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Questions about CC for a lady

This is a discussion on Questions about CC for a lady within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by surefire7 IMHO, unless you train a lot (many women do not-please don't take this wrong -I'm one ) I would think a ...

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Thread: Questions about CC for a lady

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    Quote Originally Posted by surefire7 View Post
    IMHO, unless you train a lot (many women do not-please don't take this wrong -I'm one ) I would think a revolver would be best. Just point and shoot it. When SHTF, remembering to cock a 1/2 cocked pistol or rack a slide or take off a safety might not happen fast enough.
    I guess you are right. I am sure that she will not practice very much, and that I will have to almost pull her to the range.

    She went by herself to a shop and looked at an S&W 340 Centennial; she did not buy it, but the guy almost convinced her to do it. I never shot one, but I am afraid that the recoil might be pretty nasty when shooting 357. I believe that she would be wasting her money, and I told her that if she wants an S&W a 442 or 642 in .38+P is cheaper. Tomorrow will we go to some shops and see what she likes.

    Can someone tell me what is “no internal lock” in a 642 implies?
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    Change the grips to soft rubber because it really soaks up the recoil.If you
    really feel well off you can get the ones with lazer sites.

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    Let your Lady look at a "ladysmith" .38.
    Its a model 36 made more attractive to women.

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    I have shot .357 out of one of those very light J-frames and it really hurt my hand. The .38 was much better but was still snappy. I'll bet the soft rubber grip change would help alot. Happy searching!
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    a kel tec pf9 or taurus pt709 slim are smaller than most wheel guns and extremely thin for concealed carry...there is very little size difference to the pocket .380s and the taurus has an external safety if its an issue...the taurus is also a bit more comfortable to handle and appears better finished than the kel tec....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keltyke View Post
    For your Mother:

    The "best" gun is the one YOU like, not anyone else. It will be a compromise of:

    1. Fit - It should fit in your hand like you were born with it there.
    2. Reliability - It should go BANG about 99.8% of the time you pull the trigger.
    3. Accuracy - In YOUR hand. It's how well YOU shoot it.
    4. Concealability - It should be comfortable enough to wear and easy enough to conceal so you won't leave it laying on the dresser at home.
    5. Cost - You don't want to scrimp on your "life protector" weapon, but you probably don't need a $1,000 Kimber, either.
    I agree, for the most part.
    #2 it should go bang 100% of the time, give me a revolver anyday.

    She should rent and try as many firearms as she chooses, and pick the one that best meets the criteria.
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