into an occupied dwelling. He committed a felony by coming into an occupied dwelling.
    You must be in fear of your life or grave bodily injury at teh moment you pulled the trigger. Walking into an armed robbery in progress and the perp points a gun, knife, etc at you, quailfied.
    Also, you are allowed to use deadly force indefense of another.

    In our CC class, our instructor said "If you use your gun to defend yourself, the nicest thing which will happen to you is you will get sued"
    Todays excuse for a justice system allows the perps family to sue you for his death, even though he had a 9 stuck into your face right after he killed someone else. They will probably let you off.

    A neighbor was robbed at knifepoint a while back. He gave teh perp his money, and the perp (who later was determined to be high in drugs) cut his left arm, and was trying to cut the neighbors chest. The neighbor used his cut hand to subdue the perps knife hand and used his model 36 to shoot the perp.
    He got sued. The Judge asked if there was any other way this could have been handled.
    MY neighbor siad "Your Honor, what was I supposed to do, let him keep stabbing me?"
    The Judge dismissed all charges.

    As said above, never, ever, doctor up the scene before the cops arrive. As said above, even if you were totally right, this comes under tampering with the evidence.
    Call the cops, put your gun on a table or something where it is not in your hands when they arrive, and the first words out of your mouth should be "Man, if I did not shoot him, he was going to kill me. His gun is somewhere under him" Then shut up and let the cops take over.
    Then, call a lawyer

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    Make time for a good CCW class! Those people that are being sued for “stupid stuff” didn’t know what the law is regarding self-defense in their state. Basically you can defend yourself or another from great bodily harm or death. There are caveats to this however and a good carry class will teach you what those are. A really good carry class will teach you primarily how to avoid ever having to shot someone in self-defense. There are many reasons why an uninvited person can be in your home and not warrant being shot even in a state with "Stand Your Ground" laws. You need to know this. Also if your "friends" are telling you to tamper with a crime scene get new friends. If an instructor told them to do this they need to take another course from someone else.

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    I don't post here anymore...Sorry
    Lessons cost less that lawyers.

    Get one, or get the other.

    Your call...

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