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Is the threat of homicidal Palestinians not a "specific need"? I know its probably not the "politically correct" thing to say, but at least from what we see on TV, it appears to be a pretty legit concern.
Political correctness is not so much a big deal here. You're correct, that's my main reason. I assure you, TV blows it all way out of proportion, but "rather safe than sorry...".

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Just a few questions, do you see open civilian carry in Israel?
Yes. Mostly/all people in the security field. I've seen a good share of people OCing in regular clothes, but you don't know if they're just not in uniform. Even off duty soldiers in civilian clothes walk around with their military issue rifles on the backs. You never really know to be honest.
Is there CC in Israel?
I BELIEVE that once you're licensed to carry, you can carry however you want. Here though, CCW is less common I'm sure because everyone knows that - for sure - at any given time there are armed people around them (ie soldiers). The one odd guy CCing won't really be helping himself too much. Also, the massive amount of OCing also acts as a deterrent. You see people everywhere walk rifles and handguns on their sides - you know if you try something, you won't make it very far.
What weapons do you see in the hands of civilians?
I've mostly seen 1911s of various forms. I also know that the Jericho (aka baby eagle) and Glock are popular here.
What handguns and calibers are popular in Israel?
Don't know this one, sorry. Part of me wants to say 9mm since if they were used, it would be with other people around to avoid collateral (people directly behind the BG), however the other part of me says larger cal's for better stopping power.
Hope it not to many questions but it is rare that I can get first hand info about Israel from someone who knows firearms.

Stay safe and blessing be upon you!!!!

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I would think that carrying would be a must in Israel...
Unfortunately not too may people see it as such because there are so many soldiers and security guards who are armed. I guess in their eyes it's overkill. My philosophy is that if someone served in the army, especially in a combat unit, and honorably discharged, they should have the right to carry.

Something that irks me is this: I'm supposed to be enlisted in the military soon. They will happily give me some rifle - Galil or M4A1/equivalents, yet at the same time, I am not eligible to carry a gun I own otherwise. So they'll give me one to use, but not let me use my own? Makes little sense, to me at least.