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Who wears a shoulder holster?

This is a discussion on Who wears a shoulder holster? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i use a carry-lite to carry my G23 and it is very comfortable when having to drive a sports car. So I tend to wear ...

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Thread: Who wears a shoulder holster?

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    i use a carry-lite to carry my G23 and it is very comfortable when having to drive a sports car. So I tend to wear a button down shirt or a jacket over it.
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    Have carried the Galco Jackass rig for years with a full size Glock 20. The main advantage of the Jackass setup is that the pistol is carried at a 45 degree angle, muzzle elevated, making concealment easier especially a full size gun. Cover garment is a western style snap shirt which gives good cover and access all year round. As already stated they're comfortable and they work.

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    Galco Jackass rig. It took me awhile to get it adjusted to my comfort, so during that time I looked like Rodney Dangerfield as I was tugging at my cover shirt a lot. Now it rides comfortably, with just an occasional adjustment if I am moderately active.

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    I have trained for so many years with my weapon on my right side that I would have to expect that in the heat of battle, my hand would not reach up to a shoulder holster before it tried to find my weapon where it has always been!

    Besides, I think it's uncomfortable.
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    I use a Galco Jackass rig quite a bit since the weather in my area requires the wearing of jackets for much of the year. They're very useful when you're behind the wheel a lot and you for whatever reason heaven forbid you need to get to your firearm in a hurry while strapped into your seat. I find them also useful while lounging around the house in sweat pants or boxer shorts since shoulder holsters don't require the support of a belt and pants (unless you use the tie down straps).

    My first shoulder holster was the Blackhawk Serpa shoulder rig which wasn't too bad because it enabled me to use the same rig for all my guns, all I had to do was change out the holster. Then one day I was at a buffet and one of my XD45 magazines fell out of the rig and onto the floor. The Blackhawk double stack mag carriers don't have very good retention so from then on I've only used leather shoulder holsters with snap retention. They're also the only kind of holster I like thumb breaks on.
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    I have for years on and off. Currently I'm carrying a G23 in a Galco Miami Classic, and am very happy with it. When I first started carrying concealed all those years ago, I had a Ruger P95 in an Uncle Mikes horizontal pro-pack, and despite the cheapness, it wasn't a bad holster at all, held the gun securely, and was rather comfortable with the way it distributed the weight.

    The pros and cons have already been listed, so I'll skip those.

    Shoulder rigs aren't for everybody, but they work great for me. It's long been my preferred way to carry.
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    Shoulder Holster

    I wear a side holster during the summer but wear a shoulder holster during the winter. Make sure any holster you use is a) comfortable, and b) allows easy access to your weapon. Good luck.

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    During spring and fall jogging season, I'm told it's the most comfortable way to pack. I've yet to try a shoulder rig, but I want to.
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    I carry in a Galco Jackass rig, which is pretty hard to beat; been using it for the past 25 years, started with that when I was riding motorcycles and it stuck.....
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    I use a shoulder holster most of the time. I use a modified Bianchi X15 - it has a leather harness instead of the elastic straps or Ted Blocker's Callahan shoulder rig - which I don't think they make any more. Both work well, are very comfortable and are easily concealed. I carry a large frame revolver.
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    Back in the early 80’s I did and after a while I became use to it being there, and carried it that way for almost 10 years.

    The only problem was that I could not take my sport coast off, but oh boy does it conceal good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp1810 View Post
    I do on occasion. Wardrobe and weather permitting it is a very comfortable way to carry.
    I agree and use one; however, the weather issue is the biggest factor
    because of often there is a need to shed outer garments as it warms up.

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    I've pocket-carried a SW360 scandium/titanium snubby for some years...works well.

    I decided I wanted to try shoulder-holster carry as an alternative. I wanted to be able to cover it with only a shirt.

    I was surprised that really good concealment under just a shirt was much harder than I had expected. I thought it would be easy, given such a small and light gun.

    I didn't like ANY of the commercially-available solutions. I finally solved the problem with a homemade design, after lots of iterations and trial-and-error. The only way I could get good concealment was with the gun positioned vertically (actually, slightly beyond vertical), right under my left armpit. And the harness needs to snug all parts of the holster in very tightly, with no movement, and no protruding edges.

    It also conceals well only with a shirt that's a bit roomy...no normally-tight-fitting shirts. And no light, airy, thin fabrics. And no solid colors...a somewhat coarse fabric with a busy darker print seems to be necessary. A loose flannel shirt is especially good.

    Definitely a lot harder design problem than I had expected. I came away from the experience with a new-found respect for brassiere designers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErnieNWillis View Post
    I don't know if this has already been asked, but how many of you guy's and gal's wear a shoulder holster and are they practical?
    I have a Miami Classic that I wear around the house when I am home, or I wear with my matching seat suite when I go out. I like it a lot, although it was a little spendy, around $140.

    I have the gun on the left side with a snap that holds the gun in place. On the right I have a double magazine holder. This is a nice balance to the gun on the left side so the holster doesn't feel lop-sided. The problem is, the mag holders have started to relax around the mags. The other day at home I was leaning down to get something and one of the mags fell out of the holder. That surprised me because I wasn't expecting that to happen, especially to a holster that is only about a year old.

    Anyway, I like my shoulder holster, but I have several holsters for different occasions.
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    Depends on the weather. When a decent sized coat is called for, I use a Galco vertical for Glock 19/23.

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