Who wears a shoulder holster?

Who wears a shoulder holster?

This is a discussion on Who wears a shoulder holster? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know if this has already been asked, but how many of you guy's and gal's wear a shoulder holster and are they practical?...

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Thread: Who wears a shoulder holster?

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    Who wears a shoulder holster?

    I don't know if this has already been asked, but how many of you guy's and gal's wear a shoulder holster and are they practical?

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    I wear a Mitch Rosen shoulder holster. Its a "armpit" rig, rides fairly high and is of excellant construction. For most purposes they are very practical. Some dont like them, some do. In addition I carry a S&W 642 in my pocket. I can get to the Smith faster. But I can blow a bigger hole in ya with the XD45 under my arm. Always carry 2 guns as they are mechanical devices and are presumed to fail. That being said I have never had a failure with either gun or any gun that I carry.
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    I do occasionally wear a shoulder holster. It's a "generic" nylon holster I picked up at a local gun show around 6 months ago. It holds my G26 horizontally & has two magazine holders for a combination of either 2 magazines or 1 magazine & a small flashlight. It's very comfortable to wear as well. I do plan to buy a quality leather shoulder holster in the future.

    I wear my shoulder holster mostly when I go out when I wear a jacket as the weather gets cooler outside. I have found that wearing a shoulder holster once adjusted properly is very comfortable to wear.
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    I do on occasion. Wardrobe and weather permitting it is a very comfortable way to carry.
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    As long as you can keep a cover garment over them, they work pretty well.

    Advantages for me?

    Driving a car is comfortable.

    A trip to a public restroom goes well. (You won't "completely" get caught with your pants down that way.)

    If cover garment is unbuttoned/unzipped you can easily draw (no sweeping the garment back).

    I prefer to draw from a horizontal rig but my larger guns need the vertical one to conceal well.

    I know the "one-gun" "one-carry" method is ideal but it doesn't work for me.

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    I occassionally wear a Bianchi Scorpio rig for my 3" S&W model 65. Years ago (way back in the early 1980's) I carried a 6" Colt Python in a Bianchi X-15 rig. They both work very well for their intended purpose. The only adverse problem I had was if they were worn too long my neck muscles might get a little sore.

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    Uncle Mikes shoulder rig with extra mag carrier. Whenever I wear a heavy jacket or suit.
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    I took a cheap nylon OWB holster and attached it permanently as a vertical shoulder holster in a leather jacket I wear.
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    I have a Bianchi 9R for the J frame that I occasionally wear in the winter.
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    My husband carries a Taurus PT92 in his shoulder rig comfortably. He is a rather large guy and it is easier to conceal a full-frame pistol than a "concealed carry" type pistol. He finds his shoulder rig comfortable and easy to conceal, as he normally wears some type of overshirt or jacket.

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    I sometimes wear an underarmor short sleeved undershirt which has a pocket under the armpit which fits my G27 well and a second similiar pocket below the other armpit for mags. I like it! Deep concealment and easy for carry. The biggest disadvantage is its slower to reach the gun than my IWB holster.

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    I occasionally wear a leather Galco horizontal shoulder rig --- primarily on long drives cross country. It's more comfortable in the car, and makes restroom pit stops easier. Easy to conceal in the winter, not so easy in the summer. A good option to have on hand, but a quality rig is not cheap.

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    I have an old Safariland model 19 shoulder holster I use for a Colt Detective Special on long road trips, very comfortable and secure.
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    I DO & have for years. All have been "Custom Jackass' ( sim. to Miami's) when carrying a snub nose revolver ( currently a SP101) It is one of my "Primary Rigs.

    1. Access while sitting
    2. Good access in PP situations
    3. Has less of the "drawbacks" than most Types ( see below )
    4. A Jacket, casual or suit, covers
    5. Comfortable

    Draw backs ( all shoulder rigs, IMPO)
    1, Easier to "spot"
    2. Easier for the BG to defend against ( shoulder holsters are the easiest to "stop the draw @ CQ. The jackass, with "practice, IMHO, is the hardest to stop the draw, esp. with a revolver.
    3. Drawing Takes "practice" (esp. for your own safety)

    Below a pix ( poor) of the rig)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Who wears a shoulder holster?-untitled-1.jpg  

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    I have a Galco Miami Classic that I've had for years. I use it on occasion under a winter jacket or sweatshirt to carry my Ultra Carry. They are comfortable, but do have some drawbacks as mentioned by some of the other posts...
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